Zero Hour

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 15, 2013 on ABC

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    This episode could have saved the series for me. There is still the far fetched storyline, with a lot of storyline flaws. They are using cell phones, how come the FBI just doesn't use the signal to locate Vincent? How come they are not tapping into the signal on Hank's phone? How can they move around carrying these old clocks, just fly through customs, with them just stuck in a bag? No receipts - nothing? They just discover something in the old file that a person was missing from the flight? Surely this would have been investigated at the time? All these old clocks they have been hidden out of sight for years and this group of 3 avengers can seemingly find them at the drop of a hat? OK, so this is all a bit boy's own adventure story of daring-do. But at the end there is a very nice twist that starts to give the series some darker overtones, all the lovey-dovey talk that was starting to grate with me has been revealed to be something that should be taken with a grain of salt. Laila is not all she seems. Hank is not all he seems and he doesn't know it? Is he an apostle or a thief?
  • Chain

    Chain was a great episode of Zero Hour. I really enjoyed watching because there was lots of character and plot development. It was interesting to see the characters pursue various leads. I was intrigued to learn more about what is going on. The flash backs were awesome and informative. I liked the twist at the end as Laila makes a few escapes. Hank has been through much and there is plenty more to come. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • AWSOME Show! Intellectual. Spiritual.

    What an outstanding new TV series. Very well written and thought provoking for those who have not been exposed to this before. Brilliant show. But, as usual, ABC pulled it after 3 episodes - IDOTS! Who's pulling the strings. Pulled because it is not a . show/sitcom where no brain activity is required. Sorry ABC but GOD IS HERE! and may he have mercy on your souls!