Zero Hour

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2013 on ABC

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  • Suspend Disbelief now and for the next 45 minutes!!

    This episode was a disappointment, It had interesting elements but it didn't really have any momentum. I find the whole story too slow paced, with the charachters going on over and over again, about how they love and care for each other. A lot of the story doesn't make much sense. We need to accept that long haired reporter would be able to find a hidden letter in the diary but FBI would not have found it!? Please? Also Hank's wife was taken by the terrorist from the US to India - was she carrying her passport? How was he able to get her on a flight - How?? Also back in 1938 a secret Christian in the SS, travelled with a group of SS soldiers to India to honour a Hindi Mystic girl, and give her a clock. Why? How would he have been able to do that secretly - why would the SS sanction that? A group of uniformed SS officers marching around India part of the British Empire - how is that possible?

    I guess as mindless entertainment this may work, but it hangs together about as well as a Scooby-do mystery.
  • pathetic

    why oh why can't a syfy show be good? i was so dissapointed by this one. finally a syfy and they go ahead and destoy it. kind of feels like revolution. a lot of promise and "no
  • Episode 2 - with at least 20% more Nazis!

    It's the second episode, and the show is already out of fresh ideas.

    All the key players, once again, met up at almost the same time - this time in India. Which, considering the amount of flights to India, is probably more surprising than the plot twists.

    This episodes plot twist involved the main character apparently having a clone - a very bad (-ly named) one at that, as he is a Totenkopf-SS science officer! Which historically means that he had to be a scientist in a concentration camp. Talk about a tough sell.

    The most intruiging question for the next episode though appears to be what the antagonist did with all the canisters of lye he used up - according to wikipedia, you can make meth with it. Fingers crossed that we will see some breaking bad action next week - this time with the real Heisenberg!
  • Face was very entertainung!

    Face was a fantastic episode of Zero Hour. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character growth and plot development. The story lines were well written and the actors played their parts well. It was intriguing to learn more of the history. I liked how every thing worked out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!