Zero Hour

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 03, 2013 on ABC

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  • Painful to watch

    Just one more episode to go before the finale, I can't say I'll miss the show when it's gone.
  • A Whole Better Than The Parts

    Zero Hour was cancelled early in the . and if you watched it you did not have to wonder why. Why? It was ponderous, clumsy, and it over-reached. But, if you stayed the course it actually got better. True, you'd have to venture into the netherworld of the net where the show lived on in some other country, but if you did you'd be somewhat rewarded.

    This is about a quest by several factions to direct the events fore-shadowed by the book of Revelation. Of course it is interpreted quite differently by various scholars and scientists. It is this difference of opinion that sets up a sort of battle before the big battle: Armageddon. There are the "Shepards:, a religious sect and then there are the "Pirates" with an opposing and unique vision/agenda. Add to that Hank Galiston and his unique DNA which both sides covet. All of this has led to a "ultimate" showdown where greed, science, and religion collide.

    Early on so much of this series seemed maudlin and contrite. Never reaching the loftiness that was almost laughably aimed for. In doing so it polarized viewers and as such lost the mainstream audience to be sure. If, however, you did not give up you began to see deeper into what the creators envisioned as a kind of "pre-end-of-times" showdown to direct the final days. Yes, this was "out-there", but isn't the whole idea as set forth by Revelation so far beyond the human experience that it boggles the mind? We simply can't fully grasp it as far as worldly knowledge goes. And that is the stepping-off point this series hinges on. The fact a casual viewer couldn't get this far is the price this chance-taking series has to work around. You can get around it by searching out the episodes that continued to air outside of the . Or wait for the DVD. No, it won't get a second it will probably have a second life on DVD and On-Demand formats. Worth the sci-fi fans time when the second half of the only season can be watched because it does certainly get better.

    This is far-out sci-fi. Not wholly palatable upon five or six episodes. It demands more, and sadly the ABC network did not give it that. This isn't to say that this is any way "classic" or must-see sci-fi as compared to the greats. No, but is an adventurous undertaking that really does engage the viewer much more after the half-way point at which ABC pulled the plug.

    Suspend your dis-belief and persevere into the later half of this, obviously, one season show. If you do you will find a greater whole. One, that while it obviously isn't based on reality, carves it's own unique story into a better
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