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  • sadist

    i loved this series, also sad that it didnt continue, watching 4400 and heroes, supernatural, the last 100, etc etc and others!!!!!


    EVENTUALLY you just wanna lie and make up stories, i can advise as the title about new twist and turns.

    dont count your disciples before the last revelations.

  • Zero Hour was an amazing show

    I have watched the 13 episodes in the last few days and I was hooked from the beginning.

    It's a shame they cancelled this one, like many others, but at least there is an actual end and can be looked as it was a mini series with 13 episodes.

    I would loved to see more adventures for the crew of the "Modern Skeptic Magazine", maybe some spin off will be made, let's hope.

    Any way, I advice anyone to watch this well done series, it is worth it

  • Nice with possible spin off

    A good show, typical one season only. Quite original but I think it didn't catch on as it should. The ending is also touchy and hopeful giving some possibility for a spin off or sort of a continuation.
  • Great show if it were meant to be a

    The first 2-3 episodes I almost stopped watching but as the series progressed, it got better and better. This should've been more presented as a mini-series. If you look at it as a mini-series, it was great. It's like one of those movies that you sometimes wish would go on for more than just 2 hours, and this was it. I enjoyed watching this.
  • Cancelled - maybe good, maybe not

    This show has been an exercise in frustration and, ultimately, boredom. It started out with an intriguing premise, but after three episodes, I got tired of hearing Agent Riley say, "We're too late - Vincent got here before us!" Really, is that the best the writers can do? It was starting to feel like a cheap rip-off of The Da Vinci Code. Still, I agree with those who are coming down on ABC for not giving the show a chance. It could have been improved with better writing; everything else is actually quite good - the basic concept, the acting, the photography, and the historical references, which have been fascinating. As usual, the brain-dead executives at ABC have killed the baby without even considering her potential. Maybe that's why ABC is such a dud network
  • Clone Jesus

    Christopher Walken perfected this idea in a much more inspiring independent film... "The Power of Few"
  • Zero Hour is good!

    The stations always go by the lame critics opinions! You said viewership was down but are you taking into account that shows are being recorded on DVRs? I think not. I enjoy the suspense of the plot. Maybe the Bible is too heavy for some people. Every time I get into a program it gets cut by the network executives. Just had one problem with Saturday's episode: I looked up the word beam () in both Greek and Hebrew, nowhere did I find it to mean beetle.
  • Thanks ABC for bringing back Zero Hour

    If people don't watch new TV shows the sponsors get antsy and start pulling their ads so the networks are justified in cancelling shows because, let's face it, the industry is driven by profits NOT altruism. When they cancelled Zero Hour I was shocked. I really liked the premise of finding a Nazi submarine stuck in the ice and the mystery of the clocks with their esoteric purpose. Sadly, few others felt the same way. The ratings were low and many of the reviews were harsh. Nowadays if a TV show doesn't capture a huge audience within the first few episodes it cannot generate sufficient word-of-mouth to get people to watch. Add a few bad reviews and the the outcome will surely be cancellation before the show gets a chance to shine. Zero Hour was cancelled prematurely despite its terrific premise. There's Nazi experiments, cloning, two brothers on opposite sides, a secret society bent on bringing about the end of the world using the blood of Christ, a wife's disappearance, modern day disciples of Christ who will stop at nothing to advance their agenda, and much more. Each week something new is introduced into the fray. I'm hooked and I can hardly wait to watch the next episode. So, ABC, keep them coming. Or at least allow the series to end the proper way without a cliff hanger and give us some definitive answers too.
  • GLAD Many Enjoy it - a little spoiler

    I thought I am one of the few people who enjoyed the show. I am glad many on this website think so too. The show is actually quite good. I would not say there are no plot holes. There are many but the idea is unique. I have not remembered any show that has similar story-lines. It was never about the clocks and the final reveal about the 10th episode was really quite satisfying. It made a lot of sense.

    Most mystery show have a reveal that is disappointing. This show isn't. It shows the writers have a plan since the beginning but sadly the network did not give them more time to tell their story. It took 3 episode to get the show started and by then the network already cancelled it. I believe if they let it stay on air, the ratings probably would not have dropped further as many will stay till the end if they have watched the 1st 3. It took 10 episode to reveal the final mystery and it was as I mentioned before very satisfying. I think it would have worked if they released it as a whole series through Netflix and much more people would watch it. I have marathon till the 11th episode through this weekend. Will watch the final 2 episodes soon.

    If you have not watched it, I think it would be worth your time if you are into shows like the event !

    I would not reveal anymore spoilers. The clocks and puzzle part did not make much sense to me and I am not into shows that are into religion and puzzle. Though the show started with all this, it is not really a show about clocks or puzzles. The final reveal to me is worth sitting through it for 10 hours. I have guess what the Nazis were doing and who is Frank from very early on but I did not see the final twist coming till they actually found "The Cross" and I really liked the twist !

    I was told by other reviewrs there is a final ending to the show so it is really highly recommend ! Just too bad they cancelled it.
  • Cancellation is ridiculous and .

    I have watched all 13 episodes over the last 3 days and couldn't stop watching it after the first episode! They cancelled it after 3 episodes what a f***ing joke. This has to be the best show I've watched in a long time. And they cancelled it, they must be ***ed or controlled by the church. This show has a great cast and the plot may change and change but it makes sense if you can actually think for yourself. It's fiction and it gets you thinking and trying to figure what they're going to throw into it next and that's what makes it so great and watchable. I wanted to see what they had planned for the next season because this was just an awesome show. I guess people watching the crap they call reality television are going to dictate what everyone watches and that is so much . it's not funny, Fiction is great and Zero Hour has it all and they never even gave it a chance and that's a pity they are to ***ed to keep it going. I'm guessing crap such as the amazing race and dancing with the stars don't require any thought to watch and they stay on the air, what a f***ing joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Let us hear the "story"

    Enjoy the show tremendously, but have a problem with the loud music when the characters are talking---makes it extremely hard to follow, music should be background, not full bore when talking is going on.
  • It's GREAT to be challenged

    Finally a show for people who think. Not reality, not a cooking show or home improvement, just a great fantasy ride that keeps you on your toes with twists and turns in every episode. So glad it came back can't wait to buy the DVD. It's a real shame that more people aren't watching.
  • No thinking required IT IS GREAT

    After a long day in the real world a little escapism is perfect. By the way a guy who loves his wife and is looking for her instead killing her and hiding the body is novel. It Won't sell in hollywood.
  • Why or Why

    I thought this was one of the best shows to air this year and it's cancelled?! So, so sad! I just hope this show is sold to another network that will keep it going for years (I would love about 4 years and can see this duration keeping those who like the genre entertained). Please either keep it or sell it, but don't cancel it!
  • This show is SO stupid, that it's FUN!

    You MUST watch Zero Hour, because it has the most ridiculous script EVER! And I'm damn serious. Even after 10th episode writers keep adding crazy stuff, which you won't even imagine being high. Too bad it was canceled.
  • SO Glad

    SO glad that the series is back and I Hope it will last longer.
  • Mixed feelings

    I once had an interesting discussion with a roommate about Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which we found we disliked the Christian mythology for opposite reasons. As an atheist, I'm uncomfortable with entertainment that acts as though the Christian God is a real thing. She, as a Christian, said she was offended that they made a fantasy using a "real" religion, and said they should have used a "false" religion like Hinduism instead. (We never really got

    I imagine we could have the same discussion about Zero Hour. I like the intricate plot and the mysterious characters and the emphasis on clues and puzzles, but it really bugs me that this is all centered around the idea that there is some power inherent in Christian icons that could save or destroy the world. I know it's just silly entertainment, and it's a silly objection, but it bugs me. The only way this story arc would work for me is if in the end it turned out that it was all nonsense; that it's a war among various groups of Christian nuts whose absurd beliefs are proved wrong. But while that would be sensible, it would also be as unsatisfying in terms of storytelling as the end of Lost.

    In spite of that, I kind of like it. It is appealing for the same reasons as the Da Vinci Code (a much more pleasing entertainment for atheists). I'm curious to see how it all turns out, although its cancellation may leave me with nothing but questions, which will be annoying.

    Look, it's no Raiders of the Ark or Da Vinci Code, but it's quite entertaining.
  • Zero acting skills...

    I was looking forward to this as I really enjoy a cheesy conspiracy/thriller. Unfortunately, this is more than just cheesy, this is the full fondue with an extra large helping of parmesan. The acting is spectacularly bad, with consistently horrific performances from the lead actor, Anthony Edwards.
  • Happy

    So glad this is back hopefully it could stay around longer this time cold be a really good show with more great episodes just give it a chance.
  • Resolution for viewers

    If a network airs a show then they should be prepared to provide some resolution to the show if it is cancelled.

    Not only is it showing respect for the viewers who invested time in the show but it can make economic sense if a DVD is ever released.

    Personally I will NOT buy a DVD of a series that does not have some resolution. That is like buying a book that has the last chapter missing.
  • oh my

    ive got to save layyyla.... Anthony Edwards performance ist so unnatural and bad no wonder this gets I have not seen anyone act that bad . expression, tone wrong. good , too bad
  • Zero Hour: zero knowledge, zero authenticity, zero credibility

    Yet another show written by screenwriters with zero knowledge about firearms and shooting.

    FBI agent Beck Riley's pistol magazine runs dry after she unloads it on the villain. What does she do?

    She throws her Glock pistol (US$ 600) away in frustration.


    The "Throwaway The stupidest, most ignorant trope in film and TV history.

    Zero Hour: zero knowledge, zero authenticity, zero credibility. Good riddance.
  • Nothing Pulled Me In

    The only reason I gave this show a chance was because of Anthony Edwards but even Dr. Greene couldn't even save this train wreck of a show. I watched the first two episodes and was lost from the very first moments. As one reviewer put it earlier we didn't even know his wife so how could I as a viewer care that Hank lost his wife, we barely saw her. The premise seemed like a good idea but it seemed too rushed and the characters didn't get fleshed out like they should have. I think ABC was right in cancelling this show take a look at the following that show is doing much better.
  • Let Shows Finish unless a new show can take its place

    They didn't even replace it with another good show, just reruns of some law/cap show. They could at least let the already finished air on TV or release them as iTunes or free online content.

    This show was worth airing it's 3 remaining episodes at least. I'll give it an 9 cause there were very few confusing moments. This was my mom and I's favorite new shows, we are bummed that so few gave it a chance based on the trailer and promotions. It one of those shows you just got to watch to enjot
  • OMG another ....

    & promissing show cancelled.

    I guess they need airtime for more fake reality bullshit shows
  • ABC you frakkin muppets , wth were you thinkin'

    wow , stunned* by the sheer stupidity of this move by ABC. i'm thinking its time for another peanut campaign. this is a fantastic series, very dan brown esque.
  • Networks are own worst enemies!!!

    Even Seinfeld's had a less than stellar debut.

    More and more the major network are cancelling shows before they even have a chance, I wonder if it plays into the new media aware generation. Why would I invest time in a new series that could get cancelled? I will sit back and see what happens, if it sticks I will download it.

    Back a few years ago, this was not an option, you watch or it be gone and stay gone.....

    In comparison, the HBO's and AMC's fully commit, they don't get a quick BJ and move on, they provide us with the whole package.... Shows rarely get an early demise from these networks, even Netflix are making good(not great ) programming, full commitment.

    This show, in my opinion, was interesting and I would have invested in an other post BJ diner before kicking it to the curb.

  • Deja Vu (Not)

    Came here to note the swiss cheese that was in the writing of the first two episodes. But OneAndOnlyJoh beat me to most of it. And as typical for most of the reviews here don't say much about the actual show and the peons want to thumb down anyone willing to do so.

    Stay strong someone around here needs to stand out among the zombies.
  • Outstandiing plot and script

    For all you out there unsatisfied after watching only the first episode you have made a huge mistake poorly rating his fantastic series. After watching the first episode, I thought to myself, "this is a very confusing story After deciding to watch the second episode I was risen above my seat in suspense. One of the best plot-lines I have ever watched. I cannot wait to see more episodes.
  • So many mistakes. So little time...

    Ah, where to begin? How about the fact that the most wanted man in the world can seemingly hop over to Europe and back to the USA with a hostage on tow and not get caught? All she has to do is get herself caught at customs or at a border or however Houdini is entering the country.

    How about the FBI agent yelling "Freeze!" instead of just shooting the guy like she said she would?

    My favorite part is how Anthony Edwards and his two buddies are allowed to dig up Einstein's clock and take it back to their office to inspect. I guess the FBI didn't call dibs.

    There are so many more but one last one: I love how Arron & Rachel just spontaneously jump on a plane and travel to Germany for a day and then back with no repercussions. Does anyone know how long & much two round trip tickets to Germany would be?