Zero Hour

ABC (ended 2013)





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  • So many mistakes. So little time...

    Ah, where to begin? How about the fact that the most wanted man in the world can seemingly hop over to Europe and back to the USA with a hostage on tow and not get caught? All she has to do is get herself caught at customs or at a border or however Houdini is entering the country.

    How about the FBI agent yelling "Freeze!" instead of just shooting the guy like she said she would?

    My favorite part is how Anthony Edwards and his two buddies are allowed to dig up Einstein's clock and take it back to their office to inspect. I guess the FBI didn't call dibs.

    There are so many more but one last one: I love how Arron & Rachel just spontaneously jump on a plane and travel to Germany for a day and then back with no repercussions. Does anyone know how long & much two round trip tickets to Germany would be?