Zero Hour

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 03, 2013 on ABC

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  • Predictable finale

    Predictable finale, but I liked it that they didn't make White Vincent all bad in the end, I always felt sorry for his character. Glad the shows over though, I couldn't sit through another season.
  • Disappointing finale

    In site of a ludicrous premise, I enjoyed Zero Hour's elaborate story and puzzle-themed concept. The religious aspects of the show were annoying, but for most of the series, it never fully committed to the supernatural, leaving open the slim possibility that this was simply a group of fanatics with some crazy scheme. It was a show that balanced its nonsense with skepticism. But towards the end the skepticism gave way to the nonsense. The second to last episode had a clear - yes, this is real - moment, but nothing compared to the final episode, which is full on, God and Jesus and magic and power and all that. Unlike the rest of the series, it was purely supernatural.

    This is especially problematic because the premise fails on so many levels. You can take it apart from a science level, but you can also take it apart from a Christian level. I mean, the idea that Christ's blood could be used to create another Christ is silly, because presumably Christ is eternal, and the idea that his blood in the wrong vessel would destroy the world? Where did that come from? It's as nonsensical as it can get.

    That being said, I'm sad it was cancelled. The final episode suggested that the series' future would involve other sorts of supernatural phenomena, opening up the possibility of some sort of Night Stalker thing. The mythology of a vampire is much harder to screw up than the far more elaborate Christian mythology.
  • The end of a journey

    For anyone who made it to the end of Zero Hour, I think it reached a reasonably satisfying conclusion. Although I think most viewers doubted that they would really end the series with the end of the world. In some ways the ending was predictably happy, or relatively so. I have to say I enjoyed the series overall, and I was glad I stayed with it until the end. It has some interesting plot ideas, and if anything too many of them going on at the same time. The second half of the series was decidedly better than the first half and the last three episodes were paced very well, I was certainly looking forward to seeing what would happen next. If you can get through the first 6 episodes, you will certainly enjoy the series. If you can't - I can completely understand where you are coming from!
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