Zero Hour

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2013 on ABC
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    Zero Hour Series Premiere Review: Anyone Know What We Just Watched?

    ABC's new thriller is 40-something minutes of brain trauma that deserves a second look just to see where the madness goes.

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    Hank Galliston, publisher of the paranormal enthusiast magazine, Modern Skeptic, is thrown into one of the biggest conspiracies in human history after his wife, Laila, is abducted by White Vincent, an international terrorist. It all started when Laila found an antique clock at a Brooklyn flea market. The clock has the power to do more than just tell time. Hank, aided by his staffers Rachel and Arron and FBI Agent Rebecca "Beck" Riley, sets out to find Laila but discovers the mission is so much more. Hank must decipher the treasure map and unlock the secrets found in the clock and keep what he finds out of the hands of the mysterious White Vincent.


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    • premiere

      Great show instanty thrilled
    • National Treasure meets DaVinci Code with a sprinkling of the X-Files

      First off, I enjoyed the episode and thought it was entertaining. Certainly enough for me to continue watching the series. Its one of those series where you have to suspend disbelief quite a lot, to get past some of the logical flaws in the storyline. At the moment it seems like a Indiana Jones type story with with a clear line between good and bad, almost aimed at the family adventure story niche.

      As an adventure story its worth watching, if you are looking for something dark or realistic, you will most likely be disappointed.moreless
    • Time Is Of The Essence

      OK,I admit I was expecting something, at least at first, more original from the mind that created "Prison Break". While that show started with a brilliant premise it progressed in bursts and lulls. Early on, however, it was fairly riveting and definitely fresh. So, what "Zero Hour" begins with is a watered down Indiana Jones-ish tale of Nazi wrapped paranormal. Not exactly clearly original or clear in any way. The show after the first episode is mostly an enigma of mediocrity. To this I say: "don't give up". Zero Hour possesses some untapped potential in it's boldness to glom something mystical from the DaVinci Code, Indiana Jones, and whatever the heck else it aspires to be. Only time will is of the essence here in more ways than one. I'm not giving up on the mind of Paul Scheuring and I hope ABC doesn't either as I think there is some legs underneath the "pasta-on-the-wall" splat of the first two episodes.moreless
    • Dan Brown wanna-be

      Religious themed mystery.

      Things I couldn't get over:

      Skeptic/logical person suddenly becomes a person who operates on "Faith" not facts?? And of course Vincent would have killed the wife as soon as he got what he wanted. There is no way he would've kept her alive. But of course the husband's "faith" is apparently keeping her alive.... ugh.

      I usually like the actor, but he's annoying me on this one.

      90+ year old man keeps his terrible secret for over 70 years but blabs it all to the first American kids to randomly show up on his doorstep?

      Yes, apparently someone just watched the XFiles episode where the mystery sub has been hidden in the artic for decades with it's secrets....

      I'll try one more episode, to see if the make the mystery any more interesting, but I am learning towards NO on this one.

    • Don't know where to begin

      It is awful on so many levels I find it hard to believe a network paid for it. Bad acting, horrible script, disastrous casting choice - everything is wrong with this one. Stopped at 34:00. Waste of tIme.
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