Zero Hour

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2013 on ABC

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  • Should Have Known Better

    Watchmaking is an extremely precise and meticulous profession which emphasizes a dexterity for details and a profound knowledge of cause and effect, the mechanical aspect. This is why, for instance, Mr. Manhattan from Watchmen fame and Sylar from Heroes were watchmakers at some point in their lives. Unlike other professions, historical figures and their innovations are a necessity; and watchmakers are capable of telling you which is what model and what is inside it by merely seeing the objects. The point is that Leila knew almost exactly what she was seeing and buying when she bought the Clock at the open market. She must have had some kind of discussion with the seller for more precision as to origin, at the very least. Her predicament and kidnapping, then, should not have come as a surprise as it appeared to at the beginning of the show. White's involvement as the kidnapper was also a weak point to the plot, as he could have and would have intervened without the kidnapping. Unless, and this is important, at some level both Leila and White "knew" that this was a predestined step; part of the Prophecy. In Leila's case, it would mean that her marriage to Hank Galliston was by design and that somehow she was responsible for his professional aspirations as an editor of a paranormal publication.

    As for the background, it would make sense to someone involved in the occult. Indeed, the Rosicrucian Order, a diluted form of which is prominent nowadays with the AMORC , especially in the USA;was initially a philosophical/occult ceremonial lodge founded by a mysterious German , Christian Rosenkreuz, a synonym to the movement. Here the two conceptual texts of the Order are presented here as fact; and naturally Nazism would be its worse enemy. Hence, as a plot it holds its ground as fiction and we can expect something interesting to come from the series. The idea of reforming the Apostles in modern times is not a Rosicrucian belief, as such, but it can be presented as a secret pact among the Grand Masters, a fact that we cannot possibly judge as either a hoax or an occult do know that the Scottish Rite Freemasonry of the present day was a titular development of Rosicrucian beliefs, then this opens fictional possibilities of all sorts.

    The premise of the series is then a tenable proposition, but the whole presentation lacked a firm foundation. The pairing between Hank and the FBI agent, a single woman of course, was not well introduced; and that his daughter and boyfriend would have the means and the gumption to enter this murderous race is not convincing. That the old watchmaker was not under surveillance all these years and that he would open up to this most secret of information so easily is totally impossible. As characters, that they are a Jewish family in what is eminently a Christian Quest is also not very sustainable, but maybe there is something here that will be revealed in due am only mentioning this aspect as the plot is one in which Christianity and religious symbolism is bound to play a central role.

    All in all, besides some tentative weak steps we can expect some good fiction if the writers will not sacrifice meaning to action as it did in this pilot. We will have to wait and see how it develops and whether it will lose itself or not in the immense complexity of what the subject matter can offer.