Zero Hour

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 22, 2013 on ABC

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  • The Jackpot

    Previously we had an episode a clock. But this time while everyone is out chasing a clock in Istanbul, Hank hits the Jackpot and gets 8 in one fell swoop. Given to him?! Well there is no running from kindness and love in this series. I guess the rest of the episodes will be tracking the cross and explaining where Hank came from and what Zero Hour really was/is.
  • Weight

    Weight was an awesome and thrilling episode of Zero Hour. I really liked the story and the juicy character development. Hank follows his own path as Aaron, Beck and Rachel pursue Laila. I was happy with the amount of information revealed while leaving plenty of mystery. It was crazy to meet and learn more about Erik Hass. White Vincent bonded with the strange child after recalling his own childhood. I liked how things played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • Conspiracy

    I love anything with conspiracy theory written all over it. It's full of mystery and a race against time.
  • A look to the past.

    In this episody Hank travel to the house of his parents to ask them if he is adopted. They confirm this, but lie them saying that he was found abandoned in a hospital in Germany. Because he is not satisfied with the answers. He travel to ask to the germany collector about he. The collector send him to the person who sell to it the objets relacionated whith her double history.

    Meanwhile the rest of the group, find an x-ray image at the airport hank uses to travel with the last clock .This discover that next localitacion is turkey. So they travel to search the clock, but at the same time Laila travels to turkey with the same purpuse because organizaton search find the cross.

    Laila arrive first, and discover the clock have dissappear of the house when they are stored over years. The rest of the gorup of Hank arrive an susprises Laila. But she But she manages to escape thanks to the intervention of the Turkish police.

    Meanwhile Hank discover the seller is the son of his double. After give it the letter write to him from his father. This confesses, he found the clock in their house in turkey years ago. And he search and found over the years the rest of clocks. But he can't found the last, because he arrives latter to the market where is selled. (the market of episode 1!) He give to Hank al clocks remaing :).

    Anoher subtrame happens in parallel. White Vincent remember her child past, who he is discriminated at school for their eyes. So he decided find the true. And assault their boss. She tell him she know the truth about them, but she only reveal it when he found the cross.

    At the finish of episode Laila call Hank and tell him they need gather to resolve their situation. And finish.

    In the other hand a a paternity test of Hank and the son of her dobuble, reveals Hi is the father of the son.


    Interesting, no more travels to find clocks only the cross. And who is Hank A clon?. Laila loves Hank yet?.

    I'm waiting to view next episode :).