Season 1 Episode 12

Alpha Beta V.H.Les

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 2004 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

Jaundice is going away on a weekend-long bus tour, leaving 63 year old Les home alone for the very first time. Struggling to cope with this new abandonment, Les finally comes around when both his mother and Ty tell him to loosen up and to "try living for once". Later Zeroman, on a security walkthrough of the Convention Center for the upcoming magnet convention, receives a call from his old college buddy and current magnet magnate, Chic Magnet. Due to one of Les' bumbling calamities during their college days, Chic secretly acquired magnetic powers. He convinces naïve Les to throw a party for him while he is in town for the convention, actually planning to use his old friend as an alibi whilst he steals the show's centerpiece, the Big Mag. At the party later that night Chic takes a liking to Sally, but Les is so happy to see his friend again that he is totally oblivious to Chic's ogling. While Chic puts the moves on his girl, Zeroman receives an alarm from the Convention Center. He confronts the trespasser and is shocked to find that it is Chic Magnet. Though Zeroman can barely bring himself to fight his college idol, he has let his secret identity slip and has no choice. Fortunately Gary is around to help neutralize Chic's powers and they defeat the villainous magnet magnate. Zeroman mourns his old friend's demise, only to have Ty inform him that his mother is on her way home and the party is still raging. Zeroman races home to clear out the crowd but he is too late. Jaundice is there already-and having a great time!
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