Season 1 Episode 11

Disorder in the Court

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 2004 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

Mayor McWadd is being tried for a crime he did not commit, however all the evidence, including a videotape, incriminates him. Judge Mental believes this to be an easy conviction, but one determined juror, Les Mutton, stands in his way. Les is stuck on jury duty but flaming 0's streak through the sky summoning his superhero alter ego, Zeroman. He must constantly find new excuses to leave the courtroom in order to answer the continual emergencies. It seems that evil life-sized robots are mysteriously appearing all over Fair City. Gary and Ty have promised to help prove the mayor's innocence but Judge Mental is driven increasingly crazy by juror Les Mutton's behavior. The judge gets his revenge when he refuses to allow Les to leave during the testimony of the next witness, Fair City's own Zeroman. Just in time, Ty shows up wearing a rubber Zeroman look-a-like suit, though the two "Zeromen" must be sure that only one of them ever appears in the same location- a recipe for disaster. One final emergency call ends the mysterious robot crisis and Zeroman returns to the courtroom only to realize, with the help of Ty and Gary, that Judge Mental framed Mayor McWadd. He used life-like robots to stage the crime so that he could win the mayoral race with ease. However since no real crime was ever actually committed, Zeroman concludes that Judge Mental will just have to be, quite simply, committed!