Zettai Karen Children

Season 1 Episode 3

A Virtuous Person Acts According To His Morals! It`s Painful Being An Esper

Aired Unknown Apr 20, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

It's been 10 hours since the fire at the Industrial Complex started, and there's no sign of it letting up. So then B.A.B.E.L. dispatches The Children to help put it out. Thanks to their teamwork they were able to put it out, without any trouble.

Following the debriefing and the girl's psychical examination, Kouichi returns home exhausted and quickly hits the sack. But it he is rudely awaken, when what appears to be an assault team, come smashing through his windows and doors. Shocked and frightened, Kouichi sneaks away to call for some help and The Children arrive on the scene. However they arrive so quickly that it's suspicious and Kouichi's suspicions are confirmed, when it turns out that the assault team was in fact B.A.B.E.L.'s Special Construction Section. They are there on the Chief's orders, making Kouichi's home suitable for ESPers to live in, because the girls now want to live with Kouichi.

Upon barging into his room they discover his old elementary school year book but Kouichi doesn't seem to be in a picture with the rest of his Shiho soon finds out the reason why, when she reads Kouichi memories from the year book. When Kouichi sees them messing with his stuff he lashes out at them and kicks them out.

The next day, the girls are wondering around the shopping district and they decide to waste time in the arcade. But even with their limiters on they are still above the Level requirement (Level 2) and they are kicked out.

Back at B.A.B.E.L. Kouichi complaining to the Chief about the girls now barging into his private life but then the Premonition Section receive a prediction that the girls will be involved in a bank siege. So they rush out to the scene but when they get there the girls are actually the hostages involved and can't do a thing with their limiters on. So Kouichi decides to relay them some orders but they are still pissed off by what Kouichi said the previous day and the Bank Robber decides to use this as an opportunity to turn them. Yet Kouichi has faith in his girls and releases their limiters, it is then that Shiho tells the other two about what she discovered about Kouichi past, which takes away the ill thoughts they once had. And they decide to force the Bank Robber into submission.

Following the completion of their mission Kouichi decides to let Kaoru, Aoi and Shiho live with him from now on.
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