Zettai Karen Children - Season 1

TV Tokyo Premiered Apr 06, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Brilliant Minds!? Children Detectives
    Lately there has been a string of incidents involving an ESPer known as the "Masked Justice" and due to the disturbance he's been causing the Children are ask to cooperate with the case. However Kouichi is having some reservations for Shiho being used for such cases.
  • Family Collapsing? Epic Paradise Battle!!
    The kids at elementary school have been given an assignment to write a composition on their family and Kaoru has been having trouble writing about her family. When Kaoru goes home to see her Mom & Sister, she's bombarded with by fans and accidentally ends up destroying their home, so now they have to move with help from B.A.B.E.L.moreless
  • Goal! Teleport To Japan`s Future!!
    Aoi has been directly requested by the Prime Minister to discreetly deliver a certain article to the international conference the next day. However Aoi & Kouichi's mission does not go without incident.
  • Open Air Bath! Shining Eyes in the Steam!
    The chief of B.A.B.E.L. has decided for a special ESPer vacation at a deep mountain hot springs. The relaxing vacation isn't without problems, as a pervert is stealing the men's yukatas. While trying to find the culprit, Kouichi and the Children run into Ken and Mary, from the Japanese Comerican team, "The Liberty Bells".moreless
  • Danger Awaits! Hurry B.A.B.E.L. 2!
    It's early in the morning and the girls are called for an emergency dispatch. A tanker has sunk with 6 crew members onboard that needs rescuing, but with the initial ideas out of the question they decide to put B.A.B.E.L. 2 into commission. Some complications occur during the rescue mission.
  • Attractive bodies! We became adults!?
    Kouichi is takes Kaoru, Aoi and Shiho out to watch a horror movie and then spend they rest of their free time in town. Meanwhile B.A.B.E.L. is in a state of panic after Kyousuke Hyoufu escapes from the special ESPer prison again. Kyousuke later appears before Kouichi and decides to tease him a little, by hypnotising Kouichi into seeing the girls as adults.moreless
  • Kyousuke Hyoufu! Wha, he showed up?
    Kouichi and the Chief go to the special ESPer prison known as "East Eden", to check on the most dangerous ESPer, Kyousuke Hyoufu, after he appeared in B.A.B.E.L. HQ. While they are there a mass breakout occurs, lead by a pro combat ESPer Yasuo Gunji.
  • Happens All the Time! The Restricted Children
    Kaoru, Aoi and Shiho are taking the day off school to run through some combat simulations and Kaoru ends up hurting herself, during the ECM (ESPer Counter Measure) test. The ECM is a device used to render ESPer powers useless. Later that night there's a drunken disturbance that the girls head of to stop, however this is a trap laid out by "The Normal People".moreless
  • Superiority Quarrel! Before Your Classmate`s Eyes...!?
    Kaoru, Aoi and Shiho are looking forward to their first day of school and Kouichi is just hoping that the day will go without incident. The three get to know a girl in their class named Chisato Hanai who's also an ESPer. However there's also a boy there named Masaru Touno who hates ESPers.moreless
  • Unpreparedness is your greatest enemy! You wouldn`t normally enter, right?
    It's a normal weekday and Kouichi Minamoto notices Kaoru's, Aoi's and Shiho's melancholic attitude towards school. Kouichi wants them to experience the life of a normal kid at school but there are many issues preventing this. So he proposes an idea to the Chief that would allow them to go to school but the girls end up failing the simulation. Things get worse when an anti-ESPer organization, "The Normal People" launch a terrorist attack on B.A.B.E.L.moreless
  • Beautiful Spring Scenery! Go Go Pretty Female High-School Student
    A perverted ESPer is about to commit a crime when Naomi and her supervisor Ichirou arrives on the scene. However Naomi accidentally injures Ichirou and the perpetrator gets away. It looks as though Naomi is in a bit of a slump and cannot control her power well, so Kouichi and the girls take it upon themselves to find the cause.moreless
  • A Virtuous Person Acts According To His Morals! It`s Painful Being An Esper
    There's a huge fire at an Industrial Complex but The Children are able to put it out, without any problems. After this mission Kouichi is exhausted and returns to his apartment to get some rest, then suddenly he is rudely awoken by want appears to be an assault team. It turns out that they are the Special Construction Unit from B.A.B.E.L. and they are there to make Kouichi's apartment suitable for Kaoru, Aoi and Shiho to live in. But Kouichi gets angry by all this and kicks them out.moreless
  • The Perfect Plan! The Soaring Tower of BABEL
    Kouichi Minamoto has begun work in Special OP Section of B.A.B.E.L. and the Chief is giving him a tour of the place. Whilst taking a look at the Premonition Section, an explosion incident has been predicted, so Kouichi rushes to the seen to prevent it from happening. Just when the situation becomes troublesome, The Children arrive to help save the day but Kaoru and her brashness may get them in trouble.moreless
  • Absolutely Lovely! Their Name Is "The Children"
    A criminal ESPer known as the Muscle Okama (Gay Muscle) has appeared and is wreaking havoc, with his "Big Magnum", so BABEL Mobile Force decides to send out the Absolutely Lovely Children against him. The Muscle Okama is able to escape the commotion the Children caused and is using this opportunity to steal something from the National Museum.moreless