Zixx: Level One

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Zixx: Level One

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Zixx: Level One combines live action and game animation in a kids' sci-fi series that chronicles the adventures of an unlikely team of heroes who join forces in a quest to save the universe from evil. Led by the fearless alien operative, Zixx Phunkee Zee, Adam and Griff, two 12- year-old boys, use their game smarts to battle in the Keep-a third dimension labyrinth, which operates like a game.

Zixx grudgingly befriends the two boys and mentors Adam as he navigates the rough waters of creeping adolescence. It isn't easy being tutored by a girl, especially when she's an extraterrestrial, but in Adam's mixed-up life he'll take what he can get. Besides, Zixx just may know something about Adam's missing mother and if her disappearance is connected to the game.

Zixx: Level Two continues the adventures of Zixx as she leaves her two allies, Adam and Griff, behind in order to continue her quest to stop the forces of Onccalon. Zixx's quest brings her to Glen River where she quickly befriends adventurous Riley, the easy-going Meghan, and the smart-witted Dwayne. Together they must join forces to stop Onccalon who is utilizing many individuals within the community. Can Zixx conquer this level? Can her new friends trust her first?

Zixx: Level One is filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Zixx: Level Two is filmed in British Columbia. Zixx: Level Three filmed in British Columbia in 2007, and is airing NOW! (Jan.2009)moreless

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AIRED ON 4/5/2009

Season 3 : Episode 13

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