Zixx: Level One

Season 2 Episode 9

Beware the Man Eating Chicken

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 09, 2005 on YTV

Episode Recap

The Key leads the Team into the Energy Core Chamber where they encounter the Energy Core, and Jayda lurking in the distance. They learn that they must retrieve the unknown treasure within its core before Jayda does. Almost instantly, as soon as the Team comes to this realization, Riley quickly dashes out of the Keep to commemorate the fifth-year anniversary since his father left in search of UFO's. When he arrives home, he finds a hockey glove holding a note from his dad.

Meanwhile, once they discover about Riley's hockey glove, Meghan and Zixx visit Narnapharn. He warns them that the energy core contains the Rod that may end everything if Jayda gets a hold of it.

Meanwhile, Riley meets Jayda at an abandoned warehouse and he hears the voice of his dad telling Riley that Zixx is part of the evil Hargokk Empire. Gus says Zixx imprisoned him inside the core, and the universe will be safe only when the Rod is in Jayda's hands. Wanting to rescue his dad, Riley retrieves the Rod and, unwittingly, hands the Rod and the glove into Jayda's arms. As the energy core threatens to implode, Zixx and the Team exit the Keep.

Back at Riley's house, Zixx tells Riley that what he saw wasn't real and that it was only a trick to help Jayda retrieve the Rod.

Suddenly, Riley's cell phone rings, and, without telling the Team, Riley secretly meets with Jayda. Jayda insists that she is trying to save Riley's dad and she urges Riley to trust her.

Jayda leaves Riley standing at the warehouse but has she turned Riley against Zixx and onto her team?