Zixx: Level One

Season 2 Episode 12

Deal With the Devil

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 30, 2005 on YTV

Episode Recap

With Dwayne being the key to the Golden Gate (and all Level 2 locked doors), Zixx puts top priority on his security. The team take turns guarding him at night and Riley plays chess illogically with him.

Jayda steals their disc of compiled Level 2 information, but Onccalon is almost ready to punish her for failure, comparing her grand plan to Deeth's. Meghan meets a mysterious woman with an "amazing voice" who leaves her a map to the Golden Gate. Zixx is unsure if they can trust this information, but it's their only lead.

In the Keep, Meghan sees the woman, who touches her forehead causing Meghan to pass out. They return her home where Dwayne wonders of his fate once he uses his Key power to open the Gate. Zixx admits she does not know, but if it works, the universe will have him to thank.

They re-enter the Keep, Dwayne opens a locked door, and they battle a King Bandergrom. When it's over, Dwayne is missing.

Back in reality, Jayda pleads to Riley she wants to join the team to stop Onccalon.

Back home, Meghan wakes up, possessed by the mysterious woman's voice, and gives them a message:

"You can still succeed, if you are wise enough to apply the lessons you have learned, and brave enough to act on your knowledge."