Zixx: Level One

Season 2 Episode 12

Deal With the Devil

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 30, 2005 on YTV

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  • Important issues raised help setup the season finale, while some great acting performances make this an episode not to miss!

    This episode sets up certain storylines for the season finale, like Jayda becoming desperate. Riley on Dwayne-watch also turned out to be an important scene.

    It was great to see Dwayne take a serious turn and question his fate if he uses the key power; and great to see Zixx feeling the pressure of protecting her team.

    The real show-stopper was Brenna O'Brien's stellar performance as Meghan.
    Sure, she may have seemed a bit too happy for being 1st on Dwayne-watch, but her meeting with the mysterious woman showed her true friendly side, only to be followed by her excitement and determination upon finding the map.

    This was truly her episode.