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Level Three a Let Down?

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    I have to say, I'm not exactly impressed. It sort of feels like this season is just to "get it over with." It lacks the heart that level one and two had, and only really revealed any sort of emotion with that last episode, when Meghan talked about her experience when she was captured. I'm not exactly fond of Tarphex. He seems to just be there for the sake of being there. Plus, does anyone else feel like level three is the most distant from level one and with the way things are now, what was the point of level one?

    We are never going to get any explaination concerning the events of level one, are we? -__________-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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    I understand what-chew say. It seems very different.

    Bad stuff:

    -Much less focus on Zixx

    -For a Level about Onccalon, the bad guys (Magdathaars) just don't seem threatening. They really needed another Hargokk lieutenant like Deeth or Jayda.

    Good stuff:

    -We may forget that unlike Level 1 & 2, this time Zixx did NOT have to arrange a new team of stranger kids. While this skipped alot of intro and seemed rushed, at least they were able to start right away with detective Keep work!

    -I've noticed more music from Level 1
    -While they have no hint of being on this level, Adam and Griff were mentioned in the 1st episode.
    -Dewey is a great parental figure. Very similar to the funny yet clueless qualities of Uncle Murray from Level 1. He's better than Aunt Janice from Level 2.

    Also, many fans didn't like Level 2 until much later in the season. Maybe the grand finale for Level 3 will win us all over!

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