Zixx: Level One

Sunday 10:30 PM on YTV Premiered Jan 01, 2004 In Season





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  • it bring's back memorie

    i watched this not knowing what it was about at first,but when i watched more i just wanted to see how it would end.

    i ended up liking and wanting to see it not a bad show,but i guess some parts had me like(i'm not sure if that's way,it awesome.
  • Looked cool, checked it out... What was I thinking?!

    A disappointing deju vu of the Power Rangers kind.
    Though, keeping in mind that this was aimed at a younger audience than I, it stands out as an original storyline. Probably the reason why I decided to check it out. And the 3D effects and video game feel are a zestful part of the story; especially for today's Gameboy or PSP-toting preteens! It just has that corny Power Rangers taste to it...
  • If they were trying to copy Code Lyoko with this! Then they did a Horrible job!

    All I see this show is a copy of Code Lyoko!!
    I gave Code Lyoko a 10 out of 10 because it's really good!
    But this show dosen't even deserve a 0 out of 10!!!!!
    Trust me this show is sooooooooooo bad I stoped watching it after the first minute of one episode!!
    I Hate this show sooooooo bad!
    This has got to be the Suckest show on T.V.!!!!
    And the fact that this show waz trying to compete with Code Lyoko!!!
    This show has got no chance!
    Code Lyoko wins hands down!!!!!!!
    I have nothing else to say about this show except it Sucks and it does a poor job of coping Code Lyoko!
    Bottom line this show sucks Code Lyoko RULZ!!!!!!!!
  • Kids fighting evil in a virtual world,I like it.....when it was in Code Lyoko!

    Jeez,I thought Cartoon Network was for CARTOONS!Not cheesy live action movies and shows.This isn't Fox Kids in the late 90's people!Secpnd it copies of Code Lyoko as I staed before.And the live action scenes give you that corny Power Rangers feel.It needs to banned from ever airing on tv again.I doubt it airs on Cartoon Netowrk US anymore(Phew!)why CN?They're doing bad enough with turning Re Animated into a show,so why add more live action?!See,my point exactly.Just stow it away and give it to Kids WB or Jetix,it won't matter if it gets put on there.Overall,Avoid this show at all costs.
  • I wouldn't label it as Code lyoko but the show does have some pitfalls.

    Geh this show. It was part live action and part cgi. Sort of like Code Lyoko. Part animated part cgi. The only thing here is that well there trying to collect these crystals from this villian who I cant remember so I think zixx can get back home or something. I really didn't enjoy this show heck I only watch it when I'm really bored or waiting for video and arcade top 10. Storylines are original. Characters are original. But this show needs better action seems like if it really was a video game. But then the sequal zixx level 2 was just awful. Well we wont be seeing this show for some time or ever.
  • UGHHH! This is terrible!

    This is stupid! First of all, it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s OLD, and has BAAAAD Graphics. Second of all, CArtoonnetwork should NEVER have real video footage on it! That destroys the purpose of having a CARTOON and ANIMATION network! They should get rid of this! They could be using the air time to bring back a GOOD show!
    Also, even though it\\\\\\\'s OLD, they shouldn\\\\\\\'t put it on, cause they already have show(s)with a similar plot! BETTER ones i might add...
  • Though this show has a lot of shortfalls, it DOES have its high points and overall has a lot of potential.

    When I came across this show several years ago, its premise really caught my attention and I thought this show would be outright groundbreaking. And it would have been, if not for subpar acting (*cough* Griff *cough*) and lackluster computer animation. The writing for the show was comendable, however, and I stuck with the show until its finale, where I was not disappointed!

    When I heard that Zixx: Level Two was coming out, I was thrilled, but though the acting & animation had greatly improved, the story lacked many of the positive components it had during the first season; the plot didn't flow as well, and it wasn't as engaging.

    All in all, I give the show a thumbs-up; the overall concept is refreshing and I hope that it can continue for a couple of more seasons.
  • The demented Cartoon movie makes more scone.

    You know, who ever thought of this had way too much time on there hands. I've seen it once, and it doesn't have a clue. What was the thing with the dinosaur thing? Then the boys do something like get diamonds or something. This is plagiarism of Code Lyoko, and should be banned from the air. Then, it combines real world(in a freaky way) and 3-D
    world/building thing. Also, from one time seeing this junk, I went away with wanting to write a flaming letter to cartoon network to put Code Lyoko in this thing place, and then stomping on Jixx's grave.
  • I thought this was going to rock but I then find that I was dead wrong...

    Zixx is now one of my shows that are bad and the only positive thing I liked about it was that I kinda feel better with the Live Action junk then the CGI junk because the CGI in the show looks so futursitic it stinks which they look all blocky but they have okay special effects that are... okay. Some characters and villians are downhilled and some are better then I expected.

    Overall , if you keep reading the first paragraph to my review then the score will be 2 out of 10.

    Since this review has to have a 100-
  • Those who know me as either Spike or AAAAAHHHHH don't realize how harsh I am with truly vile shows/games, until now.

    Awful. Abysmal. Terrible. Poor. Weak. Gruesome. Horr--- ah, you get the picture. a bunch of kids try to fight evil in a virtual world? Sounds like Code Lyoko, but it's the absolute opposite. Lyoko has action, with a bit of comedy and romance, but this poor excuse of a show has evil, with a bit of shame and failure.

    I've never been harsh with any shows or games before, so be forewarned: NeVeR CoMe In CoNtAcT WiTh ThIs ShOw!!!

    I didn't enjoy writing this review at all, I only wrote it to warn you that there are *insert harsh word for bad here* shows such as this.
  • good show

    i think this show is good.it reminds of of metriod.and so what it is a cartoon and and non cartoon i say that it is a good show it is one of my new favorites.its a good show because it has many things and plus it has more than one season
  • I thought cartoon network was a channel for CARTOONS!

    This show is horrible, probably the worst show on cartoon network next to tickle u. Also Thats the problem its not even a cartoon! the idea is also very unoriginal, its the same thing over nad over again: oh no the galaxy's in danger! We have to save it! *gasp* we have to fight this guy! Yay we saved the galaxy! LAME! Is that all the creators can come up with? thats sad, real sad. I hope this show get taken off cartoon network and put on some crappy little kiddie channel like kids WB or Jetix or whatever.
  • Its the worst.

    I hate this show. It sux. Its one of the worst shows that have ever come on tv. Its about this alien girl and her friend who go to some video game. This girl drinks from her hands. Its so bad that i cant say the words i would like. Id go on forever. I am just telling you people that you should stay away from this show no matter what.
  • Great Delta Airlines!

    I don\\\'t like it personally. To me, it\\\'s a little live-action/alien version of Code Lyoko! Who thought of such a show? I\\\'m absolutely furious. Down with the show! This is the worst show in the history of television. Live action and animation? We can do better than that, can we?
  • ARGH!

    Why are we being tortured with this crap on public television? It is driving me insane and i cannot take it anymore. Good grief what the hell were they thinking airing this piece of crap? They were either drunk orhigh when they did this. Just be glad it will never last long.
  • I'd say "Good" but that'd be a lie!

    Stupid! Bad animation, bad plot, bad acting, bad-should I go on? THis stupid show is about some alien girl who travels to a virtual game world with her stupid friends. HOW stupid can a show get? How many times has this plot happened? Code: LYOKO did a good job with it. Dang..what where the creators thinking?!
  • Ok! This show is bad!!

    Live action on Cartoon Network!? Is the world coming to an end? It's called cartoon network. They must be slipping airing live movies. But cut to the chase this is basically a rip off on Code LYOKO which is much better where kids enter a computer program! Why does it need to be in live it's cartoon network for Pete's sake
  • Welcome to Zixx: Level One!

    Each show is a funky mixture of live action and animation. The live action was shot on sets designed by Production Designer Benno Tutter. All the sets were built in an empty highschool in downtown Toronto. Each set was built in a different room in the school, with four sets being built in the gym alone. Even the boiler room was made out of plywood. The shoot lasted three months and wrapped just before Christmas last year!

    Once the kids get into the keep they are transformed into animated characters operating in a game like animated environment. This animated segment of the show was supposed to look like a computer game and someone had the bright idea that it should be created using a game engine. And that's when Elliot Digital came on board. The Elliot team designed and created all the elements of the Keep.

    After the animation was finished, the actors came back to do the voices for their animated characters. Finally, the live action and animated segments are combined.
  • I'm sorry, is this Fox Kids 1996? No? Then why is this on?

    This sort of genre is old, REAL OLD. This is the sort of show Fox would air on its Fox Kids block. They were good at the time, but they are far past their time, and this show is a failed example of an attempt to bring that genre back.

    What sort of braindead idiot at Cartoon Network decided to air this?

    This show defies three logics. One, it's airing on Cartoon Network, yet it's NOT a cartoon. (real actors and low-tech 3D) Two, it's horribly unrealistic and full of plotholes. Three, its plot is so old and cliche that you can see how it's going to end from the very beginning. I feel this show is an embarrassment and needs to be pulled off the air immediately.
  • Good lord, what the heck were the creators thinking?

    This show has got to be one of the worst I've seen in a long time. The acting is awful, the animation is just horrid, and it's just insulting to think that little kids don't pay attention to that. I saw it as a preview on Cartoon Network, and I wish they would stop it from even going further. If you care going to make something animated, at least have them do more then 2 movements and make their mouths move when they are speaking. Just say no to bad shows people.
  • Kids and an alien going into a virtual world to beat an evil organization. So what else is new?

    I just watched the show's sneak peek on CN. Boring,-_- even with the action. Oh, I'm supposed to be intrested with two kids and an alien from another planet fighting to save the universe and rescuing one of the kid's mother. Yawn -_- .You're probably better off watching telletubbies than this crap.(not that i like teletubbies , thats bad as well)
  • Great show and it can only get better.

    Zixx level 1 is the sci-fi series about a group of kids entering a videogame like environment and must learn to trust, work and live together in order to defeat the evil aliens that arrive on Earth. This show has great charicteristics and it is a nonstop thrill ride of excitement.
    It is epscially good that it only has 1 episodes in length for those people who can not come back the week after to finish the episodes.
  • Zixx is an alien girl from outer space, and is trying to keep the world safe from some kind if evil. Zixx, along with Adam and Giff, try to make it to the end of the keep, filled with many levels. They go to each level to find their goal!

    I love this show! It's VERY good. No! Fabulous!! If you like video gaming that involves saving the world, then this is the one! Zixx is my favorite character, and each episodes brings me to: "When are they gonna get there!" Trust me, this is one good, very, fabulous show!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This has got to be the best show the tv insustry has ever created

    Here is whwat i thought of the up coming zixx episode (don't e-mail me back i don't know how i found it)

    Anyways the new episode is called THE KEY because well hey don't let me bore you with the details read what i wrote down below...

    The Team is impressed with Riley's prowess with the Rod of Lethor. Zixx reassures him that the Rod was meant for his use. As Riley passes a vending machine, the Rod ominously intones: give in to your nature. The possibilities are endless. Then all the junk food tumbles free. Still reeling from this strange experience, Riley is stunned when Lauryn, the class beauty, asks him for a date. Thrilled, he accidentally punches a heavy stone sculpture and obliterates it. Alarmed, Lauryn breaks the date, advising Riley to seek anger management therapy.

    In the Keep, Zixx and Flanngo see a hieroglyphic eye on a platform. Remembering Bargus' clue follow your eyes, they board the platform. It launches them into a Bandergrom Hive, where scores of Bandergroms circle the Queen Bandergrom, guarding the Golden Key.

    Dwayne suspects that the Rod of Lethor could be having a dangerous effect on Riley. Luckily, he has a plan: nobody knows more about the Rod than Jayda, so he'll spy on her to see what else he can learn. Meghan warns him not to, but Dwayne sneaks into Jayda's lair and Meghan goes after him. Meanwhile, an unnerved Riley resolves to get rid of the Rod once and for all, by hurling it into the river.

    Zixx tells Riley they've found the Key; now they need him and the Rod to free it. He confesses he has thrown it away, only to discover it lying at his feet. Jayda phones. Having ensnared Meghan and Dwayne, she will trade their lives for the Rod. Riley grabs the Rod, determined to save his cousin.

    In Jayda's Power Chamber, Riley brandishes the Rod of Lethor and creates a portal that transports them all into the Keep. He sends Jayda hurtling down a corridor and starts an earthquake. Zixx is so amazed by Riley's display of power that she's blind to the dark changes in his personality. In the Bandergrom Hive, Riley swats dive-bombing bandergroms to the ground like flies. Immobilizing the Queen in a sonar bubble, he renders her to dust. The Team's elation at his victory turns quickly to dismay when he betrays them to attain the Golden Key for himself. Zixx and Flanngo execute a plan to get the corrupting Rod away from Riley, but the powerful device falls into a deep chasm in the process.

    They think the Rod is lost forever. But Dwayne, his anti-gravity boots holding him to the wall of the chasm, catches it. And as Dwayne grabs the Key, a blast of Golden Light momentarily blinds the Team. As the light dissipates, the Rod and the Key are gone, but Dwayne pulses with Golden Light. Dwayne has fused with both artifacts to become the Key to the Golden Gate.

  • Video games and reality at the same time, what else is there?!!

    I've always wondered what it would be like to actualy be in a video game, now I know, it's AWSOME!!! Griff is the absoulute best in this one, he's cool 'cause he's the best friend and sidekick and I've always loved the sidekick (I don't know why), and he's FUNNY!! Adam, Zixx and Flango are ok but thy're not the best. I still can't believe they took it off the air without showing the ending part. It's just not fair!!!
  • If Sci-Fi and Video Games are your thing, this show's for you!

    Are you obsessed with Video Games? Do you like Virtual Reality? Do you just love shows that feature elements that are featured in your favourtie video games? If you answered yes to either of these questions, look no further. Zixx: Level One's the show for you! Although it can seem somewhat boring or unexciting at first, looks can be decieving. It's actually a good show that gets underappreciated and should get a little bit more recognition. But don't take my word for it, watch Zixx: Level One yourself! ;)