Zixx: Level One

Season 2 Episode 11

The Key

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 23, 2005 on YTV

Episode Recap

Riley begins to harness the powers of the Rod of Lethor, and even shrinks Jayda down to a pint-sized threat. When Dwayne ruins their chance to eliminate her, Zixx delegates him to data entry to keep him out of trouble.

When the rod speaks out and tempts Riley in the real world, causing various disasters including making and breaking a date with Lauren, Riley recognizes its danger and tosses the rod into the lake. But it magically reappears for him in Meghan's basement.

Zixx and Flanngo follow Barbas's clue and "follow the eyes" to the key to the Golden Gate, guarded by a Bandergrom Queen.

Dwayne tries to re-prove himself by sneaking into Jayda's lair. Meghan follows him and they both get caught. Jayda ransoms them for the Rod, but Riley surprises everyone by using the rod to create a portal into the Keep, where he blasts Jayda away.

Continuing his streak, Riley destroys the Bandergrom Queen, but Riley's heightened ego considers himself superior and he sends the rest of the team back to the Rec Centre.

Zixx and Meghan return to the Keep to stop out-of-control Riley from climbing the pillar to the Key. Zixx and Flanngo use an old Network trick to knock the rod into a chasm, releasing Riley from its deadly influence.

Disobeying orders, Dwayne was hiding in the chasm with his anti-grav boots, and caught the rod. But when he touches the Key to the Golden Gate, both the Key and the Rod of Lethor merge with him.

Dwayne is now the Key!