Zixx: Level One

Season 2 Episode 11

The Key

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 23, 2005 on YTV

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  • Riley truly struggling to do the right thing? It's about time!

    It was great to finally see Riley struggling to do the right thing, after so many deceptions with Jayda. And it was nice to see the powers of the Rod in action. The recent episodes may have spent too long on the Rod of Lethor, so it was nice to finally have it progress the team to the real Key to the Golden Gate.

    Zixx showed how tough she can be by delegating Dwayne to data entry. But this was somewhat lessened by her completely changing her mood toward him when he became the key. Plus, Dwayne and Meghan snooping around in Jayda's lair seemed a little too irresponsible; especially for Meghan. This kind of showed her concern for Dwayne's well-being, a subtle yet constant theme this season.
    While Riley was the focus of the episode, Zixx outsmarting him showed once again why she is the star of this great show.

    Also noteworthy was Dwayne and Riley's crushes on Lauren. If nothing else, it finally showed something they have in common, other than gaming.

    Riley's relationship with the Rod was the real show-stealer. It was great for him to face his inner-demons, and the outer-demon he was becoming. And long-time voice actor Garry Chaulk gave a great performance as the alluring Rod of Lethor. Most of all, this Episode finally gave me empathy for Riley again, something which had been lost mid-way through the season.