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Show Description Meet the Sifaka Lemur, Zoboomafoo, who has the ability to speak. Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt, the two companions of Zoboomafoo, discover more about the world of animals. This show teaches about the life styles, habitats, and characteristics of the animal, discussed about in that episode.

Theme Song Zoboomafoo with the Kratt brothers While walking in the woods one day Chris and Martin saw something strange A little leaping lemur, who liked to bounce and play They followed their new bouncing friend Not knowing where this adventure would end The animals were headed, just around the bend Where they going I don't know know How do we get there Come on, let's go Me and you and Zoboomafoo Come along and see what's new We're doing the things, that animals do New animal friends to see Animal Junction's, the place to be Elephants charging, baboons are leaping Wild dogs running and nobody's sleeping Me and you and Zoboomafoo Come along and see what's new We're doing the things the animals do Me and you and Zoboomafoo Come along and see what's new At Animal Junction, we're waiting for you Zoboomafoo

Zoboomafoo was produced by the same companies that had brought us Kratts' Creatures in 1996: Earth Creatures and Maryland Public Television. The Kratts' advantage was that they had two child assistants: Jackie in Season 1 and Amy in Season 2. That format would have continued, but a new network, the National Geographic Channel, intervened.

With the Kratts committed to National Geographic Channel in 2003, the fate of Zoboomafoo was effectively sealed. Scattered PBS affiliates stayed with the show until its ultimate removal from the schedules at a later date.moreless
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