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  • The Kratt Brothers still get it done!

    Who could ever forget a show as great as Zooboomafoo? I especially loved Zaboo and his crazy adventures!
  • loved it when I was a kid.

    Meet the Sifaka Lemur, Zoboomafoo, who has the ability to speak. Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt, the two companions of Zoboomafoo, discover more about the world of animals. This show teaches about the life styles, habitats, and characteristics of the animal, discussed about in that episode I really like this show and I think it is good for kids, mostley but as a teen I still think this show is an awesome show. Great Show.


    Point of show 9.5/10 Pretty Good
    lol factor 8.9/10 good
    episodes of the show 10/10 pretty good too.
    theme song for the show 10/10 Awesome!
    Overall 10/10 Great Show! :D

    Zoboomafoo is amazing!! i love it very very much id watch twenty four seven if i could. i wish it would be put back on air and left there forever and ever and ever so when i get older and have babies they can watch it and learn from it just like i did. it was a very educational show and helps kids become interested in animals and their protection and conservation. everyone can learn a lesson from zoboomafoo. old or young. so i strongly think it should be put back on air. zoboomafoo was a show of its own kind!
  • Very Education and Factual. It's GREAT for Children of ALL AGES!

    It is a wonderful children's show, also very educational. I watched this was I was younger, as Iowa Public Television aired it. I would still not mind to see it some days, especially when bored or away from my own animals.

    Like I said in my summary, it is great not just for Younger Children (10 or Younger) it is also great for those from 10 through 16, although most from 13-16 would not watch it as they are growing older and older, like I am. At age 15, I still like to revert to these old childhood memories as we call them.

    All in all, I gave it a 10 Out Of 10. A Perfect Children's Educational Series!
  • A fun nature show aimed at kids, but it will make anybody smile.

    On some shows, lemurs are presented as animals whose lives are fraught with tension and danger. Let them be like that on tacky shows that make it look like you have to twist nature to make it interesting; on this show, instead, you get to see animals in their fun and lively condition, as they should be. We don't get to see any animals in a pack that fight for their survival in the middle of the plains. We do, however, get to see a bunch of happy lemurs jump out of a zookeeper's box and crawl all over the top of the refrigerator. Now that's something I want to see! It's much better than the umpteenth episode of "Scariest Giant Spiders" or "18 Things That Could Kill You If You Sat on Them." I like this show, I may watch it more.
  • One of my younger cousin got me into this when I was little, and at first I didn't see why she enjoyed it. BUt I gave it a chance and I ended up loving it.

    One of my younger cousin got me into this when I wasulittle, and at first I didn't see why she enjoyed it. But I gave it a chance and I ended up loving it. It was a perfect show for little kids. (I can't believe it ended! *cry* I wonder why it did.) It taught little kids about animals in a fun way. I mean, how many shows have a lemur as one of the hosts? This show was so original and cool. 8) Chris and Martin were great hosts for the show too. It was like they knew how to inform kids, but subtly, so they wouldn't realize that they were learning. *sigh* I miss the good ol' days when I used to watch good shows like Zoboomafoo. It was an all-around great show.
  • Cool when I was little still is now.

    I grew up watching zaboomafoo and My grandma and I watched it all the time . I liked it but now i spend 5 00 pm watching drake and josh.I don t even know if its on anymore.Huh,let me see hold on , no but it is probably on demand . Any way i still try to watch it every once and a while . I havn t really seen it in a while . I guess i got to look more . I would rate 9 when i was little and seven and a half now . Very cool show
  • Adventures of two brothers and a lemur named Zaboo that's a regular lemur at the beginning, and puppet for the show.

    This is a great show for kids. Jeff Corwin times two with much better humor. There are real animals, real interaction with them from a some what responsible stand point. I actually enjoy watching it. It's left an incredible impression on my daughter. I went from cable to dish and they don't carry Zaboomafoo. After 4 months of dish she STILL mentions Zaboomafoo every day. There is a lesson time with each show where they have a kid talk about what they learned. Good "public services messages" from a kid, for a kid. My daughter's 3 and I recommend it for any age 3 and up.
  • I love this show just because it teaches kids like me about animals. And i'm an animal lover.

    Zoboomafoo is a good show for kids. Especially, if you love animals. It shows you all of the different types of animals there are out in the world we live in. I was just watching it on Demand yesterday and i learned how to figure out the difference between a baby lynx kitten and a baby bobcat kitten. I think it's very entertaining because you can see animals in a good view and get to learn more about them. Where they live... what they eat... how they defend themselves... and alot of other cool information. I think the show is more for kids at about 8 or older that way they're able to understand.
  • Ah. The good old days.

    Zoboomafoo was an amazing show. It does not matter if you are an adult, teen, kid, or senior citizen. This show was about the Kratt brother's and Zoboo learning about animals. They would have little tv games where you would guess what animal Zoboo saw. This show rules. Watch it when you get a chance.
  • Teaches a lot about animals and their habits.

    I really have an interest in this show. Even though it's focuses more on small children, I have seen it when my baby sister watches it. It's a very informative show that explains a lot on animals and their habits of living. It shows everything in a way children would maybe understand. It's very great that children get exposed into the education of the wildlife. It's fantastic!
  • This is a really cute show and you learn a lot from it.

    I like this show because it was a different show from all of other PBS shows. You could learn a lot just from 1 animal! My favorite part (which I think is hilarious even though it gets old!) is whenever the brothers needed something and went to the closet incident!