Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 3

Alone at PCA

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • fair

    zoey and friends plan a trip to Yosemite but can't go because their chaperone, Coco, cancels at the last minute. At first they are all bummed but then they realize all the fun they can have because it is semester break and so nobody is at PCA. But the fun comes to a halt when Dean Rivers' trophy is smashed and he blames Michael and Logan. Zoey, Quinn and Lola must clear their names.

    good episode but obviously time-filler. and not great time-filler either. it was an OK episode though, good mystery, so my grade is a C+ or B-
  • its semester break and the gang plans to go to yosemite but the plans fall through; michael and logan are accused of something they didnt commit

    ugh this ep was not the best..season 4 was not the best but this ep was like one of the bottom of the barrel eps..i just couldnt get into it..the only person i thought in character was coco..spoiler..the gang had the whole campus to themselves..except for a few faculty members and they only do what they normally do while there..i would go crazy..it didnt get any better when michael and logan were accused..that became a very boring investigation..and then it all turned out well when the dean and the janitor who broke his trophy made up..interesting..well not really..just not my type of ep
  • This episode was kind of boring and nothing happened.

    The gang is left at PCA alone when Coco cancels their camping trip. They are all really bored. Lola paints Quinns face like a clown because she's so bored. Logan and Michael play hockey in the halls. Dean Rivers' prized golfing trophy gets vandelized and he blames Michael and Logan. They say they didn't do it, but there are a lot of suspicious things that lead him to believe it was them. Zoey has Lola and Quinn help prove that it wasn't Logan and Michael. They finally have enough information to prove that it was the janitor Seamus Finnegan. He was jealous and Seamus and the Dean started fighting.
  • The gang is left at PCA after Coco, their chaperone for a camping trip, deserts them. The fun stops when the boys are blamed for destroying a golf trophy of Dean Rivers'.

    This was a filler episode that was portrayed as an exciting one. Which it was not. First of all, the gang getting left at PCA has already been done, back in Season One, was there really a need to do it again? And the random plot with the janitor? Okay, how did he get hired without Dean Rivers knowing he was his ex-golfing nemesis? And wouldn't Dean Rivers have seen him around campus? Loose ends that were not tied up. Not to mention that fist fight between Dean Rivers and Seamus. I'm all for adding a little realistic violence into the show, but a fight between two men well past middle age? Not a pretty sight. Not one of Zoey 101's best episodes by far.
  • It's Semester break and Coco cancels, so Zoey and her friends stay at PCA.

    I thought this episode was ok. It was not my favorite though. It's Semester break and Zoey and her friends are going camping with Coco until she cancels, and they have to stay at PCA. They decide to make the most of it. They are having fun until the boys get in trouble for smashing a trophy, now the girls have to find out who did. I thought the part with Dean River and Seamus was a little silly. In this episode Stacey was crazy to wait that long for her parents. I think this episode could of been better, but it was alright.
  • This was a good episode.

    "Alone at PCA" was in my opion,a fairly good episode.It didnt real give me a very good laugh like I usally expect from this show,but it was still good in a dramatic way.The only funny part was when Lola was yelling at the matience man when Her and Zoey were trying to prove Micheal and Logan innocent.When Quinn smashed the can was funny too.That would have been so fun to do XD. Ok it was kinda funny but like i said not AS funny as all the others.Trading Places and Fake Roomate really gave me a good laugh. thats all im sayin.8/10
  • Pretty good!

    Zoey, Lola, Logan, Michael, Mark and Quinn have to stay at PCA during break after Coco cancels their camping trip. Stacey is supposed to go with her parents, but she is left there. When Dean Rivers's trophy is crushed, he suspects Logan and Michael as they were in the hallway and caught on tape, but they accidentally destroyed the camera before the trophy was broken. He puts them on dorm arrest and they swear they're innocent, but he doesn't believe them. Zoey, Lola, Mark and Quinn investigate. They find out that the maintenance guy did it.

    This was a pretty good episode! I think it would be really cool to stay at school alone, well with friends, and be able to run free! This episode gets a 9.0!