Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 3

Alone at PCA

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2008 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • This is the first time someone used the word "gravy" regarding looks. The second time is in "Quinn Misses the Mark."

  • Quotes

    • Stacey: What's up my peeps?

    • Logan: For all I know while I was walking back here, you went back to that hallway with your hockey stick and beat Dean River's trophy to death!

    • Logan: How do I know you really went to the snack machine. Prove it!
      Michael: I can't, I already digested the doodle cake.

    • Michael: We're under dorm arrest. If my grandma hears my name in the same sentence with the word arrest that lady's gonna back up over me with her pick-up truck. She's got big old tracter tires on that thing.

    • Michael: I am freaking out! I am freaking out man!
      Logan: Relax.

    • Lola: No! That sounds like effort, and I wanna work on my sun tan.

    • Quinn: I'm sure they're innocent.
      Lola: They're guilty!
      Quinn: Lola!
      Lola: Quiet clown!

    • Zoey: Michael just called me and said that he and Lo ... why is Quinn a clown?
      Lola: I got bored.

    • Quinn: There's not gonna be anyone here.
      Dean Rivers: So make that a postitive thing. You've got the whole campus to yourselves. Just you guys, me, and a couple of faculty members.

    • Michael: (about Coco) That woman does do a lot of eating and crying!

    • Dean Rivers: Did you smash my trophy?
      Shaymus: Well it wasn't the twinkle fairy, now was it?

      Shaymus: I never smashed nothing, you little chicken!
      Lola: LIAR!
      Zoey: We're sorry we bothered you!
      Shaymus: I'm sorry she exists!

    • Zoey: So you're sure you were nowhere near the admin building last night between midnight and 1 a.m?
      Lunch Lady: I'm sure. I was already in bed asleep by 10-
      Lola: WE'RE NOT IDIOTS!
      Lunch Lady: I-I never called you an-
      Lunch Lady: Now you're scaring me!
      Zoey: 'Scuse us! (drags Lola away)
      Lola: She's a liar! That's a lying lunch lady!

    • Michael: How come you're so calm about all of this?
      Logan: Because...I'm rich, and I'm innocent. I'm also great looking, but that's just gravy.

    • Dean Rivers: This trophy was on display on the first floor of this building. I admired it myself, last night on my way out. But when I walked in this morning, it looked like this!
      Logan: Maybe...you fell on it?
      Dean Rivers: I DIDN'T FALL ON IT! ...If I fell on it, how would I not know?
      Logan: 'Cause old people forget stuff?

    • Dean Rivers: You both know why you're here? Well? You want to confess?
      Michael: I'm sorry! My apple tasted funny so I just heaved it! I didn't know it was gonna hit that squirrel!
      Logan: I have no idea what he's talking about.
      Dean Rivers: This isn't about squirrels or fruit!

    • Zoey: Coco had a meltdown and took off.
      Dean Rivers: Oh, she didn't take a PCA van, did she?
      Mark: She did...
      Dean Rivers: Oh, dang it! Every time she takes one of our vans, it comes back smelling like fried chicken and tears!

    • Zoey: Who packs a whole suitcase of ravioli and underwear?

    • (Coco is crying)
      Zoey: Um, Coco?
      Coco: I can't go camping! Leave me alone!
      Lola: Okay, what do you mean, you can't go camping?
      Zoey: What's the problem?
      Coco: I thought Carl, my boyfriend, might be cheating on me!
      (everyone groans)
      Coco: So I went to his house, and I climbed up the tree in his front yard to wait for him to come home, right? And I thought he was going to bring home another girl, which he did, but it was his mother!
      Logan: Okay well, that's good!
      Coco: No! Because the branch I was sitting on broke, and I fell on her!
      Lola: Oh my God!
      Zoey: Was she hurt?
      Coco: I don't know! Carl said she has a fractured neck or something.
      Michael: Okay so, then what happened?
      Coco: He called me a lunatic and then broke up with me, so now I have to drive to Fresno and fix this!

    • Shaymus: Face it Rivers, you've lost your edge! You're no match for me, you business suit-wearing daffodil!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Shaymus: (with an Irish accent) Say hello to me wee friend! (he pulls out a leaf blower and turns it on).

      This is a play off of the famous quote by Al Pacino in the movie, Scarface. The original quote is "Say hello to my little friend!" while Pacino pulls out a gun and starts shooting.