Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 5

Anger Management

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • it maybe the most boring and annoying episode ever

    So Logan sent this angry vocal message to Dustin, and the world hates Logan.. what? really? A teenager sends an angry message to another teenager(which Dustin is) and everybody is disgusted? I think Zoey revenge was actually more disgusting. I mean, what did Logan do? the message was a little aggressive but Logan was Dustin'boss anyway, and since Dustin wasnt answering to the cell phone he wasn't doing his job. It's obvious Logan got angry, the whole plot is so awkward and out of place, just like the usual mean revenge from Zoey and her bootlickers.

    even more awkward, dull and pointless(maybe the most pointless ever), was the subplot with Quinn s peanuts and Lola, with all those useless thoughts and discussions("should i tell Lola those were my peanuts?" "why didnt you told me ecc). I mean, really? what is it about? who cares? professional writers really wrote this?

    Since the season 4, and without the male main character(Chase), the show become pointless, the characters clearly bored themselves, and the great part of the episodes are just a plain bunch of nothing.

  • WORST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would have scored this below a one but for some reason it doesn't let you do that anymore, one is fine too though because it still is very low. Low is good, because this has got to be one of the worst episodes of all time, the first problem is that Quinn is disgusting by chewing peanuts and then spitting them out back in the jar, was that needed? I don't think so. But the worst part is, they even show us Lola eating the peanuts for goodness sakes. And then Zoey is annoying again and tells Lola and ruins her day, this definitely is the WORST part, Lola runs and then you HEAR her throwing up out in the hallway! No way ho zay, that was one of the most disgusting things i have ever heard, and some people like me can fall victim to the chain reaction and want to throw up ourselves, i actually got a little sick to my stomach after seeing that episode last night, for real. Fortunately the feeling went away after only about 5 minutes. Now here's the other APALLING part, After Logan sends an angry voicemail to Dustin, he is sent to anger management classes, but is then realeased out after his dad organizing a deal, he gets out of them and is just observed by his teacher. This is absolutely one of the most annoying things Zoey has ever done, she wants to try and ruin everything for poor Logan just because he sent and angry voicemail. Okay, the voicemail may have been hurtful yes, but there still should be no reason to ruin everything for Logan, he is a person too and can try to be a nice and good guy at times, and he should deserve better. Another thing is that it still isn't nice to try and plot revenge to Logan! Even though Logan isn't nice at times, it still is a bad influence on kids because this may teach them to not care who to plot revenge for, and that is not a good thing. Most disgusting and annoying episode i have ever seen, i can't believe right at the end Logan has to go back to the anger amnagement classes, Sure Zoey, James and Dustin may have been annoying in a few other episodes but this one is...just...HORRIBLE!!!!! They should pay for their actions for their mean plan, poor Logan. In conlusion this episode should be banned to air. It just made me sick, the characters (such as Zoey, James and Dustin) were made WAY too annoying, though it is kind of ironic, since this episode seems to cause some anger management to some people like me in real life. Still though, getting angry nonetheless, i should still have some good points here, Logan should have made it completely because he did at least try to control his anger like a good person, so the ending was rather blah and not good. This episode wreaks, i will always like the actors i am just saying i don't like the behaviors and actions in this episode at all. So have a great day everybody and stay away from this episode if you know what is good for you! I will never watch ths episode again. Changing the channel would be good.
  • 405

    My first time writing a review fo Zoey 101, a show I actually watched while channel surfing, and I may need to check it out some more as this was actually a pretty funny half hour of television. I always used to think of this show as one of Dan Schneider's weak links, but it is just as amusing as an episode of Victorious or iCarly. Speaking of Victorious, you could see from tonight's performance why Victoria Justice has already become such a big star.

    I think the reason why people did not like this episode is because they did not get that it was mocking the Alec Baldwin incident.
  • Bottom

    Wow this episode was bloody awful. The plot with Quinn and Lola, come on Quinn, that's disgusting, putting them back in the bowl! And Lola eating them {though I kinda liked it seeing as how she is my least favorite character}. So really I felt Lola was incredibly annoying throughout the whole episode. Quinn was too but Lola more so.

    And then the actual plot. Everyone trying their hardest to make Logan angry. Seemed weird for me. It can't be good, if he has anger problems, to intentionally make him angry. It just can't.

    Overall grade, F, because nothing saved this.
  • one angry voice messgage on Dustin's phone leads to an awesome episode and a lot of trouble for Logan and Zoey and the boys make it worse meanwhile Quinn has her own problem with Lola who's angry with her

    Dustin becomes Logan's assistant in the hopes of gaining money to buy his mom a webcam now dustin didn't even need to buy his mom anything kids mostly don't buy their parents anything before that scene we get a very funny scene of Lola eating a pretzal and Zoey giving James a present with Luv on it. Logan waits for Dustin but he doesn't come so he yells at dustin through a voice message Then the main characters hear the message and they're shocked Zoey gets mad she attempts to attack Logan with a golf club but james has other ideas he posts the message to the world I "luved" this episode small joke reference to that scene in the beginning with Zoey & Lola. It seems these days teens in relationships use luv rather then Love. I wonder why Lola didn't remind zoey of chase when she found out about zames. Zoey would have a lot of explaining to do if she did.

    I love how Logan looks at himself in the mirror after he leaves the message. I thought it was funny how everyone reacted to the voice message yet somehow they took it too seriously it wasn't that mean. Angry voice messages aren't that harmful. James didn't have to post it to the world on splashface it doesn't change anything it doesn't affect Logan in any way and just draws negative attention to PCA as dean rivers put it. If they really wanted to get Logan all they had to do was go to dean rivers & those girls who splashed Logan's food all over him which was another funny scene I liked how Logan was listening to music as those girls came up to him with angry looks. I loved the anger mangagement class scene the students there were hilerous all them with a certain anger problem and they also got mad at Logan for leaving that message even the scene at the end of the episode where Logan gets the whole class angry just because he asked for a pencil. I don't understand why there's a little girl in that class all little kids get mad about small stuff they throw fits but that doesn't mean they need anger management classes. At least the scene with the cantelope was funny I like how she threw it. I don't think was fair for Logan's dad to bail Logan out of those classes he yelled at a little kid and needed to be punished. I'm glad they got him back in anger management. Most of things they did to him weren't that bad putting honey on his Jet X and covering him with paint were no big deal but making his art project fly away was mean and something zoey should've gotten in trouble for. Logan should have at least been allowed to yell at her for that. I know what that's like cause at my school do mean things to me and don't get in trouble for them they humilate me and mess with my stuff and I have to suffer for it without teacher's help. Logan was hilarious in this episode everything he said was funny his lines "how great is it being me" & "come on you can't expell me" were stuff I'll definately be using in the future. Now for the peanut issue, I don't think it was fair for lola to be mad at quinn for something that wasn't her fault yeah, quinn left the peanuts out but it's not like she told Lola to eat them Lola ate food that she found just sitting around so it was her own fault. but I'm proud of both of them: quinn for wanting to get her friendship back and Lola for deciding not to make quinn drink the gargle just because of what "she did" that was truely an act of friendship. That's why I like that subplot but I don't get why quinn even bought the candy in the first place if she hates peanuts but at least I can relate because I hate peanuts too I like peanut butter but not peanuts. This was truely one of the best episodes in season 4 It was written great I loved every scene except when Lola threw up on stacey's shirt and dean rivers didn't do anything about it but Stacey was as they call interupting she burst in while dean rivers was talking to someone else I go through that all the time Maybe if she hadn't done that then dean rivers would have helped her. I hope she got her own revenge on Lola by using the paint bomb on her which brings me to my final comment the way scene where Logan comes out after being blasted by the paint bomb was played out seems like the writer's reference to homosexuality. The way he acted, how he was covered in various colors and that he said he was "happy like a rainbow" made it seem like the writers were trying to make fun of gay people. This could be an accident especially since shows like zoey 101 aren't supposed to make references to stuff like that. Logan was still funny in that scene even though they might have been trying to make him seem gay
  • logan has to go to anger management classes after he yells at dustin, but he tries to find a way out of it

    i did not like this ep either..this was even worse than the prior ep..i mean this was a whole ep dedicated to logan..i dont need that type of ep..and it just showed him being a real jerk again..i mean dustin didnt really do anything wrong..spoiler..and logan deserved what he got for yelling at him..but yet again we focus in on his wealth and how when you are that wealthy you can get out of stuff..which is too realistic in modern times..so he gets out of it..the funny parts were when they did try to get him to get mad and he didnt but then finally they get a plan right..then it ends on a low note
  • Logan leaves Dustin an angry voice mail which gets him into Anger Management classes but when his dad gets him out of them Zoey will stop at nothing to put him back in the classes.

    This episode was alright but it wasn't the best episode ever. I thought that Zoey was being really unfair to Logan throughout the whole episode. I could understand her anger about the voice mail but the things she did to Logan were just un called for.

    I think that since Logan was actually controlling his anger-whether it was just because that guy was following him around or not- He should not have gotten into trouble. He stayed calm through the entire episode. And even if he was angry so what!? Who wouldnt get angry with all the stuff Zoey did to him in this episode?

    However I did enjoy the scene between him and James:

    James: "Bet you a dollar im shorter than you!"
    Logan: "Your taller than me!"
    James: "Bet you a dollar im not!"

    Just the way they both delivered those lines had me crackng up. Especially when James continued to argue that he was shorter then Logan even though he was very noticably taller-and the fact that Logan was gulable enough to fall for it was just gravy!

    I also liked the scene where Lola and Quinn made up. I thought it was touching that Quinn cared about their friendship enough to actually drink Lola's gargle. And the fact that Lola didn't actually let her drink was great as well. I always though that Lola and Quinn are way closer then either of them are with Zoey (though they are close with her) and this episode proved it considering how far Quinn was willing to go to be friends with Lola.

    Other then that the rest of the episode was pretty disapointing.
  • This episode is just torture for Logan and Quinn.

    This episode just was horrible. I think that Logan was severely abused from the voice mail message and that the things Zoey, James, and Logan did to him were things to get angry over. He may have overdone it in the end, but that makes it too frustrating.

    On the other side, Quinn was faced with a dilemma between telling her friend the truth and saving her the disgust. I think Lola was a bit tough and should have been understanding of what Quinn did. I liked the end of the subplot with Lola stopping Quinn, so that part was okay.

    Overall, this episode was horrible. But there were good things, I just can't name any.
  • This was an okay episode, but there have been better.

    Logan left an angry voicemail on Dustin's cell phone when he was late to help him. Dustin let Zoey listen to the voicemail and eventually everybody at PCA heard it, including Dean Rivers. Dean Rivers made Logan attend Anger Management classes. Logan found out he could out of them if he didn't get mad. So Zoey kept doing things to him to make him mad so he would get caught and have to go back to the classes, which eventually worked. Meanwhile, Quinn was eating some kind of snack that had peanuts with a candy coating. She would eat off the candy coating then spit the peanuts into a jar. Well Lola didn't know and was eating them. Then Quinn walked in and couldn't tell her they had been in her mouth. Then Lola found out and puked and they were mad at each other. So Lola was going to make Quinn drink her gargle so they would be friends again. Just before Quinn drank it, Lola stopped her and told her that she didn't have to drink it and they were friends again.
  • Coolio

    Aww, poor little Logan has to go to anger managment clas-ses. Poor him. But, his rich dad gets him out. How surprising! I was expecting Logan would bribe them and he'd be off the hook forever, but I guess the writers added in that two weeks thing forbetter jokes, and just a better episode to not make a long list.

    I just think Zoey was a little too mean. Really, that paint thing went way too far. Wouldn't the anger managment person notice Zoey being so mean? Or maybe the dean? If I were a dean and saw a student covered in paint, I'd wondered why. So, I guess that means he's just a bad dean.

    9.5 out of 10, a great episode.

    "Anger Mangement" caught my eye in the episode guide just by the title "Anger Mangement" just sounds like such an interesting title! I expected alot out of this just one episode and I got it! It was one of the funniest in the series.Aka when Zoey and James and Dustin kept trying to get Logan mad.That was LOL funny.There was no real seriousnesseness in this episode which made it even better for me.I dont really ever LOL at anything I just find it amusing but,I REALLY LOL during this episode.It sorat reminds of earlier epiosdes of drake and Josh.Great Episode 10/10
  • In this episode Dustin is Logan assistant, but things do not go so well.

    I thought this episode was good. It would have been better if Chase was in. I really liked that Dustin was in this episode. It was nice to see him again. He has really got older as the show goes on. I think Dustin was a being a good person by helping Logan with all his demands. It was really mean of Logan for sending that angry voicemail. I think Zoey was doing the right thing by trying to get Logan back in Anger Management. He needed to learn a lesson, that sometimes his father's money can not make him get away with everything. He needed to learn how to show people some respect. I do think some of things Zoey did were over the top, but she was standing up for her brother and trying to make a point.
  • It was Great to see Dustin again, I missed that short funny dude.

    PREVIOUSLY:- Since Chase has left PCA, Micheal & Logan get a new roommate, James. James becomes the most date-able guy at PCA, eventually making Logan Jealous. Logan spreads a rumor that James & Zoey are dating which helps to bring James & Zoey more close & eventually start a relationship.

    The episode starts when Lola finds out that Zoey has been dating James for one week & she's giving him a present. Dustin happens to pass by & Zoey comes to know that Dustin's Logan's new personel assistant. Dustin tells Zoey that he's Logan's assistant because Logan's Paying him enough so that he can buy his mom a webcam as her birthday gift so that they can video chat. Zoey tries to convince Dustin to leave this job but he is not in mod to do that. Its not long before Logan gets fed up of Dustin being late & not keeping his mobile switched on. Logan sends an angry voice mail to Dustin who's shows it to the rest of the gang. Zoey gets angry & is on her way to smash Logan's head like a golf ball, but James has better ideas. James spreads the voice mail all over PCA & eventually it spreads out in the news, leaving Dean Rivers with no choice but to send Logan to Anger Management classes. Logan learns if he stays at PCA and keeps his cool he won't have to go to the weird Anger Management Classes any more, but Zoey & the gang are not going to amke this possible for him. Meanwhile Quinn has problems of her own. Quinn does not like nuts which are present in some chocolate so she eats the chocolate part and leaves the nuts in bowl which the nuts lover Lola fill her stomach up with. Soon Lola comes to know & breaks her friendship with Quinn & now has to get her friend back. The episode was not bad & it was great to see Dustin after a long time. The script & acting of this episode did lack that regular magic in some spots.

    Guest Appearances:

    Creagen Dow (Jeremiah Trottman - PCA news reporter)
    Christopher Murray (Dean Rivers)
    Abby Wilde (Stacey Dillsen)
  • We just want Chase back!

    This was a boring fill in episode that made me wish Chase was back more than ever. Suddenly James is all buddy buddy with everyone and that bothers me. I didn't really care for this plot either. Paul Butcher sure has grown up. It's hard to believe that he was so little and had such a small voice only three years ago. Logan is first class jerk, as usual. No surprise there. I thought the Anger Management classes were kinda funny...but eh, it was still just alright. Gosh, I feel Simon Cowell. Oh, and when Chase pulled Zoey back from hurting Logan, I wanted to punch him in the face.
  • Dustin is Logan's assistant. Logan eventually leaves a mean voicemail on Dustin's phone causing Logan to go to Anger Management class. Meanwhile, Lola ate Quinn's spat out peanuts without knowing. To get back at her, she asks her to drink her gargle.

    this is a really funny episode especially when Logan ends up in Anger Management class again but he couldn't take it. When he ended up in that class the first time, I laughed because everyone got mad at him for leaving that mean voicemail. It was so hilarious. This was a great installment to this season. The thing is that I want Chase back as soon as possible but it probably won't be that soon because one whole semester is a long time. I can't believe that Zoey and James are dating since the kiss and this episode. I think Zoey and Chase makes a great couple.
  • Great!

    Dustin is Logan's assisstant and must do everything Logan says to. Logan gets angry and leaves an angry voicemail on Dustin's phone. Zoey, James and Michael decide to put it on the internet to get back at Logan. Dean Rivers hears about it on TV and puts Logan in anger management classes. Logan gets out of them, but only if he can go two weeks without yelling, but the anger management teacher will be watching.. Quinn is eating chocolate peanuts, but she doesn't like the peanuts, so she spits them into a bowl. Lola comes in later and starts eating them. Quinn sees her but decides not to tell her that she already had them in her mouth. Zoey tells Lola, who gets mad at Quinn. James, Zoey and Dustin try to get Logan to yell, but it doesn't work, until the teacher leaves, then Logan is caught after Dean Rivers and the teacher show up.

    This episode was great! That paint grenade looked cool! I don't like Logan, so he deserves everything! I found myself somehow rooting for Logan not to yell. That would be gross if Quinn really had to drink Lola's gargled drink. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!