Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 5

Anger Management

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • one angry voice messgage on Dustin's phone leads to an awesome episode and a lot of trouble for Logan and Zoey and the boys make it worse meanwhile Quinn has her own problem with Lola who's angry with her

    Dustin becomes Logan's assistant in the hopes of gaining money to buy his mom a webcam now dustin didn't even need to buy his mom anything kids mostly don't buy their parents anything before that scene we get a very funny scene of Lola eating a pretzal and Zoey giving James a present with Luv on it. Logan waits for Dustin but he doesn't come so he yells at dustin through a voice message Then the main characters hear the message and they're shocked Zoey gets mad she attempts to attack Logan with a golf club but james has other ideas he posts the message to the world I "luved" this episode small joke reference to that scene in the beginning with Zoey & Lola. It seems these days teens in relationships use luv rather then Love. I wonder why Lola didn't remind zoey of chase when she found out about zames. Zoey would have a lot of explaining to do if she did.

    I love how Logan looks at himself in the mirror after he leaves the message. I thought it was funny how everyone reacted to the voice message yet somehow they took it too seriously it wasn't that mean. Angry voice messages aren't that harmful. James didn't have to post it to the world on splashface it doesn't change anything it doesn't affect Logan in any way and just draws negative attention to PCA as dean rivers put it. If they really wanted to get Logan all they had to do was go to dean rivers & those girls who splashed Logan's food all over him which was another funny scene I liked how Logan was listening to music as those girls came up to him with angry looks. I loved the anger mangagement class scene the students there were hilerous all them with a certain anger problem and they also got mad at Logan for leaving that message even the scene at the end of the episode where Logan gets the whole class angry just because he asked for a pencil. I don't understand why there's a little girl in that class all little kids get mad about small stuff they throw fits but that doesn't mean they need anger management classes. At least the scene with the cantelope was funny I like how she threw it. I don't think was fair for Logan's dad to bail Logan out of those classes he yelled at a little kid and needed to be punished. I'm glad they got him back in anger management. Most of things they did to him weren't that bad putting honey on his Jet X and covering him with paint were no big deal but making his art project fly away was mean and something zoey should've gotten in trouble for. Logan should have at least been allowed to yell at her for that. I know what that's like cause at my school do mean things to me and don't get in trouble for them they humilate me and mess with my stuff and I have to suffer for it without teacher's help. Logan was hilarious in this episode everything he said was funny his lines "how great is it being me" & "come on you can't expell me" were stuff I'll definately be using in the future. Now for the peanut issue, I don't think it was fair for lola to be mad at quinn for something that wasn't her fault yeah, quinn left the peanuts out but it's not like she told Lola to eat them Lola ate food that she found just sitting around so it was her own fault. but I'm proud of both of them: quinn for wanting to get her friendship back and Lola for deciding not to make quinn drink the gargle just because of what "she did" that was truely an act of friendship. That's why I like that subplot but I don't get why quinn even bought the candy in the first place if she hates peanuts but at least I can relate because I hate peanuts too I like peanut butter but not peanuts. This was truely one of the best episodes in season 4 It was written great I loved every scene except when Lola threw up on stacey's shirt and dean rivers didn't do anything about it but Stacey was as they call interupting she burst in while dean rivers was talking to someone else I go through that all the time Maybe if she hadn't done that then dean rivers would have helped her. I hope she got her own revenge on Lola by using the paint bomb on her which brings me to my final comment the way scene where Logan comes out after being blasted by the paint bomb was played out seems like the writer's reference to homosexuality. The way he acted, how he was covered in various colors and that he said he was "happy like a rainbow" made it seem like the writers were trying to make fun of gay people. This could be an accident especially since shows like zoey 101 aren't supposed to make references to stuff like that. Logan was still funny in that scene even though they might have been trying to make him seem gay