Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 1

Back to PCA

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 11, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • good

    zoey and nicole do not like their new roommate, Lola, because she acts really weird and she scares them. Chase and Michael cannot deal with living with Logan because of his new extremely loud entertainment center.

    good episode, but zoey and nicole made me kinda mad. Yes, Lola was acting crazy and weird and junk, but it was HER room too. as long as Lola wasn't hurting them or something, I think they were being kind of selfish. But overall it had some good jokes and the plot was good for a premiere, overall grade would be a C+ or so
  • its a new school year and zoey and nicole have to deal with a new odd girl; meanwhile, chase and michael try to cope with all of logan's new things that bring in more people to their dorm

    i liked this ep..good way to start the new season...and i actually liked jamies hair a little better this season..we get the classic chase fall in the beginning of the season as well as a comment on his hair which did get bushier..then we see a lot of conflict as lola is very weird and gross to them and they want nothing to do with her..and then logan is being a jerk as always and not caring what his roommates have to say..i love how they get him back..and i love how lola gets found out eventually and then she actually turns out to be decent lol..good ep
  • Back To PCA

    This episode was great and wonderful. I was surprised that Dana is not coming back to PCA and she got accepted into that European Exchange Student thing, so she'll be gone all semester, but who cares about Dana, because some characters are great! Wow, Zoey's hair had change color, and I liked her brown hair more than blonde hair, its look better with brown hair on her face. I love Chase when he rode a bike and he saw Zoey there, calling her name then he falls down from the stairs when he calling Zoey name and saw Zoey there. . . . . . . .
  • The gang return to PCA!

    Well, I thought the series was cancelled, after the 13th episode and no new episode was coming until I went on Nick.com, and heard postcast about a brand new season, and the season 2 premiere's episode was called "Back to PCA!". I was really excited, and I'm kinda happy that Dana isn't coming back. She was kinda jerky and annoying. And well at first, I thought this was a "Back to PCA Semester" episode, but looks like it's a whole new year. This is my review for Z101 "Back to PCA". The season two premiere for the hit TEENick series. Thanks!
  • I love this episode.

    The gang is back to PCA for another school year and things start changes in Zoey and Nicole`s case.Zoey and Nicole are looking forward to their new room but things don`t go so well for them when Coco comes and tells Zoey and Nicole they are getting a new roommate.Zoey and Nicole are very happy about it when Nicole explains she and Zoey already had a roommate Nicole didn`t get along with.So Zoey and Nicole decide to go to office and ask for a new roommate they will both happy with. That same day Zoey and Nicole find out that their new roommate Lola is an fake when they discover Lola wants to be and actress.Meanwhile Logan brings an entertainment center and goes a little overboard with it.
  • I liked this episode a lot and I think that this was a good season opener.

    It's a new year, a new semester at PCA and Zoey and the rest of the gang comes back after the summer. Zoey and Nicole thinks that they're gonna have the room for themselfs since Dana won't return because she was accepted to a Euopean Foreign Exchange Student thing in France. They think that it'll be awsome and all but then Coco the DA tells them that they're gonna have a new roommie. They go to Miss Burvich office to see if they can pick who they wanna share a room with but it all end up in a disaster when Nicole accidently knocks down the perfumebottle collection that Miss Burvich has. Meanwhile Chase and Michael has to stand Logans new entertainment system...
    So when the girls comes back to their room there's a "goth" girl sitting in the middle of the room and "talks to the dead" named Lola, she's their new roomate by the way. Lola scares them out of the room so Zoey and Nicole goes out to find Chase and Michael, who are sleeping out in tents to get out of the loud entertainment system in their room. When Zoey and Nicole sees a big bug in one of the tents that they borrowed from the guys Zoey decides to go up to Lola and confront her. When they comes up to their room they sees her talkin on the phone, not wearing the crazy white her that she had before and now being all "goth-ish". She reveals that she's an actress and wanted to see if she could "pull off" being a new her. So there was never something wierd about Lola, she was just acting :O... So now they sees the she's just a normal girl just like them.

    I liked this episode very much and you could see the acting development from all of the cast...
  • Gee, this episode gives a good message to tweens. If you act and dress different then everyone else, the "populer" people aren't gonna like you

    Yet another reason why I dislike this show besides the horrable acting and dumb storylines. In the begining they put a new goth charector in the show. Now, I'm perfectly fine with that. In reality, when your 13-14 is when you begin to discover what your going to be in Highschool (for the most part) and some people begin to act and dress goth, and there is nothing wrong with it. But acording to this episode there is. If you don't act like goody goody miss two shoes Zoey and dress in ugly, bright, Walmart clothes, then no one will like you. I frankly find it appealing that people gave this episode a good review when it just shows that if your an individual, then people are allowed to treat you like dirt and call you "weild" and "crazy chick" and peopel find that theres nothing wrong with it.
  • The first episode of season 2 zoey 101!

    This was a great episode! Seeing them all back again and changed was good! Chase still crazy over Zoey nothing changes. Execpt that Dana isnt coming back! Nicole i is happy to hear this as they didnt always get on but were still good friends. Her and Zoey think they've got a room to them selves but when they see Lola is the new room mate they freak as she is a freak herself until they find out she is playing with them and is actully pretty cool and they becomes friends straight away with zoey and nicole getting their payback for lola tricking them into thinking she was a scary punk! it was funny! a great episode!
  • When school starts back up at PCA, the girls found out Dana didnt come back, and they have a new roomate. her name is Lola and she acts weird and they dont like her. So Zoey and Nicole dont want to go back to the dorm. Then Lola just says she was acting.

    I liked this episode because they found out they have a new roomate and she acted weird. Like they walk in the room and she is trying to peirce her tounge. Also she does really weird stuff. Then they realize that they had the dorm first and they try to go back. They go to Chase and then Lola tells them that she was just acting. I thought that was funny when she told them. But I also like that they become friends after. She tells them that she is a good actor. Nicole and Zoey are so relieved to find out she is normal.
  • well...

    Well, this episode is not my favorite because of, well, anyone who knows me knows why, because the people at Zoey 101 decided to make the extremely lame excuse that Dana had joined the foreign exchange program and is now in France.

    And then Lola comes in all scary looking. And here is a total give away that Lola is actually normal. You'll see in the credits when She's dressed in normal clothes (a bit over accesorized, if you ask me) and just normal. Well because of that I basicly predicted the whole episode. And in the end, I found a new enemy. I love Vicki, I really do. She's so nice. But her character is the most annoying character I have ever disliked.

    Other than that, the episode was watchable.

    The Chase and Zoey part was adorable as always.

    (P.s. You Lola fans: Disagree with me, I can take it.)
  • A good episode to began the second season

    This is a good episode of a good show. This episode is the first of the second season and is one of my favorites. Zoey back to the P.C.A. and many things have changed as Dana isn't because dhe is in a foreign exchange program and Lola goes to the academy filling his place. Lola was weird in this episode also is her first appearence and she is a good character at least in this episode and likes me. Zoey an Nicole thinks that Lola is weird andcrazy but they find that ahe is a cool girl and one of their friends.
  • Zoey and Nicole get a new roomate while Michael and Chase are forced to camp outside because of the new entertainment things Logan got for their room.

    This was a great Season Premiere! A good way to start a new season. It was pretty sad that Dustin couldn't finish the last level because the power came off, but that was the point to make it funny.
    Lola was kinda freaky at first but at the end Zoey and Nicole find out that she's actually a normal person.. trying to see if she could pull off pretending to be Goth.
  • A new roommate

    This has got be one of the best episode in the series so far. The new girl Lola brings something new to the show. Also shows Zoey and Nicole getting themselves in sticky situations, also Micheal and Chase which makes it more intresting. My favourite parts has got to be when Zoey and Nicole go to see Micheal and Chase in the tents and they get scared, also at the end where a clip of "Follow Me" is playing. A great episode
  • this was a great epesode.

    nicole and zoey- they were really great. the perfume bottle thing was really obvious. i really liked it when nicole and zoey acted about the shirt.

    lola- the goth lola was creepy but i love the real lola. i loved the tounge percing thing. the charactor was pretty good at acting. i really like it when zoey (it could have been nicole) said who would do something like that and lola said me isn't that great.

    logan nad the intertainment system- he is way to rich but it is really funny. i like it that dustin is the kid who is good at the game.

    tents- the tent scene ws really funny. i like it when zoey and nicole scared chase and micheal. the whole spider thing was cute.

    date- i liked it when zoey showed up with nicole and lola.

    quin- she wsa funny as usual.

    i loved lola's outfit at the end (the dress over the pants). he hair is ausome. i love lola.

    this was a great epesode.
  • zoey and nicole get a new room mate who is a total freak until they find out she is putting the whole thing on then become friends.also michael and chase are having problems with logans new entertainment system which is to loud

    this has to be my favourite episode yet lola is a great new character and is really fit.my favourite parts were where nicole knocks down the shelf full of perfume bottles,where zoey and nicole find s bug in their tent and most of all the great ending of them all getting along and walking to breakfast together.What i didnt like was the really stupid fight between zoey and nicole and how lola acted so stupidley towards it.this was a great episode altogether though with entertaining humour like quinns webcam so i gave back to pca a 9.5
  • Zoey goes back to PCA to a bunch of changes like a new roommate named Lola, a budding actor who pretends to be gothic.

    I expected more for the first episode...I didn't like the Lola thing...and why'd Dana get kicked off show? And it can't be Zoey101...because Zoey has a new room! It's okay...I'll watch the other episodes...just not as creative as the first season. But I liked the time capsule episode (I wish Chase actually watched DVD)
  • Zoey and co. are back at PCA, and what an exciting year it is. Chase and Michael have to deal with Logan's massive entertainment system and Zoey and Nicole have to endure Lola, their new---and totally freakish---roommate.

    This marks the start of season two. Zoey's got a new hairstyle, which looks better, I might add.

    I liked this episode; it was a bit cliche, but I thought the reason behind Lola's freakishness was original. Never seen that before...lol.

    Again, I'm looking forward to this season.
    Zoey 101 always manages to make me laugh at least once, and even if it is totally lacking in depth, it's something to watch.
  • It's a new start at P.C.A. and the kids are back in school. Zoey and Nicole find out they have a new roommate, Lola, who is completely weird. Logan installs a new entertainment system that Chase and Michael find too loud and cannot get Logan to turn the v

    I thought this was a good episode to begin the new season. The characters of the show are growing up. There is a new cast member to stir up a little more excitment at P.C.A. Lola is a great addition because she is just as weird and funny as Quinn. The girls are learning how to deal with new people and are learning to get to know them better. The boys haven't changed too much. Logan is still the same selfish rich kid. Chase and Michael haven't changed either. All of them are trying to find ways to live together and they're doing it cleverly (as usual).
  • It's a new Semester at PCA and things are the same and things are different Dana isn't there any more and Zoey and Nicole get a new roomate named Lola who is a little on the weird side.

    I really like this episode. Zoey and Nicole get Lola as their new roomate on account of the fact that Dana has been accepted to a Foreign exchange program thing. And Lola turns out to be really freaky. (a.k.a a freak chick). Logan got a new $15000 entertainment system from his father. Chase and Michael don't like that it is way to loud and decide to camp outside where they run into Zoey and Nicole way to freaked out to sleep in the same room as Lola. It is totally a cool episode majorly cool you should watch it when it's on again if you missed it on September 10 2005.
  • Its another year back at PCA and alot has changed. Dana is part of a foreign exchange program and a new roommate Lola comes into play. The only problem is is that shes a total "weirdo".

    The episode starts off with everyone re uniting at PCA. The girls have a new dorm room this year as well as a new roomate. Dana is away as part of a foreign exchange program. The girls think they have the dorm room bu they are assigned a new roomate Lola. Shes a total "weirdo" as Zoey put it. Anyway, Logan got a $1500 entertainment system and drove Chace and Michael up the wall. At the end of teh episode Zoey and Nicole find out teh Lola was just putting on an act and was pretending to be "weird". Turns out shes as normal as Zoey and Nicole.

    -- JOn