Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 1

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Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 11, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The remote Logan used for his entertainment system was the same used in an episode of Drake and Josh, when Drake used the remote as a sound effects maker to scare Josh.

    • In "Defending Dustin," the DA says there's no boys allowed in girls dorms past 8 PM. This probably goes for girls too, but at Logan's party there's girls there past 3 AM.

  • Quotes

    • Zoey: We were here way before this Lola, and we're not gonna let her drive us out of our own dorm!
      Nicole: Good! ...Whatcha gonna do?
      Zoey: We're gonna go tell that freaky chick either to start acting like a normal person, or move back to Weird Town!

    • Zoey: We have Quinnovision...
      Nicole: Apparently!

    • Michael: When I don't get enough sleep, I get cranky.
      Chase: It's true. Watch this. Hey, what's up, Michael?
      Michael: Get out of my face!

    • Zoey: So, Miss Burvich, this is such a pretty office.
      Miss Burvich: I hate it.
      Zoey: Well, you deserve a better one!

    • Nicole: AHH! We can see the tennis court from here! That means we can see the boys' tennis team practice! They don't always wear shirts, you know!

    • Michael: (to Logan) What's up, Richie Rich? What did your daddy get you this time?

    • Chase: So, catch me up on stuff. Tell me about your life.
      Michael: Well let's see, at the beginning of the summer, I started working for my dad. You know, helping him out with a little of this, a little-
      Girl: Hey Chase, Zoey's looking for you behind the science center.
      Chase: Zoey?!
      Michael: So anyways, the job was pretty lame at first, but after a couple-
      (Chase rides away on his bike)
      Michael: Well good talking to ya, man!

    • Michael: There's a bug in my tent.
      Chase: So kill it.
      Michael: I can't.
      Chase: Why not?
      Michael: What if it has a family?
      Chase: It's a bug!
      Michael: Bugs have children!
      Chase: Well, maybe it's a really mean and horrible bug, and all the other bugs hate it, and you'll be a hero for taking its life!

    • Chase: Can you at least turn the sound down!
      Logan: Why don't you turn your mouth down!

    • Chase: Yes, it's fun watching Chase hurt himself... Heh, after dinner I'll be stumbling then falling of a cliff. Make sure you get good seats!

    • Chase: (when Dustin comes with a big box) Don't look now, but there's a large box with small legs coming towards us.

    • Michael: Dudes!
      Chase: Michael!
      Logan: What's up?
      Michael: Mah boys!
      Logan: So, how was your summer, man?
      Chase: Yeah, I've missed seeing your freakish face every day!
      Michael: Heh yeah, and I've missed you big bushy hair...Hey did it get bushier?
      Chase: It's possible.

    • Logan: Entertainment system is looking good, boys.
      Chase: You know, you could help us!
      Logan: I could, but...I'm gonna go grab myself a smoothie!

    • Chase: Good night Micheal.
      Michael: Sleep tight Chase.
      Logan: You guys are the worst.

    • Zoey: You are a freak chick, just for doing that.
      Nicole: Who pretends to be a psycopath just to see if they could pull it off?
      Lola: Me! How great am I?

    • Nicole: Can we not make this a quiz?
      Zoey: Just get to the point!

    • Zoey: Okay, so this whole thing is just an act?
      Lola: Yeah.
      Nicole: Why?

    • Michael: You almost made me wet my pants!
      Nicole: Ditto!

    • Lola: You like 'em?
      Zoey: Yeah, they're pretty.
      Nicole: (Whispering to Zoey) Pretty disturbing!

    • Nicole: Well?
      Zoey: Are you coming to breakfast or what?

    • Zoey: That sure isn't your real hair!

    • Zoey: You know how I feel about you borrowing my clothes.
      Nicole: What are you going to do about it?

    • Zoey: We were acting.
      Nicole: We wanted to see if we could pull it off.

    • Nicole: No, I don't want tongue blood on me.
      Lola: Baby.

    • (shouting)
      Michael: What's the capital of Tennessee?
      Chase: Memphis!
      Michael: No! Nashville!
      Chase: What?!?!
      Michael: NASHVILLE!!!
      Chase: Who's Phil?!?!

    • Zoey: Do we know you?
      Lola: No.

    • Chase: Hey Zoey, (Zoey turns around) you look great.
      Zoey: You too. (Turns around and starts walking, then turns around again) Did your hair get bushier?
      Chase: I've heard that.

    • Michael: (To Chase) What if it's a bear?
      Chase: Tell it to step on the bug!

    • Lola: (To Zoey and Nicole) Shhhh! I'm trying to talk to the dead!

    • Coco: (to Zoey and Nicole) If wants were dreams, wishes would fly. (Zoey and Nicole look confused) I don't know what that means.

    • Nicole: We get our room to ourselves this semester!
      Chase: What about Dana?
      Zoey: Oh she got accepted into that European Exchange Student thing so she'll be gone all semester.
      Nicole: Yeah, and there's absolutely no way that she can bother me all the way from France!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Michael: What's up Richie Rich, what did your daddy get you this time?

      When Michael says this quote he's referring to the 1994 movie Richie Rich, where a kid who gets everything he wants from his rich parents.

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