Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • good

    A mean girl named Stacy steals Zoey's backpack idea and uses it to get money for herself. Zoey is of course furious and must come up with a way to set things right. Will Stacy learn a lesson? Will Zoey beat her at her own game?

    Good episode. I like how all worked out. Quinn's plot bored me a little and detracts from the episode a little, but the rest of it is pretty good, so I think my final grade for this episode is going to fall somewhere in the "C" range. Kind of average episode, I think. Still OK
  • Allison Scagliotti-Smith! Woot Woot!

    This happens very commonly, but just not to kids, to adults, someone stealing your idea & making a business out of it. Very common, and the girl who pays Mindy on Drake & Josh, she's in it which I absolutely love! I love this episode because the book store guy is awesome & I like how there was tension between Zoey & Stacy form the start & at the end the girls finally get a jukebox! Quinn's plot which was a bit weird was funny, I felt sorry for Stacy at the end, that really sucked for her, a great episode.
  • Nicole spills a goo pop on backpack and has to buy the backpack. She buys the backpack and throws it out. Zoey grabs it from the garbage and creates these awesome back packs.

    Nicole has to buy a backpack because she spilled a goo pop on it. Zoey grabs the bag from the garbage and creates these awesome backpacks. Zoey creates a girl version and buy version. This works out great until another girl Stacey steals Zoey's idea and creates the backpacks and sells them at the book store for money. Zoey an find out about this and gets even. Zoey starts selling her backpacks and then eventually the book store makes a deal with Zoey. Zoey got a juke box for the backpack. Everyone is happy at the end. Zoey got what she rightfully deserved.
  • It's a good plot.

    Yeah, it is a good plot, but they used to over run this episode waaay too much, which brought the grade down a little. I still like it, though, but it used to be overplayed. Alot.

    The jokes didn't make me laugh as much as Zoey 101 usually makes me. There were some good one's, some okay ones, but only a few that didn't even make me chuckle.

    I mean, it has a good plot, that's for sure. BUt, what I don't get is Zoey is complaining she has no money, then she randomly has enough to buy all those materials, massagers, mp3 players, and on and on. Yea, it's just a show, but still.

    8 out of 10.
  • A girl tries to steal Zoey's plot.

    Ok, this episode is great. Stacey (Also known as Mindy from Nickelodeon live-action series Drake and Josh) guest stars. She is still evil like she is in D&J. She is so funny, and her evil eye and evil laugh make me giggle. Each day, I look around the channel to see if this episode is on. This episode "Backpack" is officialy (O F F I C I A L Y) My favorite episode of Season 1 and yes I mean Season 1 (O N E or 1). Anyway thanks for reading my review for episode "Backpack" of Nickelodeon series, Z101. Peace out!
  • zoey designs a backpack and the gang is starting to wear them around campus..one girl notices and zoey lets her take a pic..but the girl uses it for her own gain

    i loved this ep..well it was pretty good...i gave it a 8.8 didnt i lol...i love how several eps tie into the show drake and josh...i mean this is mindy from drake and josh (josh's gf), then drake plays at spring fling, and later in season 3 miranda cosgrove comes..yay drake and josh! but im gettin off topic...this was a kewl ep..i love how zoey gets back at the girl b/c she definitely deserved it..she was a real jerk..and it goes 2 show that chase will do anything 4 zoey..isnt he sweet! that was kind of broad b/c i dont remember the zoey and chase moments that well but yea still awesome...the girl got what was coming to her and zoey got 2 benefit from her design..i guess she is destined for a fashion designer...i mean the drake t-shirts, the backpacks, the way she dresses...shes found her destiny lol
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  • When Nicole ruins a backpack she tells Zoey to come and try a goo pop then she ends up getting it on the backpack Zoey thinks of a way to cheer her up.

    This episode really shows how brilliant Zoey is and shows what Zoey could do best and it also shows how Zoey is a good friend, but I think it was mean of Stacey to take Zoey`s idea of a backpack and the way she pretends that it was her idea when Zoey`s friends know it was Zoey`s idea.I wonder how Zoey got the massagers and a music player in her backpack.I really love watching this episode and I will keep watching Zoey 101.
  • kinda childish...but cool.

    Poor Nicole, she accidently ruined a fifty dollar backpack. She's all bummed that she wasted all her monsy so Zoey cheers her up by making Nicoles ruined backpack look really cool. In fact, it's so cool she starts a backpack buisness. An older girl Stacey steals her idea so they find a way to get back at her.

    Honestly this episode was not a favorite of mine. But I guess it was alright. I just wish they would come up with plot lines that are a little more realistic and teenish. However, Michael and Chase's part was just as funny as always.
  • Nicole accidently ruins a backpack at the school store and has to spend all her money to buy it. Zoey decorates it for her and everyone loves it. Then a mean girl Stacy steals Zoey's idea for the backpack and Zoey has to do something about it.

    This was a great episode. I loved the ending. Its deffinately one you should watch. Its funny, it could happen and I would so buy a backpack by Zoey. Nicole is in the school store and spills a goo pop on a backpack and so she has to spend all her money and Zoey's to buy it. She's really sad she cant do anything like go to the movies so Zoey decides to cheer her up by decorating the backpack. Everyone thinks her back pack is really cool so she makes a boy version for Chase. Everyone's telling her she should sell them until a mean girl named Stacy steals her idea and sells backpacks by Stacy. Then Zoey has to improve her own backpacks before Stacy gets a deal to sell her backpack at the school store where she'll make lots of money off Zoey's idea