Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 5

Bad Girl

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • perfect

    Dustin develops feelings for an older girl named Trisha, who gets in trouble a lot. Zoey disapproves of this and tries to get them to break up. Chase intervenes and Trisha thinks Chase likes her. What will he do?

    Good episode. One of my favorites. The main plot was funny and so was the skunk sub plot. I really cannot think of one thing about this episode I did not like. It all rolled together perfectly, both plots were good ideas and had good execution, and funny, and made for one of my favorites of the series. This episode definitely gets an A+ as a grade from me
  • dustin falls for a bad girl but when zoey makes chase correct the problem things dont go so well for chase

    or zoey for that matter but ill get to that in a few mins..spoiler..a bad girl falls for dustin and dustin falls for her but when chase tries to talk her and dustin out of dating she misinterprets and chase ends up dating her..now chase is mad at zoey so she has to help him get out of it..the funniest part was when chase got taken down by dustin..i mean how does a 16 or 15 year old get taken down by an 11 year old lol..that was funny..and of course i was on the edge of my seat for the whole almost kiss thing..and then it didnt happen..darn..again!
  • Choey was really noticed in the episode.

    Wow, this was a great episode, including Trisha (the actor, and also known as Sam from iCarly). My favorite quote was:

    Trisha: So, how long have you two been going out?
    Zoey: A year.
    Chase: Six months ... (realizes his answer was different) ... a year
    Zoey: And six months.

    That was historical, Zoey says something and Chase says something else the sametime as Zoey and Zoey has to make sure it's right. Oh, this is funny. A funny and silly episode. Well that's my review for "Bad Girl" of tv series, Zoey 101 (Z101) This is T G H 3, peace out! - Buh Bye!
  • Chase is getting closer to Zoey...

    Chase is really bad with words and making up conversation. We all know that, but when Dustin gets himself involved with an older girl, who better to be volunteered by Zoey to fix things? Why, good ole Chase of course! And since he is not the greatest with words, he talked himself right into going out with Trisha, but only because she put words in his mouth. Chase then enlists Zoey's help to get Trisha to back off, then gets her and Chase in deeper by revealing that Chase and herself are going out. When Chase and Zoey set out to prove they are really boyfriend/girlfriend, Trisha doesn't believe him, so she tells them two to kiss in front of her, if they really are for real. So, Zoey and Chase lean in toward eachother and just before their lips were about to touch, Dustin came in and knocked Chase to the ground leaving Chase to wonder why things such as that always happen to him. Will Chase ever get the girl, and have the kiss he's always wanted?
  • A year...six months...a year and six months.

    Dustin falls for the bad girl in 6th grade, Trisha. Naturally, Zoey finds out and freaks out. Since she promised Dustin she wouldn't interfere with his life anymore, she gets Chase to do her dirty work for her. ("And my nightmare begins... now.") Chase tries, but being the lovable idiot he is, makes things worse.

    First, Chase talks to Dustin, but only makes him more eager to date Trisha. Zoey makes him try again, but after talking to Trisha, she falls for him instead and even kisses him. Dustin is furious. ("I was just threatened by a topless boy.") Chase finally persuades Zoey to step in.

    Zoey doesn't do much better, and as a final desperate attempt, tells Trisha that Chase and her are a couple. (Well, they are, they just don't acknowledge it.) Trisha doesn't believe her. While Zoey thinks she failed, Chase has an idea: they pretend to date so that Trisha will leave Chase alone. Zoey agrees to the plan, and Chase is so happy about it (for obvious reasons) he has to douse himself with water.

    Trisha still doesn't believe them, so she makes them kiss. Zoey asks if it is really necessary. (Chase: "Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes... (aloud) she said yes.") Eventually they agree to kiss, but just before they do, Dustin runs into the scene and tackles Chase to the ground. Trisha, impressed, dumps Chase and goes after Dustin again, but Dustin knows better now, and Trisha is left without a boyfriend, and Chase is left without a kiss.

    Meanwhile, Quinn invents a spray to rid Micheal and Logan of their skunk stench, but it also disintegrates their clothing, forcing them to run around campus wearing nothing but garbage bags. Wow, Nick.

    I'm surprised at how eager Zoey was to go along with Chase's plan. Maybe this is a hint that Zoey does like Chase as more than a friend. I'm bummed that Dustin had to ruin the kiss, but with it, the show would have been over long ago. I'm patient, so I can take all these delays. I'm just happy the prospect of them getting together is even shown.

    Side notes: Popular Science's guide to removing skunk smell:
    1 quart 3% H2O2, 1/4 cup baking soda, 1 tsp liquid soap. Secondly, race car drivers should know their physics and chemistry if they want to understand their car.
  • This episode really shows how love is supposed to be.

    This episode is a great episode but I don`t understand how Dustin can go out with a girl older than him and Zoey she should have just butt out of his personal life when she told Dustin she won`t do it anymore, but Zoey was kind of right for Dustin not to go out with Trisha.When Zoey tells Chase to fix it and Trisha tells Chase to go out with him when Chase tells Zoey to fix it.When Zoey and Chase instead of hooking Dustin back with Trisha they decide to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend to make Trisha jealous and go out with Dustin.Also in the middle of the episode which I didn`t explain Dustin gets mad at Chase for talking Trisha into going out him even though Zoey was behind this whole thing.
  • This episode shows how love is supposed to be used and it was funny.I really love this episode.

    This episode shows how much Chase likes Zoey but I know they were just pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend.I remember when I got my first boyfriend.It was pretty great when Dustin got his first girlfriend but I still think it was great and I really loved it.Even though Zoey and Chase were pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend.I still loved this episode.This was one of the best episodes.If you love this episode then keep watching Zoey 101.I also know how much Chase likes Zoey.Even though Chase never tells Zoey he loves her.
  • A rip off

    Zoey wants Chase to break up Dustins relationship with the bad girl.So he ands up getting to be her boyfriend instead so to get him out of it Zoey says she and Chase are going out so they pretend they are Trisha wants to see them kiss and they almost do but then stupid Dustin has to knock Chas over and ruin it if they kissed it would have been great bu they did not and that really pissed me off.
  • This girl who is bad likes dustin and they start going out. She gets in trouble a lot and she is starting to influence Dustin. Zoey doesnt want to talk to them so then Zoey makes Chase go and talk to them and the girl thinks he likes her.

    This episode was good because Dustin meets a girl who likes him and they become boyfriend and girlfriend. She is like really bad and gets in trouble. It was good that Zoey gets Chase to talk to the girl and then she thinks Chase likes him. It was funny when Zoey and Chase had to pretend to be together. It was hilarious when Logan and Michael got sprayed by a skunk and Lola tells them to use tomato juice and they drink it instead. I would definately say this is a must see episode if you watch Zoey 101. It was one of the best.
  • Ahh...I remember when I first saw the preview for this eppy...

    Ahh...I remember when I first saw the preview for this eppy...

    It was a dark November night. The crisp leaves flew around in the air in circles...as if they knew that IT was going to happen. Noelle was sitting in her room. Casually flipping through channels. She stopped at channel 68. Nickelodeon. She watched a few dumb commercials than saw it. The preview for Bad Girl. My, my Zoey and Chase looked as if they were about to kiss. She then freaked out. It was coming on in five minutes! Though she wasnt a humongous fan of the show, she was going nuts. She ran into the living room started slapping her sister screaming for her to change the channel. "One secound," her sister said. She was watching the new Hilary Duff music video.

    When the episode came on Noelle went nuts throughout the whole thing. She went even more nuts when they were an inch away and Dustin pummeled Chase to the ground.

    That is the night that it all began. The crazy obsession of Zoey 101. After the episode she immediatly went online and looked at what fellow Zoey fans were talking about. That was the day she joined the Tv.com forums. That was also the begining of the taping of Zoey 101. She taped that then other episodes that were on demand. That was also the begining of her writing career on Fanfiction.net with her not so good story, Confusion (it's deleted now.) Anyway this episode was a start of madness. And Noelle will always love it.

    (hahaha I love talking about myself in third person. If you havent noticed I love this episode. I still have that tape by the way. It's almost my obsessed with Zoey 101 annevirsary.Nov 13. I'll watch every single episode on tape and eat a whole thing of grapes. hahaha I make myself laugh. I LOVE BAD GIRL!)
  • I Loved this Episode....

    Even though I loved it, I hated the point where Dustin pushed Chase down, I mean they were so close to the kiss, okay if he had to push him down then couldn't he have come like a few minutes later. I was just so angry at Dustin for doing that. The one thing I don't get is that Zoey acted as everything was normal after that, wouldn't she tell nicole or something, after she helps Chase up all she says is I have to go do my homework. I mean come on. I really felt sorry for chase as well.
  • I loved this episode!

    This is one of my favorite episodes of Zoey 101. I really wanted Zoey and Chase to kissin the end. It is about how Zoey butts into Dustin's life too much. (If I were Zoey I would do the same thing). Dustin goes out with a bad girl from school, Trisha, who failed a grade and is Dustin's lab partner. Zoey promised not to butt in, but she didn't want Dustin going out with Trisha. She got Chase to go talk to Trisha so that she might not go out with Dustin. It worked, but now she wants to go out with Chase. Zoey talks to Trisha to try to get her to not want to go out with Chase. When that didn't work Zoey lied and said that she was Chase's girlfriend. Chase and Zoey pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend around Trisha. She still didn't believe them and told them if they were really boyfriend and girlfriend they would kiss. So Chase and Zoey were about to kiss when Dustin comes up and tackles Chase. He said he was mad because Chase stole his girlfriend. Trisha didn't like Chase anymore because he got tackled by a little kid. Trisha wanted to go back out with Dustin, but Dustin didn't take her back. Trisha didn't care if Zoey and Chase kissed anymore. So Chase and Zoey didn't kiss. They all ended up without someone to go out with.
  • It was silly and crazy at the same time.

    Dustin over reacted a bit and I hate when TV shows mess things up (Chase and Zoeys kiss). Plus, the Chase and Michael naked thing was really weird and you can tell that they were wearing shirts under the garbage bags because Michaels bag flies up enough to reveal blue gym shorts.
  • The bad girl on campus gets a crush on Dustin.... time for an interesting episode!

    A bad girl named Trisha develops a crush on Dustin. She asks him to be her boyfriend and he accepts. When Zoey hears about this, she gets very upset and demands that Dustin break up with her. He doesn't want to and he continues to be Trisha's boyfriend. Still very upset, Zoey asks Chase to talk to Trisha and tell her to break up with Dustin. When he was talking to Trisha, Trisha assumes that Chase wants her for his own and she says he is now her boyfriend. Chase does not want to be Trisha's boyfriend and Dustin gets really mad at Chase. Chase and Zoey devise a plan to get Trisha to hate Chase. They pretend they are boyfriend and girlfriend to get Trisha to back off of Chase. Trisha says, "If you're boyfriend and girlfriend, let's see ya kiss!" And just as Chase and Zoey are about to kiss, Dustin runs up and tackles Chase. Chase tries to kiss Zoey again but Trisha doesn't want to date Chase and wants to date Dustin. But, Dustin turns her down. Zoey goes back to her dorm and Chase is obviously upset because he wanted to kiss Zoey. Meanwhile, Quinn has sprayed Michael and Logan's clothing with this strange chemical that eliminates skunk odor. Unfortunately, it makes their clothes completely dissapear. Michael and Logan hide in a bush and take trash bags from the janitor closet and run back to their dorms. The end of the episode is them naked running with trashbags.

    Hilarious ending!!! Great episode!

    Zoey and Chase are incredibly close to kissing. This all would have been over from the start if Zoey hadn\'t been so rude as to invite Nicole and Dana without asking Chase. But of course that would have been too soon. This time, they\'ve simply been torturing Chase for far too long, and now they are soooooo close and Dustin just has to come up and knock Chase down to deal with his grudge at the most crucial point imaginable in any series without leaving reality. When Dustin says, \" Now we\'re even, that made me boil and scream at the tv , \"Not even close you pathetic little BRAT!\" The thing I hate most is that the writers knew that would have this effect on its viewers. Why must they tease us like this?
  • When Trisha dates Dustin Zoey asks Chase to talk to him so that she will break up with him. But Trisha reads into it and makes Chase her boyfriend. Zoey becomes jealous. So she tells Trisha Chase is her boyfriend. When Trisha doesnt believe her she tells

    Jeezze! I want Chase and Zoey to go out already. We know Chase likes her and I am pretty sure Zoey likes Chase. I was like yea trisha thanks for making them come to kiss. But NOOOOOOOOOO! Stupid Dustin ruins it. Writers of Zoey 101 just get them together ok. Cause this show needs it. I love it but we need Chase and Zoey together!!
  • I loved this episode, however, it wasn't as romantic as I thought it would be!

    I wanted Zoey and Chase to kiss so bad! They so need to kiss and start dating and going out! Practically all their friends know that they like each other except for them! This episode would\'ve made a great spark in their relationship if stupid immature Dustin hadn\'t have pushed Chase down!
  • Bad Girl is really good however there is one thing

    Everything was great but when zoey and Chase were about to kiss Dustin had to knock Chase down!! I really think if zoey and chase kissed it would be great. I really dont know why Dustin had to do it!!! Everything else was good. Although they could have done without the skunk for Michael and Loagn.
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