Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 5

Bad Girl

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The Star Wars films have been replaced by a spoof called "Galaxy Wars", so when Chase says "She's a little girl, not Darth Vader", it is an obvious plot hole, because Darth Vader is unlikely to be a part of "Galaxy Wars."

    • Dustin has his first kiss in this episode.

    • In this episode, it is discovered that Dustin doesn't see too well.

    • This is the second Dustin-centered episode.

    • Paul Butcher (Dustin) and Jennette McCurdy (Trisha) appeared together as siblings in the movie Hollywood Homicide alongside McCurdy's idol, Harrison Ford.

    • Quinn sprayed Michael and Logan all over the outside, so the underwear shouldn't have disappeared and they shouldn't have been naked.

    • Running gag: A "Quinnvention" works, but has an unintended side effect.

    • Michael and Logan get trash bags from a janitor closet so they can "streak" through campus without people seeing them when their clothes disappear. At one point, they run down stairs and Michael's trash bag goes up. The blue gym shorts he is wearing are visible.

  • Quotes

    • Zoey: What's the matter? you couldn't talk Trisha out of dating Dustin?
      Chase: Oh, I talked Trisha RIGHT out of dating Dustin.
      Zoey: Great. So what's the problem?
      Dustin: You stole my girlfriend?!
      Chase: Th-that's the problem.
      Zoey: You asked Trisha out?
      Chase: No! Gross!

    • Zoey: Dustin!
      Dustin: I told you I would get you for stealing my woman.

    • Lola: Hey! Give us back our foosball ball.
      Zoey: Wouldn't you just call it a foosball?
      Lola: No, foosball the name of the game, so you call the ball a foosballball.
      Chase: I know, why don't we just call it a foosball- ball- ball- ball-ball-ball? Now I need to talk to Zoey!
      Lola: Well! (walks way)

    • Michael: If I cut myself, I would bleed tomato juice!

    • Trisha: So, how long have you two been going out?
      Zoey: A year.
      Chase: Six months... (realizes his answer was different) ...a year.
      Zoey: And six months.

    • Zoey: (About Trisha and Dustin) We have to break them up before she drives him into her dark and evil ways.
      Chase: She's a little girl, not Darth Vader!

    • Chase: (holding Zoey's hand and pretending to be her boyfriend) Hey, look it's Trisha.
      Zoey: Hey, Trisha.
      Trisha: Hey.
      Chase: So, Trisha, I heard Zoey told you about us and I hope you understand.
      Zoey: We can't help it if we're in love.

    • Trisha: You sure this is for real?
      Zoey: Of course!
      Chase: Absolutely!

    • Zoey: (Talking to Chase) When we see Trisha tomorrow, you and I are boyfriend and girlfriend.

    • Chase: You told her we are boyfriend and girlfriend?
      Zoey: I couldn't think of anything!

    • Zoey: I cannot butt into his life!
      Chase: You do butt into his life. You are like the queen of butting in!

    • Zoey: So Trisha, I heard your in 6th grade..again.

    • Nicole: Someone needs to talk some sense into that boy!
      Zoey: Someone needs to talk some sense into that girl!

    • Dustin: Learning isn't her thing.
      Nicole: Apparently.

    • Trisha: Hey baby.
      Dustin: Hey.

    • Lola: Your supposed to bathe in the tomato juice to get rid of the skunk smell, not drink it! Morons!

    • Dustin: (Talking to Chase) So you're saying that dating an older girl will make me more popular?

    • Logan: Lola can't like you!
      Michael: Why not?
      Logan: Because she met me!

    • Zoey: I do not want my little brother dating that older woman!
      Nicole: Don't you think your over-reacting?

    • Zoey: So who is she?
      Dustin: Zoey!
      Zoey: I'm not butting in!

    • Dustin: What are you writing?
      Trisha: My phone number.

    • Dustin: Hi, I guess I'm your new lab partner!

    • Dustin's friend: She kisses boys on the mouth!
      Dustin: Where did you hear that from?
      Dustin's friend: People.

    • Zoey: Umm... yeah Dustin we're going to be late to class.
      Nicole: We're not going to be late.
      Chase: Yeah we still have 10 minutes left... (then Zoey pulls Nicole and Chase away)

    • Chase: You told Dustin you weren't going to interfere!
      Zoey: I'm not, you are!

    • Zoey: Just kiss me like you always do.

    • Zoey: Is that really necessary?
      Chase: In his mind(Please say yes, please)
      Trisha: Yeah.

    • Chase: Making a wish?
      Trisha: Yeah. I wish I could find more quarters. I'm sick of pennies, nickles, and dimes.

    • Chase: I don't have a little brother.
      Zoey: And whose fault is that?

    • Trisha: You wanna date me.
      Chase: Huh? Wait, hold the phone.
      Trisha: Dustin's just a boy.
      Chase: True.
      Trisha: You're a man.
      Chase: Well, I do shave once a month.

    • Trisha: I gotta go throw eggs at stuff.

    • Zoey: You don't wanna date Chase.
      Trisha: I don't?
      Zoey: No. You've seen his bushy hair. What is up with that?
      Trisha: I like his hair. It reminds me on my grandma's dead poodle.
      Zoey: Yeah. It is poodleish…I guess.

    • Chase: Trisha won't leave me alone. I mean I was working out in the gym, she showed up and she took digital pictures.
      Zoey: Why?
      Chase: She thinks I'm cute when I sweat.
      Zoey: Are you?
      Chase: Sorta.

    • Zoey: But why would Trisha like you?
      Chase: Well, I guess she somehow overlooked my terrible personality and hideous face.

    • Dustin: Did you get the cupcakes?
      Trisha: Didn't I say I'd get the cupcakes? (reaches into her backpack, pulls out a bag filled with cupcakes)
      Zoey: You guys are gonna eat all those cupcakes?!
      Trisha: No! We're gonna drop them on teacher's heads.
      Dustin: How cool is she?

    • Chase: I was just threatened by a topless boy.

    • Chase:(To Trisha, sarcastically) Yeah, stealing is fun!

    • Logan: (To Michael) Come here, sniff me!
      Michael: I am NOT going to sniff you!
      Logan: Come on, sniff me!

    • Chase: And my nightmare begins.....(looks at watch) Now!

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