Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 6

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Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Chase and Michael have their own webcast, "The Chase and Michael Show"…that is only watched by a disappointing nine viewers every week. And on top of that, it doesn't get great reviews. While taping an episode, Zoey and Logan get into an argument over movies. Suddenly, Chase and Michael's show gets a good review. They decide to make Zoey and Logan have a new segment on their show, "He Says, She Says", and their show starts having a much bigger audience.

Meanwhile, Nicole is having trouble in algebra class. There are too many cute boys distracting her from her work. Lola and Quinn think hypnotism would be the perfect solution to Nicole's algebra problems.

After Zoey and Logan's argument on Chase and Michael's webcast, boys and s have suddenly started arguing non-stop. Dean Rivers feels the only way to stop this frenzy is to cancel "The Chase and Michael Show". Chase and Michael say that canceling their show would be censorship, and he has no right to cancel their show, but that doesn't stop him.

Chase gives Zoey a DVD of her time spent on the show, which she sends to a local TV station. The station thinks that the show is great, and want to put it on their station.

Quinn and Lola have successfully hypnotized Nicole. Every time Nicole looks at a cute boy, she will instead see her grandfather. During algebra class, Nicole is grossed out at the sight of cute boys turning into her grandpa. She decides to focus on algebra instead.

When arriving at the TV station, Chase. Michael, and Zoey are surprised to find out that "The Chase and Michael Show" no longer includes Chase and Michael. It is now "The Zoey and Logan Show". Zoey refuses to tape the show without Chase and Michael, but Chase convinces her to. When the show starts taping, everyone expects Zoey and Logan to start arguing over various topics. Instead, Zoey agrees with everything Logan says. Zoey will only talk about one thing—censorship. Zoey tells all of the viewers about Dean Rivers unfairly canceling "The Chase and Michael Show".

A rally against censorship has gathered around Dean Rivers' office, but Dean Rivers won't give in. Dean Rivers calls Logan and Zoey to his office, and Zoey says that the crowd will leave if he lets Chase and Michael have their show back. Dean Rivers finally gives in.

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