Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 6

Broadcast Views

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • girls would make a better president than a guy

    well girls would make a better president than a guy and i think logan is an idiot
  • good

    Michael and Chase have a webcast where they try and be funny, but no one watches. But, one day, Logan and Zoey get in an argument on it, and it soon gets them high ratings. But, Dean Rivers cancels the webcast because of students all over PCA getting in fights over what Logan and Zoey argued about. Will Chase and Michael get their webcast back?

    Good episode. It got kind of boring as it went on but overall a pretty good episode. This episode gets a C+ as a grade from me. Not a perfect episode but not terrible either
  • michael and chases show is going nowhere until they get a live debate but the problem becomes when the network that wants to produce their show only want logan and zoey

    ok i did like this ep..this was one of the best for the season b/c it showed the friendship zoey, chase, and michael share as well as some new aspects in the zoey and chase relationship..spoiler..like the hammock thing and how she gives up the show b/c she knows even if they say its not that its really tearing them up inside..she is a really good friend and especially doesnt want to ruin her relationship with chase..the debates were like so interesting..i of course agree with zoey and think logan was a huge jerk in this..he topped himself in the jerk world..and he was ridiculous..so chauvanistic
  • Dean Rivers get smashed by tomatoes.

    Historical. Dean Rivers get smashed by tomatoes. Wow, Zoey cared about Chase again, that's what I really like about the series, and these teenagers really got their grammer and how the sense Zoey used, this was a very good Z101 (Zoey 101) episode. Anyway, I loved Chase and Michael's webcast, and funny Chase and Michael dancing. I'm Chase, I'm Michael! Oh, that was historical and funny too. Keep up season 2, Zoey 101. This is my review for episode "Broadcast Views" for the Nickelodeon series, Z101 (Zoey 101). This is a T G H 3 (There Goes Halo 3) Review. Buh bye! Peace out.
  • Chase and Michael have a webcast that becomes popular when Zoey and Logan argue on it.

    Well, I know most of you Zoey 101 fans won't agree with me, but I think it has to be said. In the episode of Zoey 101 entitled "Broadcast Views", Chase and Michael have a webcast show that other PCA students can tune in to. The show bombs horribly, until the addition of a new installment that involves Zoey and Logan bickering like little children. After the students of PCA view the webcast, they begin to argue incessantly in a manner reminscent of Logan and Zoey's "debates" and cause mass pandemonium. This prompts Dean Rivers to cancel the webcast in order to restore peace to PCA. However, the notion throughout the show is that Dean Rivers is enforcing censorship and is infringing on the students' freedom of speech. This, I believe, is absurd. Because the show was unanimously disrupting the academic studies of PCA, Dean Rivers had no other choice than to abort it. The chaos reached the point that teachers could no longer maintain control over their students. Such a program had to be terminated or else the students would not receive a proper education and parents would complain. This was most certainly not a case of censorship.
  • well

    the only part of this show that i found funny was the cartoon of michael and chase singing im jumping up and down bla bla bla the rest of it was boring
    the he says she says thingy was boring and stupid and come on eating kittens? that is just so low
  • That is cool how you can have your own show.

    I say this episode is cool. Even though they get trashed in the paper they keep their show running. They should have been lucky to have zoey and logan in there room at that time. Will if they had done the Chase and Micheal on air and 10,000 people were watching now that would be cool.
  • Very, very cute.

    When I saw the preview for this episode, I thought it was going to be kind of dumb. But when I actually saw it I fell in love with it. Maybe it was because we didn't have a new episode for a long time (two months and two days to be precise) or maybe it was because of all the hints at that fact that Zoey likes Chase too.
    I especially liked it when Chase was depressed and he was sitting face down on a hammack so Zoey sat beneath him and fed him grapes. That was the cutest thing!
  • zoey and logan guest star on micheal and chase webcast and become a hit but there arueing causes every1 to argue about the contvesy they discuse so dean rivers bans the webcast chase get upset and gives zoey a copy of the episodes she gives them to a tv s

    i liked it it wasnt really anything special about it portrayd friends ship in a good way through chase and zoey delema and i loved logan he's the dude that evey1 is suposed to hate but i absoltly love him in the show he reminds me of a guy iknow