Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 2

Chase's Girlfriend

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2006 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Chase, Michael and Logan are talking about how Zoey saw Chase and Rebecca kiss. While Lola, Quinn and Zoey are talking about what Zoey had seen.

Chase tells Michael that he is finally ok with him and Zoey just being friends.

Logan is having trouble making his free throws…..so his coach tells him that if he doesn't improve than he is off the team. So Quinn offers to help Logan with his free throws and he tells her he doesn't want help from a spaz.

As they are all talking Chase and Rebecca walk up to them. After introductions are made, they sit down. There is a lot of tension and Chase tells them that his and Michaels cartoon was selected to be on a famous toon website. …… After everyone says that's great, Rebecca tells Lola she should be a model, and when Lola says she is more into acting, Rebecca says its just that Lola is so pretty as well as Zoey and Quinn.

Logan is throwing free throws….and failing badly, so Quinn sees and throws a free throw and makes it, after Logan has her throw a few more, Logan lets her help him with his free throws.

Lola and Zoey are in their room, and Lola leaves to do laundry as Rebecca walks in.

After Zoey and Rebecca talk for a little, Rebecca tells Zoey that she needs to stay away from Chase. When Zoey asks why, Rebecca says it's because she is Chases girlfriend, not Zoey.

Later Zoey tells Lola and Quinn what Rebecca said to her. They wonder what Zoey is going to do about it.

Meanwhile, Quinn starts her lessons with Logan by using a remote controlled chicken to teach him balance and agility.

Chase runs through the girls' lounge trying to find Rebecca, but runs into Zoey instead…….being that he is so excited, he tells Zoey that his and Michael's cartoon made the site. Zoey gave him a hug.

Quinn has Logan in a dress to teach him confidence.

Meanwhile Chase continues to run around and finally finds Rebecca, when he tells her and after she says congrats, she asks if anyone else knows, Chase says Zoey, Rebecca gets mad that Chase told Zoey before her, she tells Chase that he can never see Zoey again, than Chase yells at her saying, she has no right to tell him who he should hang out


Logan yells at Quinn about her ridiculous training schedule, so she has him throw his free throw, and he makes it. Quinn confesses she made him do all those stupid things was because he called her a spaz.

It then goes to Chase and Zoey in the girls lounge, Chase tells Zoey they need to talk, he tells her that Rebecca doesn't want them hanging out anymore.

Zoey says Rebecca said the same to her.

Chase tells Zoey he broke up with Rebecca

The episode ends with Chase and Zoey pelting candy at each other.

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