Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 2

Chase's Girlfriend

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • WOW!

    I am so shocked that Rebecca threatened Zoey to get away from Chase permanently! Zoey got so scared and upset about what had happened. Rebecca also got huge upset about Chase didnt tell Rebecca first about toontown. Chase told Zoey first. Rebecca told him, she want to be told FIRST! It is so cold about that. Rebecca did told Chase to get away from Zoey permanently! Chase got angry and dumped Rebecca cuz Chase dont want to lose Zoey, his best friend. Chase and Zoey are relieved that They will not lose each other! It is so perfect to be together as best friend.
  • 302

    Zoey 101 had a successful cliffhanger in the last episode and this episode definitely owned up to it. With the short lived Rebecca/Chase/Zoey triangle and the small hints of Chase & Zoey, and you've got yourself a great episode of Zoey 101. Not to mention we got to see some classic Quinn antics here, even though it really wasn't believable that Logan would put on a dress for Quinn.

    Rebecca was great while she lasted and I really felt they should have dreagged out this love triangle for a couple more episodes. That would have been interesting but we still got a great Chase & Zoey moment in the end there, quite memorable, and a setting stone in their friendship.
  • good

    chase's girlfriend, rebecca, seems like a sweet girl. but, she is actually mean. she tells zoey to stay away from chase and to stop being friends with him. she tells this to chase, too, so now chase needs to make a decision: rebecca or zoey? logan is having trouble with his basketball and quinn helps. however, most of the stuff she makes him do is her getting back at him for calling her a spaz.

    good episode, good continuation of "Surprise." I liked most of the episode and thought the end was pretty good, and so my grade's a B
  • Chase's girlfriend Rebecca seems to be really nice and sweet to everyone until she tells Zoey to stay away from Chase. Chase discovers then that Rebecca is not so nice and he dumps Rebecca.

    Chase's girlfriend seems to be so nice to everyone. Everyone liked her until she did something that no one expected. She told Zoey to stay away from Chase. Rebecca also tells Chase to stay away from Zoey. Chase realizes that Rebecca is not so nice and Chase dumps Rebecca. Chase values his friendship with Zoey over anything. Chase dumping Rebecca shows how strong his friendship is with Zoey. Zoey was so happy and relieved when Chase told her he dumped Rebecca. This episode shows just how much Zoey is worth to Chase. Chase will do just about anything for Zoey and will protect her. From this episode on Chase is so much closer to Zoey.
  • Chase stands up to his girlfriend.

    You could have seen her face of ZOEY!. Look at it, when she opened the door seeing Chase and Rebecca kissing off lips. Come on, just LOOK! She really liked Chase, she really wanted him. Wow, Rebecca sounded so mean. But that's how villains are right, and really good acting.

    But I'm telling you, Zoey really "liked" Chase. But I felt so sad when Chase said "Zoey, this is my GIRLFRIEND, Rebecca". Wow, and Im happy Chase stood up again for himself and stopped Rebecca's ways forever. Yea, he stopped her evil ways. This is was a great episode 9 out of 10.
  • zoey finds out the hard way that chase has a girlfriend and it becomes awkward for her to hang out with chase and the new girlfriend...at first zoey likes her but then the gf threatens zoey and later chase

    i loved this ep so much...the chase and zoey moments were awesome...the grape war at the end was awesome and chase dumped his gf 4 zoey...just to keep their friendship...how sweet is that...the horrible thing of the ep was how rebecca acted...she hated how close zoey and chase were b/c they were awesome friends...she was so jealous...she banned zoey from talking to chase and then chase from talking to zoey...she is not right to make that decision for him...what a jerk...but in the end chase made the right decision by choosing zoey over rebecca which turned out to be so sweet
  • Chase and Zoey are in their respective rooms talking to their roomies. Zoey just walked in on Chase kissing his girlfriend who turns out not to be as sweet as she seems. Chase discovers this and dumps her, placing his friendship with Zoey before all else.

    This episode and the episode prior to it are critical episodes to the series, in that they mark the beginning of an important transition. Namely, it marks the beginning of an important transition in Chase. Season 3 opens with Chase arriving at PCA with a new girlfriend, the not-so-nice Rebecca from his hometown. By the end of this episode, he discovers her for who she truly is and dumps her. He comes to speak to Zoey, and the conversation that follows is one of the important ones of the series. In it, Chase and Zoey make a pact, promising that the next time either one of them gets a girlfriend or boyfriend, they won't let it affect their friendship. This establishes that Chase is telling himself that he and Zoey are meant to be really good friends and that's it. As the season moves onward, we find that is becomes harder and harder for him to continue to do so. The transition that unfolds is the result of the pact made at the end of this very episode.
  • The imminent crisis is resolved, but Chase and Zoey shippers still have a long wait ahead.

    We open with the action alternating between the guys and the girls. Both groups are discussing the end of the previous episode where Zoey finds Chase making out with Rebbecca. Micheal questions Chase on his sudden change in love interest, and Chase explains that he feels Zoey and him are better off as friends.

    Rebecca seems like a nice girl, but she's anything but. She tells Zoey to stay away from Chase. She also tells Chase to avoid Zoey (Micheal: "Wow, look at that tree over there"), but we get some more interesting details here. Chase actually admits he liked Zoey, but claims he's over it (we know better).

    Finally, Chase and Zoey have a little heart to heart. Zoey says that the most important thing to her is that Chase is happy, hinting that Chase's crush on her is not unrequited after all. Chase tells Zoey he feels the same way, so he dumped Rebbeca. Zoey is obviously pleased, but both are not ready to admit they love each other. Zoey asks, "Doesn't it bug you that people think guys and girls can't just be friends?" Zoey is slightly mad that Chase led her to believe they weren't going to be friends anymore, and the episode ends with a mini food fight.

    So we find out that despite dating Rebbecca, Chase is still mad for Zoey, and Zoey likes Chase too. Unfortunately, Chase is still not ready to admit he loves Zoey, so us viewers have to continue to wait. Logan and Quinn provide excellent comic relief in this episode, which I really liked.
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  • Logan calls Quinn a spazz, but he needs help with shooting balls at baskebtall. Quinn says she can "help". Chase has a girlfriend named Rebecca, and Zoey thinks she's sweet until Rebecca tells Zoey to stay away from chase.

    Quinn's ways of helping are brutal.
    She makes him chase a fake chicken, to increase his speed.
    She makes him wear a dress and high heels.
    At the end, Quinn tells Logan his only problem was that he needed to keep his elbow tucked in when shooting. Quinn says she got revenge by giving him torturous tutoring because he called her a spazz.

    Rebecca tells Zoey to stat away from Chase. Rebecca also tells Chase not to hang out with Zoey anymore, because people from PCA told her that Chase used to have a huge crush on Zoey.

    Will Chase and Zoey end their friendship, or will Chase dump Rebecca?
  • Chase\'s girlfriend seems really sweet, until she tells Zoey to stay away from Chase. Meanwhile, Quinn helps Logan with his free throws. Her tutorial is brutal, and in reality it\'s just a means of getting back at Logan for calling her a spaz.

    This episode of Zoey 101 made me mad because of what Chase\'s girlfriend, Rebecca said to her. I\'d understand if somebody didn\'t like me and I was there boyfriend\'s best friend but I\'d be really offended if they told me to stay away. This episode tells what teenagers are going through with rejection but goes beyond with boyfriend/girlfriend and best friend/friend rejection. Its showing that some teenagers are cruel in there own disgusting way and some are kind enough to deny the feelings of there girlfriend/boyfriend and take in conceteration of there best friend/friend. This episode was great and teaches teenagers about life.
  • I knew it!

    Ha! I knew that girl was phychotic. Especially when she was talking about how pretty all the girls were at pca. That was so fake I wanted to smack her. And when she threatened Zoey...man...that was intense but I so knew it was coming. And when Zoey and Chase see each other and the lounge, she hugs him and than remembers that she shouldnt be talking to him because of the threat. (That was that one part on the preview where it looked like they were having a "moment". That preview was an evil deceiving awful monkey face preview that needs to die. Seriously what's with Nick and it's misleading previews? The Spring-Break Up one was just as bad.)

    And my favorite part was of course the Zoey/Chase moment at the end where they were pelting grapes at each other. Hahah What is it with Zoey 101 and the grapes? Strange!
  • All I can say is..... Rebecca\'s a big jerk!

    This episode is about Chase\'s girlfriend Rebecca who says Chase can\'t talk or hang out with Zoey anymore, which obviously doesn\'t go well and he dumps her!!! This episode is also about Logan asking Quinn to scientificly help him get better at basketball. Quinn puts him through tons of silly \"tests\" before telling him the secret. Logan gets very angry at Quinn and runs off chasing her. I really like this episode, it is one of my favorites. I also like acting and singing. (That was just to fill space lol) Once again, Rebecca is a huge jerk for telling Chase to stay away from Zoey!!!!!!!!
  • This Zoey 101 episode's main plot line was when Rebecca, Chase's girlfriend tells Zoey to leave Chase alone and Chase to leave Zoey alone like she is the boss of every living soul on Earth. How rude!!!

    I think the whole episode got better and better and better as it went along. And at first, I thought Rebecca was going to be a sweetheart to Chase and all of his friends, especially Zoey. But she turns out to be as rotten as a dead skunk ran over by three dozen eighteen wheelers. Though Rebecca was a stuck up teen, I still gave the episode a 9.2. And near the end of the episode, when Chase was really acting like he couldn't hang out or talk to Zoey anymore, it kind of frightened me and made me thought the relationship between Chase Matthews and Zoey Brooks was over. But no! He finally admitted, he dumped Rebecca! Thank the Lord!
  • error

    if u have da episode Chase\\\'s GF.or u can see it in utube
    well.just see da part when chase n rebecca comes to the table where all was eating.
    chase had a PCA glass in his hand but if u see that whole scene u can see how da glass move by itself.suddenly is just in da center on da table n later is where rebbeca .
    its kinda weird.

    hope u can see it
  • I am so happy.

    I am so happy chase broke up with his girlfriend because now chase can be with Zoey. In one of these episode's chase can tell Zoey he likes her but i'm not sure he likes zoey still I hope he does now after this episode. Chase and Zoey would be good together. This episode was interesting. Chase's girlfriend wanted to tell chase who he can hang out with and who he can't hang out with but she didn't get away with that. One day I hope chase and Zoey can be together. This episode was a great episode. Go chase!
  • This episode is about chase having a girlfriend, and having a girlfriend interfers with Chases friendship with Zoey.

    This episode was really good. I liked it a lot. It was a little werid seeing Chase with a girlfriend, unless ir was Zoey. It was something new and I liked it. The one thing I couldn\'t believe is how mean Rebecca was to Zoey and Chase. I think mo one should be with a person like that. I will say Rebecca\'s character added some drama to the show. In the end Chase has to choose a relationship with Rebecca or a friendship with Zoey. He chooses a friendship with Zoey. In my opinion that shows he still cares about her in some way. The episode was really good and I can\'t wait to see more of the season.
  • Awesome!

    I thought that the Surprise episode was awesome but Chase's girlfriend was just brilliant! It all starts with Chase introducing Rebecca to the gang. They think that she seems really sweet and all but then in all changes when she tells Zoey to never talk to Chase and stay away from him and her. Meanwhile Logan can make the free throws so he asks for Quinns help. She makes him do all these redicilous stuff like: Catching a chicken, catch high speed tennis balls and walk through campus in a dress. But his only problem was that he didn't tuck his elbow in and that made him miss all his shots. Quinn was just getting back at him for calling her a spaz. When Chase goes to tell Rebecca that his and Michaels gott accepted on some site he runs sees Zoey and tells her the good news. When he then sees Rebecca outside he tells her and they hug. She then asks him why he smell like parfume and he says that it was from Zoey's hug when he told her the news. So Rebecca gets mad and demand Chase to not be friends with Zoey anymore and that he has to tell her that right now if he wanted Rebecca to be his gilfriend. He then goes to Zoey and tell her about what Rebecca said... And told her that he dumpd her!
    This was absolutely awsome and great written! It was some good humour too in this episode. Keep up the good work season 3! :D
  • This was a pretty good episode.

    Rebecca is Chase's new girlfriend. She told Zoey to stay away from Chase. Rebecca found out that after she told Zoey to stay away from Chase, Zoey still talked to Chase. So Rebecca told Chase that he wasn't allowed to be friends with Zoey anymore because he wasn't allowed to be friends with someone who he used to like. Chase went up to Zoey in the lounge and told her what Rebecca said. Zoey thought that Chase was going to say they couldn't be friends anymore. He actually told her that he dumped Rebecca when she said he wasn't allowed to be friends with Zoey. I was so happy.
  • this was so not a remake of "lola likes chase"!

    Wow, this was a good episode and I really expected it to be a remake of Lola likes Chase......but it wasn't....The main idea of the episode was that Rebecca, Chase's girlfriend, told Zoey to stay away from Chase. Then she later tells Chase to stay away from Zoey. In the end Chase brokeup with Rebecca because he didn't want to ruin his friendship with Zoey.

    At the beginning of the episode I thought that Chase might actually be over Zoey...but apparently he isn't. And it's basically implied that Zoey has feelings for him.

    I can't wait for the next episode to find out what happens!
  • I can't wait.

    I loved this episode and I can't wait until we find out weather or not Zoey and Chase will get together. I cried at the end of this episode, I was so happy that Chase broke up with that girl. Jeez, Zoey just needs to realize that Chase likes her, and Chase just needs to tell her he likes her already. You feel me? CAN'T WAIT for next episode!
  • Really good episode. I was so nervous. Wow. Amazing episode. I can\'t wait for the others. I really hope that Zoey and Chase do wind up together!

    This was a great episode! I loved it. This one was about Chase\\\\\\\'s girlfriend Rebeca. She seems really nice at first but then she goes into Zoey, Lola, and Quin’s room. She tells Zoey to stay away from Chase. Zoe, Lola, and Quin are can’t believe her! Then Chase gets his and Michael’s cartoon on a website, just like Rebecca “knew he would.” And he runs to tell her. Then he runs into Zoey. She hugs him and then remembering what Rebecca said, lets go awkwardly. He tells her his great news. She’s really happy for him and then he tells Rebecca. She hugs him and asks why he smells like perfume. He says it’s because Zoey hugged him when he told her. (Rebecca btw was supposed to be in the lounge but she wasn’t.) She gets really offended that “he told Zoey first.” Chase thinks she’s over reacting. So then she tells Chase that he has to end his friendship with Zoey. So Chase goes and talks to Zoey. He tells her that he talked to Rebecca and Zoey says she knows because Rebecca went in her room and told her the same thing. And Chase says she said that they can’t hang out anymore. And Zoey says that she just wants for him to be happy, (not sounding very happy though.) And Chase says him too, and that’s why he dumped her. Well nice job producers! When I saw the commercial I thought that Chase was going to end his friendship with Zoey before realizing it was a mistake. But I think that that goes to prove that he still likes Zoey and Zoey likes him! I loved this episode but I was soooooooooo nervous. Wow. Cool. I personally thought that their “pact” is foreshadowing because that means that if they do wind up together, then they’ll still stay friends. This episode was great!
  • I officially HATE Rebecca for strying to split up Zoey, and Chase. That is so uncool and I am so glad that Chase dfumped her and went back to being friends with Zoey...

    Chase introduces his girlfriend Rebecca to the gang...but something doesn't set right. Rebecca tells Zoey to stay away from Chase but when that doesn't work she tells Chase it's either her or Zoey...obviously he chose Zoey.

    I was literally chewing my nails as the episode played out. I was terrified that Rebecca might actually split up the Chase and Zoey friendship. But i was so happy when Chase chose his friend over his girlfriend. Also I love the pact they made at the end about when they ever got into a relationship with someone else it wouldn't affect their friendship.

    I also love the whole Quinn helping Logan thing. It added a lot of comic relief that was needed to break the tension with the main plot (the whole Zoey, Chase, and Rebecca thing). My favorite part was seeing Logan in a dress. In the end though he figured out what Quinn was upto, and still fixed his free throws.

    This season surely has me hooked and I can't wait to see more of it.
  • Where on the episode guide is the Spring Break Up episode? It aired a long time ago.

    Plus, this episode I'm talking about is the best I've ever seen so far. Except for the end, its kind of sad. How Chase text messaged to Zoey how he loved her, but her messanger fell in the water and broke.(You could tell how cheap it was) I hope this episode leads off Spring Breakup. Or Chase told her himself. That would be better. Just put Chase and Zoey together and I'll be happy! It's not that much to ask for.
  • READ!!

    Ok, so I'm like dying for the new season of Zoey 101 to start!! And the title of this episode really getting to me now. Chase's Girlfriend?!?!?! Maybe it's Zoey. I mean we won't know what happens the season starts. So who knows?!?! It could be Zoey, she might of found out that Chase likes her, and then they start dating. But I GUESS it could be someone else. In that case, it would seem that Chase would have to get over Zoey, (if not completely, at least some/mostly). But you can't say its a remake until you have seen it, which none of you have. So just wait to see if its a remake of the Lola incident. Maybe it is, but I doubt it.

  • total remake of lola likes chase

    It says on the imdb messasge board that a new girl comes to pca and her and chase seem to get along suspiciously well and zoey gets extremely jealous.I don't know if this is true cause imdb is not always reliable but if it is then this episode is totally the same as lola likes chase and maybe this new character is going to be the series regular that replaces alexa nickolas(nicole) since she has rumoured to be gotten fired.The script writers are only doing this episode to drag out zoey and chase getting together it been two season and nothing as happened yet just get togethar already im getting very very very very very impatience
  • remake

    this is a total remake of lola likes chase and shouldent happen like we need another episodelike that well i haven't seen this episode so theres nothing to say really but i have to keep typing to write 100 words so I'll keep going man why do they allow you to write reviews on episodes that have not even aired or let alone even will be on the air i dought that this a real episode but some viers might like it. i still haven't gotten to 100 words umm this is a total remake dont air it. and there you go 100 words finally
  • PLEASE TELL ME! i rate it 9.9 if chase get\'s over zoey

    Please tell me,
    That Chase will move on this obsession has got to stop ok, i mean she don\\\'t like him he ugly his hair is like the top of a tree with birds living in it!!(lol) Zoey can do much better Chase is nice and all but I see him as more of a big brother figure. You know? That\\\'s my opinion if u agree please say so and if you don\\\'t i really don\\\'t care ok? OK. Yeah so chase can go with that Mel person Zoey can find someone better and our lives will all move on.
  • i agree with jayjay941 but different ending

    so she gets jealous and goes to look for micheal for confronting at his dorm but he isnt thier but logan is so she tells him and they kiss and chase sees them and trys to get her jealous and goes out with his ex and it works and she dumps him knowing that he is in love with zoey. blah blah blah blah the end but they dont go out cuz the show would be garbage if they did.
  • i have no idea

    There is another episode coming out after hot dean called ZOEY\\\'S BOYFRIEND!!! SO ...... that means something ... right! I can\\\'t wait till seasone 3 starts! I dunno but suprize might b a birthday or zoey and chase start dating then in chases girlfriend its all about his view of the relationship and then in zoeys boyfriend its all about her view of the relationship! Thats wat i think but i dunno anyway i just found out that that will be an episode called zoeys boyfrien so i cant wait MORE!!! . . . . . . . . .
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