Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 2

Chase's Girlfriend

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Zoey calling Rebecca a skunkbag is what Yooka called the girl Drake was hitting on in the Drake and Josh episode, "We're Married."

    • When Chase asks Zoey for a grape, the green ones are on the left side and the red ones are on the right. In the next shot the bowl is turned, switching the colored grapes. It is then seen the original way.

    • Toonjuice.com actually leads to a page for Chase on Nick.com

    • Michael said Chase sent Zoey the text message telling her his feelings for her a week before summer. However, he actually sent it at the end of Spring Break.

    • When Chase goes to talk to Zoey at the end of the episode, a girl can be seen walking down the staircase behind him. As she nears the bottom the camera flips over to Zoey. When it returns to Chase, she is back at the top of the stairs walking down again. Then, as Chase sits down, she walks down the stairs for a third time.

  • Quotes

    • (Logan tries to shoot the ball in the basket with the dress on but misses)
      Logan: This isn't working!
      Quinn: Yeah, you're right.
      Logan: I've done everything you've said! I chased the chicken, I've got pelted by tennis balls and I wore this stupid dress all over campus!
      Quinn: Okay, try to tuck you elbow in tight when you shoot the ball.
      Logan: Elbow? (Quinn makes a gesture to show Logan. He then tries and gets the ball into the basket) The elbow thing works!
      Quinn: Yep, actually that was your only problem. Just the elbow.
      Logan: Awesome... Wait a minute... Then why'd you make me do all those ridiculous stuff?
      Quinn: Because you called me a spazz.
      Logan: Huh?
      Quinn: I don't like being called a spazz. Never did as a child. I hope you learned a little lesson here.

    • Michael: Hey, did you tell Rebecca about the...
      Chase: You think you can tell me who I can and can't talk to?
      Rebecca: You heard what I said!
      Michael: Wow, look at that tree over there. (goes away)

    • Quinn: (While walking around with Logan, who's wearing a dress) It's nice out here, right? I thought we could go for an ice cream...
      Logan: I don't even like ice cream!

    • Logan: Is that a real chicken?
      Quinn: It was a real chicken.

    • Quinn: She threatened you? Oh, that's all I needed to hear! (takes out a laser gun) I'll be back in ten minutes!
      Zoey: No, no, no! Just put that down.
      Lola: Okay, what did Rebecca say exactly?
      Zoey: I don't know. Something like I better leave Chase alone and stay out of her way!
      Lola: That's so nervy!
      Zoey: I know! What am I gonna do? (Quinn takes up the laser gun) Put it down!

    • Rebecca: You guys definitely will. Your stuff is awesome!
      Chase: Aw, who's nice?
      Rebecca: Aw... (Lola rolls her eyes)

    • Coach Keller: Alright that's it for today! Hit the showers! (Logan passes him) Reese!
      Logan: Yeah, what's up, Coach?
      Coach Keller: What's the matter with you?
      Logan: I'm just in a slump! I'll get over it.
      Coach Keller: You better or else I'm sitting you out next game!
      Logan: What? Oh, come on Coach!
      Coach Keller: I've got no time for your whining, Reese! I'm gonna go and get me some sushy!
      Logan: It's pronounced sushi!
      Coach Keller: I say sushy!

    • (Logan shoots the ball and misses the basket)
      Zoey: You do know that the ball is suposed to go in the basket, right?

    • Quinn: (about Rebecca) I don't like this girl!
      Lola: What's to like?
      Zoey: You guys don't even know her.
      Quinn: We don't have to know her.
      Lola: You're our friend, we can just automatically hate her.

    • Michael: So talk to me.
      Chase: About?
      Michael: Come on, man. Last year, a week before summer vacation you sent Zoey a text massage saying you love her and now after the summer you show up at school with a girlfriend. Talk!
      Chase: You know when they say that something happens for a reason?
      Michael: I've heard that.
      Chase: Well, I think that there's a reason why Zoey didn't get the text message. I think it was something, I don't know, karma, universe, the Lord, the force. Something was trying to tell me that Zoey and I are meant to be really good friends. And that's all.
      Michael: You sure on that?
      Chase: I mean, look it like this: a guy's gonna have a lot of girlfriends in his life, right? Well, I don't want Zoey to be just another one of those girls that I date for a few months or even a few years and then it's over. I want Zoey to be my best friend for a really long time! You know what I'm saying?
      Michael: Y-y-yeah, I know what you are saying... I just thought that I was your best friend... But if I have been replaced by Zoey then...
      Chase: Zoey is my best girl friend. You're still number one, man!
      Michael: That's all I wanted to hear! (goes to hug Chase)
      Chase: You're such a geek.
      Michael: Ah, thank you!

    • (Logan misses to put the ball in the basket)
      Michael: Man, can you get that ball in the basket once, just once!
      Logan: It's not that easy! You try. (throws the ball to Michael who throws that ball in the basket right away) Jerk!

    • Chase: Can we make a pact? Next time I get a girlfriend or you get a boyfriend, can we promise each other to never let them affect our friendship?
      Zoey: Promise!
      Chase: Promise.

    • Chase: Rebecca has a big problem with you and me being friends.
      Zoey: I know.
      Chase: She said... you know?
      Zoey: Yeah, she came to my room and told me to stay away from you.
      Chase: She sorta said the same think to me today.
      Zoey: Did you explain to her that we're just friends?
      Chase: Yeah.
      Zoey: And she said?
      Chase: That if I wanted her to be my girlfriend I can't... hang out with you anymore and talk to you.
      Zoey: Okay, I get it. Look, the most important thing to me is that you're happy.
      Chase: Me too... so I dumped her!

    • Michael: So Zoey just walked right in?
      Chase: Right in.
      Michael: She should have knocked first.
      Chase: Yeah, that would have been nice.
      Michael: And you're sure Zoey saw you and Rebecca made a kiss?..
      (Cuts scene to the girls)
      Zoey: Oh, yeah. They were kissing.
      Lola: Are you a thousand percent sure they were kissing?
      Zoey: Either that or Chase was trying to suck the teeth out of her mouth...
      (Cuts scene back to the boys)
      Michael: So you just stopped kissing, looked up and there was Zoey standing right there in the doorway?
      Chase: Yep...
      Michael: Harsh!
      Chase: Yeah, it wasn't the most comfortable moment of my life.
      Logan: So what did you say?..
      (Cuts scene to the girls)
      Zoey: He said 'This is Rebecca, my girlfriend.'
      Lola: You sure he said girlfriend?
      Quinn: Maybe you misunderstood. Maybe he said 'grillfriend'?
      Zoey: Grillfriend?
      Quinn: Yeah, you know maybe they just cook things together... Outdoors...

    • Quinn: I don't understand... What happened?
      Lola: Rebecca told Zoey to stay away from Chase!
      Quinn: Get out! She seems so nice!
      Zoey: Yeah, so are panda bears until they slice you up with their claws and eat your guts!
      Lola: Do pandas really do that?
      Zoey: Yes!
      Lola: But they're so cute!
      Zoey: So is Rebecca, but that didn't stop her from coming in here and basically threatening my life!

    • (Zoey throws a grape on Chase)
      Chase: You could have put an eye out!
      Zoey: That's the goal!

    • (Logan misses some shots and one ball rolls to Quinn)
      Logan: Toss it here.
      Quinn: Sure... (picks up the ball and shoots it in the net) You sure you don't want me to help you with your free throws?
      Logan: One good shot doesn't impress me.
      (Quinn puts another one in the net, then another one)
      Logan: Please help me!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Rebecca saying Chase can't talk to Zoey

      This is similar to the way Stewie says that Brian can't talk to Lois anymore because he thinks he is hitting on her in the Family Guy episode, "Stewie Loves Lois."