Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 10

Chase's Grandma

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Chase’s birthday is coming up, but he’s too busy writing a paper to think about it. Zoey obsesses about the right gift to get him, and when she finds out that his grandma shares his same birthday, she thinks she has it. Logan and Michael try to throw Chase a surprise party. Meanwhile, Lola and Quinn accidentally get Dustin in trouble when they get his arm caught in a vending machine. Now they must hide him to make sure Zoey doesn’t find out.


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  • His Birthday weekend!

    I cant believe that Chase ignored his important birthday for his weekend to finish his homework to get 5,000 words. I cant believe his teacher give him hard homework, was harsh! Zoey and her friends tried to get Chase got fun and enjoy weekend with no works! Zoey did tried to get his best present Chase can get it. It was weird enough that Chase and his grandma get same birthday on same day! WEIRD! It is awful enough that grandma died on her own birthday! OUCH! It is so weird double! I cant believe I saw Chase crying and got comfort from Zoey, was so sweet!moreless
  • 310

    One of the best episodes of the series, and you know why? It toyed with the viewer's emotions, that's pretty strong for a show on Nickelodeon. Throughout the whole episode, you could get the feeling that Zoey 101 was building up for something big toward the end, well that's the second time you watch the episode.

    Chase & Zoey's friendship only grows stronger when they sit in the rain to the song "A Million Raindrops." It was just a great tie in, with the rain and the grandmother's favorite song. Dying on your birthday was kind of morbid, but it just made the episode all the more great. I always wondered why Lola & Quinn were so mean to Dustin. Throughout the whole series, and in this episode, he was nothing but nice to them. Yet they treated him like garbage.

    It was sad to see that Dan Schneider resorted to people being mean to each other for no reason just for comic relief. That's what annoyed me about the episode, Dustin was of course great though. Great emotional Zoey 101, definitely the best of the season.moreless
  • Present

    Chase is stressed trying to finish a paper, when he should be celebrating his birthday. Zoey searches for a present and decides to have his grandmother, whom she finds out he is close to, come visit, but she falls ill. At the end of the episode, we learn that she was more ill than lead on. She died on her birthday (As well as Chases', they shared the same birthday).

    A good episode, the subplot was stupid so I did not feel the need to mention it, but the rest was good, very interesting ending, I thought. Grade- easy A+moreless
  • Very sad...poor Chase. :(

    Its Chase's birthday and Zoey is looking for the perfect gift. Chase is busy finishing is essay and says: "No parties". But they give him one anyway. Zoey tells Chase: "I have the perfect gift". But when Chase's grandma can't make it she gives him a pen...feeling guilty about telling him she had the perfect gift. Its the night of the party and everyone's partying it up except Chase. Zoey find Chase sitting in the rain and His grandma had died.

    This was such a sad episode.

    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(moreless
  • Zoey tries to get Chase the perfect birthday present. She decides to get him his Grandmother but the present falls through because Chase's Grandmother gets sick. Zoey now has no gift for Chase. Zoey, Michael, Logan Quinn and Lola all throw Chase a party.moreless

    Chase is obsessing about finishing this huge essay paper that is due very soon. Chase tells Zoey, Michael, Logan, Quinn and Lola no party. They all say no party. As soon as Chase walks away, they plan the party. Zoey tells Chase that she is going to get him the perfect birthday present. Zoey is getting Chase his Grandmother. The present falls through because Chase's Grandmother gets sick. Michael and Logan decided on pyjama party. Zoey gives Chase a cupcake and sings this song: "Happy Happy Birthday

    Today's your special day

    You've just got a cupcake

    Now blow the flame away."

    Chase blows out the candle. Zoey tells Chase to take a break. Chase tells Zoey that Logan told him about the party. Zoey calls Logan a jerk. Zoey and Chase arrive at the party and Chase acts surprised. Zoey goes and puts her pyjamas on and comes back to the party and notices Chase is gone. Michael tells Zoey that Chase's Grandmother dies. Zoey goes looking for Chase and finds Chase by the fountain. Zoey asks Chase if he wants to be alone and Chase says no. Zoey then puts her arm around Chase and Chase puts his head on her shoulder. Chase is sad and Zoey comforts him. In the background Chase's Grandmother's favorite song "A Million Raindrops" is playing.moreless
Michael Heiman

Michael Heiman

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John Eric Bentley

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Mychael Burns

Mychael Burns

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    • (Logan is gargling)
      (Quinn and Lola are talking, trying to figure out how to get Dustin's arm out of the vending machine)
      (Michael's alarm clock goes off)
      (Lola's cell phone is ringing)

      Chase: Hey, hey, could you guys quiet it down a little bit?
      Michael: I'm trying! This thing won't stop!
      Chase: Okay that's it! You people are too loud! (gets up and walks to the door)
      Lola: Oh wait! Happy Birthday!
      Chase: BLAH!!!

    • Chase: I have no time to age.

    • Teacher:(to Zoey, about Dustin) I caught him swimming in the fountain!
      Dustin: My friends dared me to!
      Teacher: Well if your friends dared you to jump off a bridge, would you do that, too?
      Dustin: Depends. How high is the bridge?

    • Chase: I really should finish this-
      Zoey: You're not blowing off your birthday party, you big haired freak.

    • Zoey: I told him I had the best present for him ever. Now I've got nothing.
      Logan: You could wear a bikini.
      Zoey: Why's that good for Chase?
      Logan: It's good for everybody. (Zoey fake laughs then pushes Logan out of his chair)
      Michael: You would look nice in a bikini.
      (Zoey raises her eyebrows)
      (Michael looks around and then pushes his own chair backwards)

    • Zoey: Have I ever told you that you're a really nice person?
      Logan: No.
      Zoey: Good.

    • Zoey: I am giving you the most awesome present ever.
      Chase: What's that?
      Zoey: You'll see.
      Chase: Oh come on. Be a person. Just tell me.
      Zoey: Alright. Close your eyes and I'll tell you.
      Chase: Is this a trick?
      Zoey: Nope. Close them.
      Chase: Alright. Eyes closed. (Zoey runs away)
      Chase: I can hear you running away.
      Zoey: (from far away) No you can't!

    • Michael: I'm feeling your theme. Very smart.
      Logan: And you thought I was just pretty.
      Michael: No I didn't.

    • Chase: 'Cause its due on Monday and it has to be five thousand words and I'm only on word 97, so that means I have another 4,903 words left to write. Oh, my god. My brain is melting.

    • Chase: There's a cupcake blocking my semicolon.
      Zoey: (singing) Happy happy birthday, today's your special day, you just got a cupcake so blow the flame away!
      Chase: Blow the flame away?
      Zoey: Oh it rhymes, just do it.

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