Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 10

Chase's Grandma

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • His Birthday weekend!

    I cant believe that Chase ignored his important birthday for his weekend to finish his homework to get 5,000 words. I cant believe his teacher give him hard homework, was harsh! Zoey and her friends tried to get Chase got fun and enjoy weekend with no works! Zoey did tried to get his best present Chase can get it. It was weird enough that Chase and his grandma get same birthday on same day! WEIRD! It is awful enough that grandma died on her own birthday! OUCH! It is so weird double! I cant believe I saw Chase crying and got comfort from Zoey, was so sweet!
  • 310

    One of the best episodes of the series, and you know why? It toyed with the viewer's emotions, that's pretty strong for a show on Nickelodeon. Throughout the whole episode, you could get the feeling that Zoey 101 was building up for something big toward the end, well that's the second time you watch the episode.

    Chase & Zoey's friendship only grows stronger when they sit in the rain to the song "A Million Raindrops." It was just a great tie in, with the rain and the grandmother's favorite song. Dying on your birthday was kind of morbid, but it just made the episode all the more great. I always wondered why Lola & Quinn were so mean to Dustin. Throughout the whole series, and in this episode, he was nothing but nice to them. Yet they treated him like garbage.

    It was sad to see that Dan Schneider resorted to people being mean to each other for no reason just for comic relief. That's what annoyed me about the episode, Dustin was of course great though. Great emotional Zoey 101, definitely the best of the season.
  • Present

    Chase is stressed trying to finish a paper, when he should be celebrating his birthday. Zoey searches for a present and decides to have his grandmother, whom she finds out he is close to, come visit, but she falls ill. At the end of the episode, we learn that she was more ill than lead on. She died on her birthday (As well as Chases', they shared the same birthday).

    A good episode, the subplot was stupid so I did not feel the need to mention it, but the rest was good, very interesting ending, I thought. Grade- easy A+
  • Very sad...poor Chase. :(

    Its Chase's birthday and Zoey is looking for the perfect gift. Chase is busy finishing is essay and says: "No parties". But they give him one anyway. Zoey tells Chase: "I have the perfect gift". But when Chase's grandma can't make it she gives him a pen...feeling guilty about telling him she had the perfect gift. Its the night of the party and everyone's partying it up except Chase. Zoey find Chase sitting in the rain and His grandma had died.

    This was such a sad episode.
    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
  • Zoey tries to get Chase the perfect birthday present. She decides to get him his Grandmother but the present falls through because Chase's Grandmother gets sick. Zoey now has no gift for Chase. Zoey, Michael, Logan Quinn and Lola all throw Chase a party.

    Chase is obsessing about finishing this huge essay paper that is due very soon. Chase tells Zoey, Michael, Logan, Quinn and Lola no party. They all say no party. As soon as Chase walks away, they plan the party. Zoey tells Chase that she is going to get him the perfect birthday present. Zoey is getting Chase his Grandmother. The present falls through because Chase's Grandmother gets sick. Michael and Logan decided on pyjama party. Zoey gives Chase a cupcake and sings this song: "Happy Happy Birthday
    Today's your special day
    You've just got a cupcake
    Now blow the flame away."

    Chase blows out the candle. Zoey tells Chase to take a break. Chase tells Zoey that Logan told him about the party. Zoey calls Logan a jerk. Zoey and Chase arrive at the party and Chase acts surprised. Zoey goes and puts her pyjamas on and comes back to the party and notices Chase is gone. Michael tells Zoey that Chase's Grandmother dies. Zoey goes looking for Chase and finds Chase by the fountain. Zoey asks Chase if he wants to be alone and Chase says no. Zoey then puts her arm around Chase and Chase puts his head on her shoulder. Chase is sad and Zoey comforts him. In the background Chase's Grandmother's favorite song "A Million Raindrops" is playing.
  • Oh my gosh! This is so amazing

    Honestly, i cried at the end of the episode even though it was seriously obvious that Chase wasnt crying. But the last part was seriously tear jerking. This was a very special episode and also very sad. I really pitied Chase when i heard his Grandma died. And i blamed my sister for not hearing the conversation Michael and Zoey. *Sigh* poor poor chase. He even lied that he had to do some report. The Dustin part was funny. You know, when he was with the principal. So, let's see in conclusion i woulkd just want to say that this episode is sad, dramatic and awesome!
  • A Million Raindrops... (Aka, the Best Episode of Season 3 as told by TV.com users)

    What a sad episode, Chase's grandmother dies when Michael told Zoey, he acted real seriously. This song is for Chase's grandmother:

    You were the only one,
    that loved all the lives of our futures ones.
    On May the Second, You'll finally see.

    Your grandchild, Chaaase will fall in love,
    with dear heart Zooooey!
    And Jaaames will cry,
    for the last time. Well, that was a good song! A+++ for me! Real exciting! Still, real sad since the death and the song and the picture (of the grandma "The Only One") made it best. And even, so she died on her birthday and Chase wouldn't wanted her life ending that way. Peace in.. to Chase's Grandma.
  • Awsome!

    "Chases Grandma' was a very good episode.I especially liked the Chase and Zoey moment in the end.That was just so cute! The rain made it extra cute.It just seemed to fit in there.I also liked how it meshed comedy with seriousness.The funny being well,all the funny jokes that you and I have come to expect from Zoey 101 and the sitiutaion with Chases Grandma being deseased at the end.That was really sad. The way Chase was freaking out over the reasearch paper was so funny. I know how that feels so it was extra funny. So much awsomeness in just 30 minutes.Awsome episode!
  • Chase's birthday is coming up and Zoey tries to find the perfect present for him.

    We all know what happens in this episode so I'm not going to tell you a whole lot, Chase is working on 10000 word paper and his birthday is soon. The gang throws him a surprise party and Zoey calls Chase's grandmother and asks her to come to PCA for his party, as Zoey's gift to him. When Chase is found absent from his own party, Zoey finds out that his grandmother was sick and passed away. THAT, for once, I didn't expect. I should have, but I didn't Watching Zoey walk up to him in the rain was heart wrenching. And watching them with their arms around each other, filled me with joy. It was a bittersweet episode. It was so, so, so SAD because of Chase's loss. But it was also good because it showed how much Zoey cares for Chase. Overall, I liked this episode. It wasn't superb, it was good.
  • it's chase's birthday this weekend but he's not concerned about it b/c he has a huge paper due...zoey wants to throw him a party and she thinks she got him the best present ever until her plans fall through

    this was an awesome ep...i dont know if a lot of guys really want 2 admit they cry b/c they have issues j/k lol...but i cried at the end...it was also great for zoey and chase...arm around him and head on her shoulder...she was trying to give him the best bday present ever and that fell through when the grandma got sick..unfortunately she didnt know it was that bad...chase was having fun until he found out and they ended up by their famous fountain on campus...she was so consoling and it was so fitting that it was raining...its like always raining when something sad happens...watch the ep b/c i dont want this 2 be a spoiler..it was so sweet and i do this a lot i mean rhetorical questions lol...why is it always raining when sad things happen..nice effect tho
  • It's Chase's Birthday and Zoey tries to get him the ultimate gift.

    Chase's birthday is coming up and Zoey is determined to get Chase the ultimate present for his birthday. Though Chase's has a thousand word paper that he has to due in a couple of days so he is to busy to plan his own party. Since he is to busy Zoey plans a party for him and is bringing his grandma to PCA. On his birthday though she calls Zoey to tell her she won't be able to make it because she is sick. Turns out she dies on her and Chase's birthday. And Zoey ends up comforting Chase in his time of need.
  • This episode was definitely a turning point to all of us Zoey and Chase fans.

    This episode was definitely special. I cried at the end for the loss of Chase's grandmother. She seemed to be a real special person in Chase's life, and Zoey definitely saw that so she made it a point to bring her to celebrate both Chase's and her own birthday. I mean Chase had to write a 5000 word essay and he was willing to forget his own birthday just to get his homework done. Zoey would not take a stand for it so she made it a point to get Chase out of his room and into a celebration mood. When Zoey went back to the party and found Chase was not there. She demanded that she know where he is. When Michael broke the news of Chase's grandmother's death, she went searching for him and found him sitting by himself getting soaked in the rain. She offers up her company, and he buries his head into her shoulder. Definitely made me tear up. It was an emotional scene to remember.
  • Who saw that coming?

    Chase is too busy to celebrate his birthday, but he does take some time to send his grandmother a birthday card, as she has the same birthday as him. Zoey happens to catch Chase creating the card, which gives her an idea on what to get Chase for his birthday. It is here that "A Million Raindrops" is introduced.

    Unfortunately, Chase's grandmother falls ill, so Zoey has no present. (Logan: "You could wear a bikini.") She gives him a cupcake and pen instead. It turns out Chase already knew about the surprise party the rest of the gang threw him, but Zoey makes him go away. However, Chase soon goes missing. Micheal explains to Zoey that Chase's grandmother died.

    Zoey eventually finds Chase sitting outside by the fountain, and the Unofficial Couple sit together in the rain to the strains of "A Million Raindrops".

    To me, this episode is the premier example of Nick steering the show in a more serious direction. However, Zoey 101 is still a sitcom, and the subplot is hilarious if a little unrealistic. The Zoey/Chase moment at the end is probably the cutest of the series. It may have been a tragic moment, but if it brings our Unofficial Couple closer, it's all good.
  • Chase has to write a 5000 word project and decides to ignore his Birthday. Zoey tries planning a big surprise Party for Chase, and has a huge present in store for him, but everything goes terribly wrong.

    A Fantastic episode of great humour and impressive storylines.

    Chase is determined to finish his 5000 word project, but in the mean time has decided to ignore that his Birthday is the upcoming weekend. Meanwhile, during his big project, Zoey and the gang plan a nice surprise party for Chase.

    The guys want it to be a Bikini Party, mainly for their pleasure of seeing the girls in Bikinis.

    Zoey discovers Chase's Grandma and how close he is to her. She goes and invites his Grandma to fly over and make it to his Surprise Party as a big present.

    She tells the guys this, and the thought of Chase's Grandma in a Bikini kills the plan. The girls then make it a Pajama party.

    Zoey later gets a call from Chase's Grandma saying she can't make it to the Party as she has the Flu. Zoey finds Chase late on hisd Birthday. She gives him a PCA Pen as her Present and says her great present plan fell apart. She invites Chase to a welcome break from his Project, but Chase knows he has a Surprise Party somehow. He pretends he's surprised.

    After a while, Zoey realises Chase has been missing a while. She finds Michael who tells her Chase's Grandma has died and he wants to be alone. Zoey finds him, and she puts her arm around him to comfort him as he cries.
  • Chase's grandma has died.

    Chase is stuck doing a paper in this episode it's chase's birthday and Zoey just doesn't know what to get him she visits him and talks to him for a little while about things. He then brings up the subject about how he and his Grandma have the same birthday. Zoey has a great idea but it soon ends up backfiring on her. Chase's grandma has the flue but it's a little more than that. As chase's grandma has the flu she can't visit so Zoey buys him a PCA pen. She then says the present i was getting you can't be here. She then says come on i have another surprise but unfortunatly Logan! gave him clue's. It's a pj party and Zoey says make sure you don't leave it's your party. She goes to get into her pj's when she returns Chase isn't there she asks around she decides that she would ask Michael he takes Zoey outside and tells her that Chase's grandma has died Zoey is totally shocked as flu turned to something nasty. It's pouring with rain Zoey is in her pj's and is searching everywhere for chase she eventually finds him sitting by a fountain she doesn't say anthing but she sit's next to Chase and gives him a hug now i no wot u r thinking NO! they don't go out but what Zoey is doing is reasuring him that everybody will be there especially Michael and her. Stay tuned for more new Zoey 101 especially the 18th. xxx
  • Sad episode

    This was a good but sad episode. But i thought the subplot was stupid. In this episode its Chase's birthday but hes too busy writng a paper to think about it. Zoey wants to give him the best present ever, so when she finds out that his grandma has the same birthday as him, Zoey wants to invite her to his party. His grandma calls Zoey and says she cant make it because of the flu. The next day, when Zoey notices Chase is missing at his party, she tries to find out what happened. Zoey then learns that Chase's grandma has died the day of his birthday. In the subplot, Dustin gets his hand stuck in a vending machine, Lola and Quinn hide him and the vending machine in Logan's room so Zoey doesnt find out.
  • Amazing. I can't believe it!

    This episode was just overall fantastic. The reason why I said that it was a "tearjerker" was because at the end I actually cried. Seriously. I felt sooo bad for Chase. He seemed like he had a really close relationship with his grandmother. I can really relate. When my grandfather died, I was so sad. I "plunged myself into monumental despair"
  • I have to admit that, even though this show isn't my favorite, that this episode was amazing.

    From the beginning of the episode, I really wasn't expecting anything really special. I was expecting another uber-witty save from the way-too-perfect Zoey Brooks. But the ending of this episode definitely wasn't expected! For once there was a Zoey 101 episode that was actually fairly realistic and showed some real acting talent. Another thing I really liked about this episode was that it had to deal with death, a very serious and difficult problem that most regular shows wouldn't focus on. Recently I lost my grandfather, who I was really close to, and it's still hard to think about. I'm really proud of the writers for focusing on something that actually matters in life instead of getting a pimple or not having something cute to wear. It also showed some serious acting development, especially with Sean Flynn (Chase) and Christopher Massey (Michael). I was actually close to tears when I saw Chase and Zoey together like that, with Chase's head on Zoey's shoulder.

    In conclusion, it was a beautifully written episode with an unexpected yet very sad ending. It's now my favorite episode.
  • I wasn't expecting the ending, this was a really great episode.

    "Chase's Grandma" was a very sad episode. Chase's birthday (and his Grandma's) comes up and Zoey knows what to get him......his Grandma, because they are really close. But, his Grandma calls and says she can't make it because she's sick. Later on, she dies. Chase is upset and Zoey sits there to confort him.

    A really sad and interesting episode of Zoey 101. Normally, I don't watch, but I did and I was really sad about his grandmother. In reality, I wasn't expecting it until they showed how Michael's face looked when Zoey asked where Chase was. Still, a very good episode.
  • It is Chase's birthday and Zoey is trying to find the best present to give Chase.

    I really liked this episode. It was so good. It is Chase's Birthday, but he is to busy to think about it. This is when Zoey and the ging throw chase a party. In the meantime, Zoey is looking for a great gift. In time Zoey gets Chase's grandma to come to the party, but there is bad news when she becomes ill. I don't want to say to much about the ending, so all I will say is it's sad and sweet. I really liked how Zoey and Chase were close in this episode. It was also nice to see Dustin once again, even though his storyline could have been a little more interesting. I would say every Zoey 101 fan should see this episode.
  • Its Chases bday and Zoey's not sure what to get him. When she finds out how much Chase misses his grandma she decides to call and ask her to fly in for his birthday. But she couldnt come because she had a flu. But it turned out to be more than just a flu.

    This episode is definatly one of the saddest episodes in all of Zoey 101 history. It is also a charecter development episode. It is definatly one of the best, well written, most thought of, and a very important episode. See, it's Chases birthday weekend and Chase has **** anyone from throwing him a surprize party. They do it anyway. But on top of all this Chase is working on a killer 5000 word reaserch paper and buts that above having fun. But Zoey cant figure out what to get Chase for his birthday. So when she finds out how close him and his grandmother are and how much Chase misses her, she decides to call his grandma and ask to to fly in. His grandmother agrees but ends up not being able to come because she caught the flu. But it turns out to be more than just the flu. This episode is a real tearjerker but is definatly a must see episode of Zoey 101.
  • Chase's Grandma

    I liked it when Chase had his birthday party, but I hated it when Michael told Zoey that Chase's grandmother died. Poor Chase. He must have been very heart-broken. I mean, he and his grandmother were very close to each other. They were even born on the same day and month. I hope he'll be all right. Good thing Zoey's there to make him feel better...as usual. Well, maybe Zoey can sing Chase's grandma's favorite song, "A Million Raindrops," whenever Chase gets hurt to make him better. It may not be the same, but it'll help... a little. I hope.
  • Chase's birthday is coming up, and Zoey tries to find the perfect gift for him. After Lola's snack, is caught in the vending machine, Dustin tries to get it out, and accidently gets his hand caught. Chase leaves early from his party. Zoey goes after him.

    FULL SUMMARY HERE: Chase is working on a 5000 word term paper, and has to get it done soon. Lola goes to get a snack, but it gets stuck in the vending machine. Dustin tries to get it out, but accidently gets his arm stuck. So, Lola and Quinn get some jocks to lift up the vending machine and take it to Chase's room. Logan and Michael fight about whether the party should be a beach theme or a pajama party.They decide on pajama, because they don't want to see Chase's grandma in a bikini. Zoey calls Chase's grandma and arranges for her to be his birthday present. However, she calls Zoey back later and says that she has the flu, so she can't come. Meanwhile, Dustin has to stay in Chase's room all night, because Quinn needs supplies to get his arm out of the vending machine. Chase stays up all night trying to finish his paper, and in the morning he must leave because everyone(Michael,Lola,Quinn, and Logan)are making too much noise so he can't concentrate. Zoey gets the call from Chase's Grandma, saying that she can't come because of the flu. She talks to Logan and Michael, and Logan says that Zoey could get in a bikini because it would be a present to everyone. She knocks Logan over, and Michael responds by saying "You know, you would look good in a bikini". Zoey gives him a dirty look and he knocks himself down, and Zoey says "thank you" sarcastically. She gives Chase a pen from the bookstore saying that she had a huge present but it didn't work out. They go to Chase's party, and Chase tries to act surprised, even though Logan already told him about the party. Zoey goes off to put on her pajamas. Then we see Dustin, talking to a puppet, saying how hungry he is. He plugs in the vending machine, gets a dollar out of his pocket, and gets a candy bar, meanwhile getting his arm unstuck. Zoey goes back to the party and asks everyone where Chase is. They say they don't know, and Zoey goes to ask Michael. Michael takes her outside, and tells Zoey that something bad happened. Chases grandma died, and Chase told Michael not to tell anyone. Michael says that Chase said he wants to be alone. Zoey goes off to find Chase, knowing he'd want anything than to be alone. It begins to rain, and we see Chase sitting beside a fountain, and Zoey walks up to him. She asks him if he wants to be alone, and he shakes his head. She sits down next to him, and puts her arm around him, and he lays his head on her. The episode ends with Zoey comforting Chase.

    I thought is was a very good, yet sad episode. One thing that I didn't like was the way the episode ended. I loved the hugging part though, but nothing happened. They just ended the show right away. I thought that they didn't do good with the Dustin thing with the vending machine because you could clearly see he could get his hand out of there. Overall,it was a pretty good episode. The Chase/Zoey hug was awesome!!
  • This episode was downright brilliant.

    OMG This episode was great! It was sad, but at the same time, it was great.
    Chase's grandma died. Sorry to ruin it for anybody. But then, at the end, Zoey thought Chase skipped out on his own party, but it wasn't true. Poor Chase. He and his Grandma were close. It's upsetting, because, and I don't know about anybody else, but it made me think of how... mortal we all are.
    It made me think of my grandma, too. How no one lives forever. It's a distressing thought, honestly.
    But from here, on, I'm just trying to fill in enough words.
  • chases grandma is coming. and she helps chase get a date with zoey

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