Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 10

Chase's Grandma

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • This is the first time that a main character's family member dies. The second time is when Zoey finds out her uncle died in "Zoey's Ribs."

    • At the end of the episode, we find out Chase's grandma has died. Incidentally, she passes away on her (and Chase's) birthday.

    • Dustin somehow did some bad things in this episode for the second time.

  • Quotes

    • (Logan is gargling)
      (Quinn and Lola are talking, trying to figure out how to get Dustin's arm out of the vending machine)
      (Michael's alarm clock goes off)
      (Lola's cell phone is ringing)

      Chase: Hey, hey, could you guys quiet it down a little bit?
      Michael: I'm trying! This thing won't stop!
      Chase: Okay that's it! You people are too loud! (gets up and walks to the door)
      Lola: Oh wait! Happy Birthday!
      Chase: BLAH!!!

    • Chase: I have no time to age.

    • Teacher:(to Zoey, about Dustin) I caught him swimming in the fountain!
      Dustin: My friends dared me to!
      Teacher: Well if your friends dared you to jump off a bridge, would you do that, too?
      Dustin: Depends. How high is the bridge?

    • Chase: I really should finish this-
      Zoey: You're not blowing off your birthday party, you big haired freak.

    • Zoey: I told him I had the best present for him ever. Now I've got nothing.
      Logan: You could wear a bikini.
      Zoey: Why's that good for Chase?
      Logan: It's good for everybody. (Zoey fake laughs then pushes Logan out of his chair)
      Michael: You would look nice in a bikini.
      (Zoey raises her eyebrows)
      (Michael looks around and then pushes his own chair backwards)

    • Zoey: Have I ever told you that you're a really nice person?
      Logan: No.
      Zoey: Good.

    • Zoey: I am giving you the most awesome present ever.
      Chase: What's that?
      Zoey: You'll see.
      Chase: Oh come on. Be a person. Just tell me.
      Zoey: Alright. Close your eyes and I'll tell you.
      Chase: Is this a trick?
      Zoey: Nope. Close them.
      Chase: Alright. Eyes closed. (Zoey runs away)
      Chase: I can hear you running away.
      Zoey: (from far away) No you can't!

    • Michael: I'm feeling your theme. Very smart.
      Logan: And you thought I was just pretty.
      Michael: No I didn't.

    • Chase: 'Cause its due on Monday and it has to be five thousand words and I'm only on word 97, so that means I have another 4,903 words left to write. Oh, my god. My brain is melting.

    • Chase: There's a cupcake blocking my semicolon.
      Zoey: (singing) Happy happy birthday, today's your special day, you just got a cupcake so blow the flame away!
      Chase: Blow the flame away?
      Zoey: Oh it rhymes, just do it.

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