Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 12

Chasing Zoey

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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The end of the school year is approaching, and that means Prom is too! Zoey is going to spend her summer in Maui, but when James offers to come along, her reaction isn't what he expected. Meanwhile, Michael gets a classic car from his father so he can drive Lisa to prom. The only problem is, Michael can't drive stick. Quinn and Logan want to go to prom, but they want to keep their secret safe too, so they decide to pick each other's dates -- the result is not what either of them expected. Meanwhile, Lola is made head of prom committee, and all she wants is to arrive fashionably late, but will she be able to?moreless

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  • Bad writing ruined this show again, but at least IT happened

    Well, the whole 4th season has been useless. Every episode felt empty, and dull, with slow direction and bored humour. Zoey101 was never a great show, but it had some nice atmosphere that made it funny, in some way; season 4 instead, had nothing of this nice atmosphere, or characters fun. And this series finale "Chasing Zoey" sums it.

    The writers intention was clear, as for every good sitcoms series finale: a long episode where every character of the show has its moment on the screen. So we'll have Jeremiah, the geeks, Stacy, Dustin, Mark, everyone with their moment. And obviously the subplots for Michael and Lisa, Logan and Quinn, and Lola and Vince. The problem is the same of the whole season 4: theres nothing really intresting. It's not bad(Dustin's behaviour the only bad point), but nothing is good here. Pretty boring if you ask me. Maybe Quinn and Logan would have been intresting if they didnt already make like ten episode about them hiding and discussing about it, again and again.

    Then we have the main plot: it should have been the great event of this movie, the story that everyone wanted to see.. but no. Zoey dump James because she doesnt feel right. For some reason that nobody knows. Really? Nobody knows why Zoey feel this way, after Trading Place? It's just taking the piss out of the viewers. So, instead of building this story around Chase return and, i dunno, maybe with Zoey still being with James, she became confused, or maybe Chase fighting for her, or maybe simply doing something, this show just make Zoey dumping James just because, and Chase appearing the last 10 minutes to kiss with Zoey. That's it.

    So this finale is not horrible, but its so light and superficial; it could have been much better.

    There are some nice points though:

    -Logan and Quinn admitting their love, even if its ruined by the absence of their friends: that could have been really funny, but no. Let's stay boring.

    -Chase cool appearing while talking at the phone was nice, but its ruined by too much falling, and not enough serious talking between them. I mean, they talked like they never missed each other and always stayed in contact.. so i guess Chase knew about James and Zoey.. whatever.

    -The best thing of the episode, and the one i was looking for, was Michael and Chase ruiniting. Since the 4th season started Michael became such a burden of a character, clearly lonely and sad without Chase. It was really nice and sincere to see them ruinited.

    Anyway, its the last episode, and Chase finally kissed Zoey, so i want to be sentimental: i'll give it a +1.

  • A wonderful ending

    This is the best way to end Zoey 101, PCA Confidential was good too. Chase returns and the Quinn-Logan Relationship increases. The ending was outstanding and I love the show, I don't care what anyone say.
  • amazing

  • Chasing zoey

    I lov quinn & logan
  • Zoey 101 is dead.... FINALLY!

    To everyone who has watched this show from start to finish, I must say I have to give you props. For all the years of sad humor, pathetic acting (if you can call it that) and movies that ended in predictable cliffhangers, you guys finally got the ending you were looking for. With that said, the episode was still crap! Lets start with the title, Chasing Zoey. This title: Chasing Zoey, which sounds like Chase and Zoey, implies that the movie is about Chase trying to get back with Zoey, however that only happens in the last 5 minutes of the episode! And when he finally appears, he almost becomes a paraplegic getting to Zoey (makes you wonder how he got up there in the first place). The idea that the whole show was about Chase/Zoey was a little more than cheapened. Second, since when could underclassmen and middle schoolers go to a high school prom? IF an underclassmen goes to prom, they must go with an upperclassmen, and 12-year-olds going to prom? Can you say sabotage? Also, lets address this silly idea that 14 year olds know what love is. Do you know how many times the characters said "I love you". It was sickening! For example, if Logan and Quinn really "loved" each other, they wouldn't care if anyone saw them together at prom. And it still bothers me that Chase is convinced that he "fell in love" with Zoey when he first saw her. Don't make me laugh! Please, if he really loved Zoey from the very beginning it wouldn't have taken him this long to tell her! What he called "love" was nothing more than lust mixed with strong infatuation. I hope we don't wonder why teens get pregnant and all the junk that goes with it, its because shows like these tells kids that high school love can be real….. give me a break! "Love" in high school is lust at best, so you can't tell me that high schoolers have the capacity to say "I love you" and know what they are saying. But, I will say one good thing that happened in this episode: Chase finally manned up and told his feelings to Zoey. After years of cowering in fear he finally took a chance, and in typical Hollywood style it paid off. And a disclaimer for the wise: that doesn't always happen. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: this show is bringing Nickelodeon's name through the mud. This show wouldn't have lasted a season 10 years ago. This shows demise was a LONG time coming, maybe now Nick can invest its time in QUALITY programming, not sugary, overly emotional garbage.moreless
James Hong

James Hong

Mr. Takato

Guest Star

Dan Schneider

Dan Schneider

Cab Driver


Sean Flynn-Amir

Sean Flynn-Amir

Chase Matthews

Special Guest Star

Abby Wilde

Abby Wilde

Stacey Dillsen

Recurring Role

Lisa Tucker

Lisa Tucker

Lisa Perkins

Recurring Role

Brando Eaton

Brando Eaton

Vince Blake

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • In this episode, it's said that James works at his uncle's hardware store, but in "Dinner For Two Many", it's his uncle's construction site, unless he has two different uncles.

    • In this episode, Zoey mentions that her dad knows a guy who manages the Chambrulé hotel in Maui. The Chambrulé hotel is the name of the hotel in the movie "Drake & Josh Go Hollywood."

    • The car that Michael drives is the same car that Drake and Josh drive in the episode of Drake and Josh titled "The Wedding." This may be due to the fact that both shows are produced by Dan Schneider.

    • When they're talking on the phone, Zoey asks Chase how England is. He replies with some stereotypical comments and adds, "You've seen movies," as an explanation, which is a strange thing to say to someone who lived in England for a brief period.

    • Chase didn't react at all when Vince came to the prom with Lola. In the past, Vince and his team beat up Chase, Michael, Mark, and Logan. When everyone else first saw Vince return in the episode "Vince Is Back," they were mad and wanted comeuppance. But Chase might have already known Vince was back, most likely because Michael, Logan, or Zoey would have called and told him.

    • When the students are arriving at Prom, the loudspeaker says that they should sign in with Mr. Bender. Mr. Bender was a teacher featured in episodes from seasons one and two.

    • The site highschoolcrazy.com that Quinn and Lola visit actually relocates to iCarly.com.

    • All of the main characters except for Dustin and James end up with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Chase is with Zoey, Logan with Quinn, Michael with Lisa, Vince with Lola, and Mark with Stacey.

    • In this episode, Zoey asks Chase if he is okay, and tells him that his arm is bleeding. These are the first things she said to him in the pilot episode.

    • When Dustin hands Quinn the Canadian dollar, it is clearly not one due to the fact that Canadian dollars are coins and not paper.

    • When Logan comes up to Quinn before prom, and when James 'scares' Zoey, iCarly.com is the website the both of them are visiting.

    • Chase and Zoey officially become boyfriend and girlfriend in this episode.

    • Zoey and James break up and remain friends in this episode.

    • Zoey and Chase kiss for the first time in the whole series.

    • After getting hit by a car in this episode, Stacey talks normally.

    • Logan and Quinn's relationship is revealed.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Dustin: What happened back there? I woke up on the ground, and some janitor was trying to steal my wallet.
      Quinn: (sarcastically) Wah!

    • Jeremiah: Aren't you going to the prom?
      Zoey: Nah, I don't have a date.
      Jeremiah: I'll be your date!
      Zoey: You're taking Martha...
      Jeremiah: (leans in and whispers) I'll get rid of her.
      Zoey: (smiles) Jeremiah?
      Jeremiah: Yes?
      Zoey: Go.
      Jeremiah: Right...

    • Zoey: So, guess what I'm doing this summer!
      Lola: Uh...
      James: You're gonna wrestle panda bears on a Mississippi riverboat!

    • (Zoey lays down on bed, a dress is thrown on her)
      Zoey: A dress just landed on me.
      (A bra is thrown on Zoey)
      Zoey: Ooh, and a strapless bra.

    • Michael: (in deep voice, while Mark is driving) Stir the tuna...
      Mark: Why do you keep saying that?
      Michael: ...Stomp the grapes!
      Mark: And that!

    • Dustin: I know I'm supposed to bring you a flower, but I forgot. So here.
      (Dustin hands Quinn a dollar)
      Quinn: Wow...a Canadian dollar...I'll be ready in a sec.

    • Logan: Wanna go make out?
      Quinn: (irritated) Yes.

    • (Zoey's phone rings; she answers)
      Zoey: Hello?
      Chase: Hey, Zoe.
      Zoey: Chase! How's England?
      Chase: Ah, you know. Boiled food, people driving on the wrong side of the street. You've seen movies.
      Zoey: I have.

    • Mr. Takato: You cannot learn to drive a stickshift, until you learn to drive a stickshift.

    • Michael: Let's prom it up!

  • NOTES (6)


    • Michael: Stir the tuna, stomp the grapes!

      Michael learning to drive his car from an East-Asian man is an obvious allusion to the movie The Karate Kid, about a boy who learns karate from his Japanese landlord.
      In the movie, the hidden teaching method of "Wax on, wax off" is similar to Michael's unconventional learning method quoted above.