Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 12

Chasing Zoey

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Bad writing ruined this show again, but at least IT happened

    Well, the whole 4th season has been useless. Every episode felt empty, and dull, with slow direction and bored humour. Zoey101 was never a great show, but it had some nice atmosphere that made it funny, in some way; season 4 instead, had nothing of this nice atmosphere, or characters fun. And this series finale "Chasing Zoey" sums it.

    The writers intention was clear, as for every good sitcoms series finale: a long episode where every character of the show has its moment on the screen. So we'll have Jeremiah, the geeks, Stacy, Dustin, Mark, everyone with their moment. And obviously the subplots for Michael and Lisa, Logan and Quinn, and Lola and Vince. The problem is the same of the whole season 4: theres nothing really intresting. It's not bad(Dustin's behaviour the only bad point), but nothing is good here. Pretty boring if you ask me. Maybe Quinn and Logan would have been intresting if they didnt already make like ten episode about them hiding and discussing about it, again and again.

    Then we have the main plot: it should have been the great event of this movie, the story that everyone wanted to see.. but no. Zoey dump James because she doesnt feel right. For some reason that nobody knows. Really? Nobody knows why Zoey feel this way, after Trading Place? It's just taking the piss out of the viewers. So, instead of building this story around Chase return and, i dunno, maybe with Zoey still being with James, she became confused, or maybe Chase fighting for her, or maybe simply doing something, this show just make Zoey dumping James just because, and Chase appearing the last 10 minutes to kiss with Zoey. That's it.

    So this finale is not horrible, but its so light and superficial; it could have been much better.

    There are some nice points though:

    -Logan and Quinn admitting their love, even if its ruined by the absence of their friends: that could have been really funny, but no. Let's stay boring.

    -Chase cool appearing while talking at the phone was nice, but its ruined by too much falling, and not enough serious talking between them. I mean, they talked like they never missed each other and always stayed in contact.. so i guess Chase knew about James and Zoey.. whatever.

    -The best thing of the episode, and the one i was looking for, was Michael and Chase ruiniting. Since the 4th season started Michael became such a burden of a character, clearly lonely and sad without Chase. It was really nice and sincere to see them ruinited.

    Anyway, its the last episode, and Chase finally kissed Zoey, so i want to be sentimental: i'll give it a +1.

  • A wonderful ending

    This is the best way to end Zoey 101, PCA Confidential was good too. Chase returns and the Quinn-Logan Relationship increases. The ending was outstanding and I love the show, I don't care what anyone say.
  • amazing

  • Chasing zoey

    I lov quinn & logan
  • Zoey 101 is dead.... FINALLY!

    To everyone who has watched this show from start to finish, I must say I have to give you props. For all the years of sad humor, pathetic acting (if you can call it that) and movies that ended in predictable cliffhangers, you guys finally got the ending you were looking for. With that said, the episode was still crap! Lets start with the title, Chasing Zoey. This title: Chasing Zoey, which sounds like Chase and Zoey, implies that the movie is about Chase trying to get back with Zoey, however that only happens in the last 5 minutes of the episode! And when he finally appears, he almost becomes a paraplegic getting to Zoey (makes you wonder how he got up there in the first place). The idea that the whole show was about Chase/Zoey was a little more than cheapened. Second, since when could underclassmen and middle schoolers go to a high school prom? IF an underclassmen goes to prom, they must go with an upperclassmen, and 12-year-olds going to prom? Can you say sabotage? Also, lets address this silly idea that 14 year olds know what love is. Do you know how many times the characters said "I love you". It was sickening! For example, if Logan and Quinn really "loved" each other, they wouldn't care if anyone saw them together at prom. And it still bothers me that Chase is convinced that he "fell in love" with Zoey when he first saw her. Don't make me laugh! Please, if he really loved Zoey from the very beginning it wouldn't have taken him this long to tell her! What he called "love" was nothing more than lust mixed with strong infatuation. I hope we don't wonder why teens get pregnant and all the junk that goes with it, its because shows like these tells kids that high school love can be real….. give me a break! "Love" in high school is lust at best, so you can't tell me that high schoolers have the capacity to say "I love you" and know what they are saying. But, I will say one good thing that happened in this episode: Chase finally manned up and told his feelings to Zoey. After years of cowering in fear he finally took a chance, and in typical Hollywood style it paid off. And a disclaimer for the wise: that doesn't always happen. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: this show is bringing Nickelodeon's name through the mud. This show wouldn't have lasted a season 10 years ago. This shows demise was a LONG time coming, maybe now Nick can invest its time in QUALITY programming, not sugary, overly emotional garbage.
  • Chase and Zoey get together, check. Quinn and Logan reveal themselves as a couple, check. So why does Chasing Zoey feel so incomplete?

    If you have not watched the first 3 seasons and Trading Places, especially the "Goodbye Zoey"/"Trading Places" combo, you must in order to understand this episode. It looks like Zoey just dumped James for some guy, but Chase is not "some guy".

    Chasing Zoey can be split into two halves. The first half doesn't really have anything to do with Chase at all. This isn't to say that it wasn't bad. Austin and Jamie did a good job portraying a young couple growing apart and finally breaking up.

    Since Coffee Cart Ban and Roller Coaster didn't really focus on Zoey and James, we can't really tell when this wave of coldness toward James started. There were moments where Zoey got annoyed at James in the past, but this time is different.

    Starting from the first scene, when Zoey chuckles at James, her laugh doesn't say "That was funny" but instead "Oh my god, you're so lame." Secondly, neither seemed upset when James explained why he couldn't go to Maui with Zoey. But this is just the beginning.

    It seems like a long time before James and Zoey have another scene together, appropriate given the way they are supposed to be growing apart. James surprises Zoey outside at a bench. He tells her he can make it to Hawaii after all. He also gives her an "I love you" necklace. I find it interesting that James is unable to say "I love you" out loud. More interesting, however, is how awkwardly Zoey smiles after reading the necklace.

    In the next scene, it kind of hits you in the head how the Zoey/James relationship will end up if it hasn't already. While Quinn and Lola are ecstatic that James gave Zoey the necklace, Zoey herself is not so thrilled. When asked if she loves James back, she responds with "Yeah, I think," not really what Quinn and Lola expect. They think Zoey is suffering from "I love you shock", but when they look it up for Zoey, she is gone.

    Zoey seems to be avoiding James after he gave her the necklace, and James can tell. Zoey is also expressing disinterest in the upcoming prom. When James finally meets her, he tells her "Nice necklace," but it's obvious that he meant "I noticed you're not wearing the necklace I gave you." When James asks Zoey to a date at Sushi Rox, she lies that she has a lot of homework.

    James realizes there's no point in letting the relationship drag on and asks Zoey if she wants to break up with him. Zoey apologizes and tells James she doesn't want him to hate her, but James tells her he still means what he said on the necklace, even if he and Zoey go back to being just friends again. This time, he actually does say "I love you." Zoey tells James that there is just something in the way, but claims not to know what it is. Whether she is lying or not, true Zoey 101 fans will know exactly what it is. James tells Zoey to keep the necklace, and they go back to being friends, but not before James gives her one final kiss on the cheek.

    Note that while James seemed very noble in this scene, he didn't really have a choice. Also note that James simply disappears after this scene, almost like Mr. Takato. But that subplot will have to wait.

    Just because Zoey no longer has a date to the prom doesn't mean that she shouldn't go, but despite Quinn and Lola's efforts, Zoey is opting out. Quinn notes that something is bothering Zoey, but she refuses to talk about it.

    Zoey gets hit on by Jerimiah (who already has a date to the prom), but she turns him down. The four geeks want her too. But whether she knows it or not, there's only one guy she would go to the prom with. What she definitely doesn't know is that that guy is back at PCA. But as one of the band member sings, it's "gonna be a while tonight" before we actually see him.

    Finally, Zoey is walking down a flight of stairs when she gets a phone call. It's Chase. Chase asks her why she is not at prom, and she replies that she didn't want to go to the prom alone (i.e. without Chase). Chase then reveals himself to Zoey, but then proceeds to fall twice, first down a 10-foot ledge and then down the flight of stairs. While Zoey inspects Chase's injuries at the bottom of the stairs, she finally realizes why her relationship with James didn't work out. (But deep inside, I think she knew all along.) Chase and Zoey kiss, and they both go off to prom as boyfriend and girlfriend. Zoey invites Chase to Maui with her, and he accepts.

    When Chase and Zoey talk on the phone, there are no "I miss you"s or anything. It appears that while it has never been shown, Chase and Zoey have kept in touch over the last semester. After all, Chase doesn't react to Vince, so he might have found out he was back from Zoey. So do Chase and James know about each other? Chase could have found out the details of the prom on his own, but how did he know that Zoey wouldn't be going? None of the gang could have told him, as he wouldn't be able to reach them on the plane, and Zoey was the first person he saw back at PCA.

    James, on the other hand, does know about Chase, but we never know for sure if he knows about Chase's history with Zoey. Furthermore, James and Chase never meet. What would happen when they do? James seemed to be OK with the break-up, but that might change when he finds out it was because of another guy.

    But in Nick, all stories end with "and they lived happily ever after." We just don't know what "happily ever after" means in James' case.

    Logan and Quinn finally come out of the closet, and I mean that half-literally (see "Dinner for Two Many"), but not before almost ruining prom for each other. At first, they agree to ask other people to the prom, but can't agree on each other dates. So they decide to pick each other's dates instead. Quinn picks Stacey for Logan, and Logan picks Dustin for Quinn. It seems as if he does this in retaliation, which strikes me as odd since one should not seek revenge upon their own girlfriend. Also, Dustin is a lot more obnoxious in this episode than ever before.

    Needless to say, neither Quinn or Logan can stand their respective dates. Logan promises Quinn they will sneak off by themselves later, but does even better. Fed up with Stacey, he declares to everyone that he loves Quinn. Quinn does the same. While the crowd is shocked, only Stacey and Dustin actually seem upset at the newly revealed couple. Logan and Quinn share a kiss in the middle of the dance floor, finally out in the open.

    But are Quinn and Logan's fears of being ridiculed truly unfounded? The rest of the gang doesn't seem to know that Quinn and Logan are a couple yet, and Lola seems to have a special dislike of Logan. Unfortunately, the gang's reactions are never shown, making this one of the many unresolved issues of the series.

    It is a pity that Sean couldn't be in more of this movie. But I respect the decision of Sean and his school. I just wish that his scenes were selected more carefully. Maybe they could have had scenes where while Chase is not actually on-screen, but the gang is freaking out over him, knowing Chase, Zoey, and James will eventually meet. Still, we do get the all-important kiss, so I can't say this episode is bad.

    The geeks were funny, but a little unrealistic. Lola and Vince's adventures were pretty pointless. The one good subplot was Michael learning to drive. However, Michael trying to convince Lisa of Mr. Takato's existence wasn't as entertaining. Also, being familiar with Zen master sterotypes, I recognized what Takato was doing as soon as he told Michael to stir with the right hand, not the left.

    It was good, and we got what we wanted, but it could have been a lot better.
  • It is time for the prom at PCA, and Zoey does not want to go with James, because she thinks something is wrong. When she is the only one of her friends that isn't going, she sees that Chase came back, and she goes with Chase...

    One word: Awesome! What a great series finale of Zoey 101! I wish the show wasn't over, but this episode was great! I have been looking forward to this. This movie was funny, funny, funny! I loved the part where Lola and Vince were stuck out in the middle of nowhere, and had to walk to the prom! That was hilarious! I also liked the part where Chase kept falling, and couldn't stop! I laughed so hard! I still want to know what happened to James, though. I really want to see if he got another girlfriend! It was also funny where Stacy got dumped at the prom by Logan, and actually got her "S's" right! This was a fantastic series finale of Zoey 101!
  • Good finale. (spoilers)

    First of all, I really like the title of this episode, Chasing Zoey. I actually was laughing when I first heard it. Anyways, it's time for the prom for the PCA students and James gives Zoey a necklace that says, "I love you." Ever since that, Zoey hasn't talked much to James. Later on, the break up and are still friends. Meanwhile, Michael learns to drive a stick-shift car and Quinn and Logan look for dates for the prom. I wanted them to go together (I'm a fan of Quogan) but instead, Logan went with Stacey and Quinn went with Dustin. Zoey doesn't go to the prom, but then Chase arrives at PCA and they kiss. Now they are boyfriend and girlfriend and they got to the prom. And also Quogan tells everyone they are dating. I liked this episode, and it was a good finale.
  • A great way to end the series.

    This was a great episode how to end the show in a great way. First Chase gets the girl of his dreams (Zoey) which he has been chrushing on ever since he first met her. Logan and Quinn admit that they like eachother and that they won't have to hind there secret anymore. Third Stacey's lip talking gets fixed and makes friends and she starts to dance with some guys. Michael has a date and learns how too drive a stick shift. Lola and Vince get late to the prom and then they make on time and have a great time.
  • "Chasing Zoey" is about Prom. The students of PCA try to find dates as the dateline for the Prom nears, while Michael learns how to drive his car from someone that'sa figment of his imagination, Mr. Takato. Meanwhile, Logan and Quinn try to find dates?

    "Chasing Zoey" is about the PCA gang trying to geat ready for Prom as Micheal learns how to drive a stick shift, Lisa gets annoyed with Michael when he tries to prove that Mr. Takato is real, Zoey breaks up with James to cope with her feelings for Chase, Lola worries whether she WILL be late to Prom or not, Logan and Quinn try to find dates to the Prom, Logan arrives to the Prom with Stacey while Quinn arrives with Zoey's little brother..all these problems and more occur as Prom night turns into a night everyone will want to remember.
  • I Will Always Dislike It A lot

    OK, so, the official series finale of Zoey 101 was basically like a series finale for any other show that has had "shippy" characters. And it just doesn't work for me. Zoey and Chase FINALLY get together, in the final like 3 minutes. After advertising this a whole lot, Chase is in like 5 minutes, heck, he's barely in that. And sorry, but with a title like "Chasing Zoey", and considering this is a series finale, I want to see more of one of the main stars. To me, almost the whole thing was a time-filler.

    Also, yes, the people we want together finally get together. But they should've continued with another season or something, so we could see HOW Chase and Zoey would be like as a couple. I hate when shows end when characters just start to date. You can only imagine how long their relationship lasts, and I do not like that.

    There was barely any laughs, and almost every joke was strictly time-filler. Michael's plot was strange and of course, the strangeness tried to be funny, but for me, it failed.

    Logan going with Stacey= pretty good with some funny results. Quinn Going With Dustin= what? Come on, they should've had her go with someone at least in their age or something!

    So, all in all, I am incredibly disappointed with this finale. It could've been handled a lot better then it was, In My Personal Opinion, and it actually goes down as one of their worst episodes for me.
  • *spoiler* zoey and chase finally together, very happy. still some drama, it is high school. the prom was a good idea but is was a disappointment.

    *spoiler*The ending honestly was my favorite part, the last 11 mins only because of choey. when the kiss came i was jumping up and down like crazy. I would have liked the movie a whole lot better is chse came back sooner. the only other thing I liked was the quogan confession of love. the funniest part probably was the creepy chinese guy and the dustin pinch from quinn. I think the whole movie could have been scripted better. I am not bashing the writers because I love what they did, but I wish choey could have come sooner in the season. Or maybe even in spring break up, that probably would have been the best episode in the world. I am however excited that zames ended things on a good note. I am giving this series finale a 7.5 because it wasn't that great but it was still pretty good.
  • The series finale of Zoey 101.... FINALLY!!!!!!

    Well what can i say? The episode plain out sucked!

    It was the end of the school year and a prom is coming up. Zoey randomly for no reason really dumps James and feels really bad... boo hoo!

    Michael gets a car and at the prom hits Stacey. That was the only funny thing that happened. I was really laffing hard at that part.

    Chase comes back and falls down stairs when Zoey sees him. That was pretty lame. Then they kiss. That was kinda lame too. Logan and Quinn admit to everyone that they love eachother. And yet... no reaction from anyone except for Stacey! I mean what the heck?

    Overall, a terrible way to end Zoey 101.
  • I believe this is the series finale, sorry if I'm wrong. This was an ok way to end it.

    All right so I used to love zoey 101 like when I was 12 but I decided to keep watching to it was over, mainly because Logan is so cute. In this episode Zoey and everyone are getting ready for their prom. I missed the first 15 minutes so I don't know what happened in the beginning. All I know is that James gave Zoey a necklace that said I love you, she got all confused and upset, and broke up with him. Meanwhile Quinn and Logan are trying to figure out who they should go to the prom with, Lola and Vince go to their dinner, and Micheal trys to convince Lisa that their is some weird guy that taught him how to drive. Zoey said she wasn't going to the prom but then received a call from Chase. She tells him that she isn't going and then he say " turn around" and she's like "CHASE". So then they kiss and talk and stuff. Everyone gets happy and dances and that's basically the end. Also Logan and Quinn admit in front of everyone that they love each other, Stacey Dilson's voice gets fixed and she started dating mark, Micheal officially went crazy lol, and ZOEY and CHASE are finally a couple!!
  • A very cute episode. However, I thought it was kind of rushed.

    Let me tell you, I spent two monthes thinking about this episode. Two long and exhausting monthes. Okay so I'm exaggerating a little, but still the suspense building up to this episode had me more excited than I've ever been for a show, except Gilmore Girls. Saying that, this leads me to talk about the previews. They portray the episode as one of the best things you will ever see in your life.(Especially for you Choey shippers.) However, on that very exciting night when the Zoey 101 boards were thriving with excitement as we waited for the long awaited return of Chase, some of us were kind of disappointed in the last ten minutes. And that was because Chase came in the last ten minutes of the episode. I was like, WHAT??? I need more more more Chase. I've watched some of this show through the years but really started to get into it this year. So, during those years I always loved Zoey & Chase. It was all about waiting for them to get together. However, along with other famous TV show couples, these two getting together soon would be very rare. So, I gave up hope for a while. Until I saw Goodbye Zoey. Then that's when/why I actually started to watch the 4th season. & of course because I love the show. All us Choey fans waited all this time, all the waiting, for ten minutes of Choey actually together. Sorry if I'm bringing down the mood but that's what happened. However, those ten minutes for very cute and worthwhile. Although, I really wish we could see Zoey and Chase in Hawaii. So, in those last ten minutes:
    -Zoey and Chase kissed-ADORABLE!!
    -They Dance
    -"Hey don't hit my boyfriend" :)
    -Dancing-Zoey and Chase
    -And of course Zoey asking Chase to spend the summer with her in Hawaii.
    Okay so that's it for my Choey recap. Here's for Quagon. I need to wrap this up soon. So, I wasn't really a big fan of Logan and Quinn but this episode made me love them because they announced their true love out loud to each other during the prom. When they were hiding the whole time about their relationship. As for the other parts of Chasing Zoey, Micheal and that weird Chinese guy was kind of odd. Lola & Vince were alright. And the last scene was cute. To conclude, this episode didn't live up to the previews but it was a good one by far.
  • Chase comes back and Zoey & him get together! Michael wants to take Lisa to the prom in his car, but he can't drive a stick shift. Quinn and Logan pick their own dates for the prom because they are embarrassed to be seen together. It ends very weirdly.

    I waited pretty much the whole 4th season of Zoey 101 for Chase to come back, and he was only in the last 10 minutes of the whole freaking movie! I was so mad! And, plus, I waited 3 years for Zoey and Chase to get together and all they do is kiss, announce that they are a couple, and then dance wildly together! What I rip off! All this time waiting and waiting and waiting for basically nothing! I don't know if anyone of you guys feel that the whole thing was kind of pointless, but I really did. I didn't really think it was a good ending to the series either.
  • I can't believe this is what we waited four years for.

    Four years of PCA have come and gone and this is the best they have to offer. Sure the movie had its funny points but I wasn't impressed. 1, ever since Logan and Quinn hooked up we've been waiting for it all to blow up and for everyone to find out, well everyone has finally found out but guess what none of their friends were in the room during the I love you confessions, wow all that hiding and no one seems to care. 2, I expected Zoey to have to choose between Chase and James, not she breaks up with James and super coinkydink Chase shows up a few hours later and after she broke up with James he completely fell out of the episode, he didn't even go to prom (well I didn't see him). 3, we wait four years for this kiss and this is what we get, there was no climax what so ever, the entire movie was supposed to be about Zoey and Chase finally getting together but the kiss takes place during the last ten minutes of the episode "Movie". Valuable minutes which could have been used to write an entertaining finali was wasted on Michael and his stick shift, this episode was completely disappointing, to think I could have been watching something else.
  • It was really good!

    It's prom and everyone's excited. Quinn and Logan try to find a way to date someone else in order to keep their relationship secret. Michael needs to learn how to drive a stick shift. Zoey and James break up after James tells her that he loves her. Lola and Vince are late to the prom after getting lost. Logan ends up taking Stacey, while Quinn goes with Dustin. Zoey isn't going, but a mystery guest arrives. It's Chase! They finally start going out. Logan blurts out that he loves Quinn. Everyone has a really great time.

    This was a very good episode! I'm glad that Zoey ended up with Chase. It was actually really funny with Stacey and the man who taught Michael how to drive a stick shift. This episode gets a 9.0!
  • This was the series finale of Zoey 101. It was prom time, and it was one night that no one will ever forget.

    Wow! where should I begin. First I will say that this was one movie I could not wait to see, I was so excited. I thought the movie was very good. I thought the whole Michael plot was so funny. I loved the part when they took the bananas out and started to eat. I was laughing so hard. I was happy to see Michael with Lisa, I think they are so cute when there together. Even though I thought Michael's plot was good, I do think it took up a lot of time.

    Quinn and Logan were most of the movie too, and I thoght there plot could of been smaller, but it was funny watching Logan take Stacey to prom. I felt a little bad for him though. Quinn was even more unhappy with Dustin. I did think it was funny when Quinn knocked him out and then the janitor wanted to take his wallet. Even though I was not a huge fan of Quinn and Logan, I thought it was a cute moment when Logan said I love you and Quinn said it back.

    I had a feeling James would say I love you to Zoey, and you could tell he really cared about Zoey. I knew once James gave Zoey the necklace that she was thinking of Chase, that is why things were never the same between her and James. I thought the break up was a little sad. I am glad James let her keep the necklace and that he said I love you as a girlfriend or a friend.

    Lola and Vince were cute and their scenes were ok. I thought the cameo of Dan was funny, especially when he left them there. The nerds were a little to weird in this movie talking about there going to prom with Zoey, but I did like that they led us to the Chase and Zoey scene.

    So this is the part that everyone was waiting for. As soon as Zoey's phone rang I started to get so excited. I thought the conversation was cute. I loved the line when Chase told Zoey to turn around. Her reaction was great. I thought Chase falling was funny, he could never compose himself when he is around Zoey, but he did sound very smooth on the phone. I really liked that Chase's arm was bleeding, it made me think about when they first met. The two kisses were so cute and I loved it when Chase said yeah I felt that, I think everyone watching did too.

    I also loved Michael's reaction to Chase coming back. He was so happy. Even when Zoey said don't crush my boyfriend he was happy. I was also happy that Stacey got a happy ending and got rid of her lisp. It was a nice moment for her. All in all I thought the movie was very good, but it would of been better if there was more Chase and Zoey. I'm just glad they finally got together and had their first kiss.
  • Possibly the biggest let down in PCA history.

    The end of the school year is approaching, and that means Prom is too! Zoey is going to spend her summer in Maui, but when James offers to come along, her reaction isn't what he expected. Meanwhile, Michael gets a classic car from his father so he can drive Lisa to prom. The only problem is, Michael can't drive stick. Quinn and Logan want to go to prom, but they want to keep their secret safe too, so they decide to pick each other's dates -- the result is not what either of them expected. Meanwhile, Lola is made head of prom committee, and all she wants is to arrive fashionably late, but will she be able to?

    Well, I was happy with this episode because Chase came back but it was really nothing special and it ended just like any other episode. I didn't like the kiss scenes either because no one was there to see it. It was still ok though.
  • Definitely a good way to go out. *Spoilers Ahead*

    Okay, there's a lot going on in this hour-long movie, so I'm glad they didn't treat it like two episodes that go along together like they did with "Goodbye Zoey?" (though that worked for THAT movie).

    Zoey's storyline: 8.5/10. This was the Big One, the one in which Zoey and Chase finally got together, and I know a LOT of people were really looking forward to this, and a LOT of people were disappointed. I do think there could have been more drama with James and Zoey not breaking up until after Chase came back, and maybe Chase should have returned sooner, and a bunch of other stuff could have been done better. But still, Chase and Zoey got together (took them long enough) so that in itself is a huge plus. James proved himself to be a sweetheart, though he mysteriously disappeared. Zoey (and those surrounding her, like Lola and Quinn) was unnaturally stupid when it came to figuring out what was bothering Zoey (to the point of depression, which made me want to slap her). We didn't see much Chase at all. Still, it was a happy ending, and I'm a sucker for those.

    Quinn/Logan's storyline: 10/10. It was way way cheesy. And I loved it. Seriously, there was a ton of Quogan in this episode, and they proved themselves to be as adorable as ever. It was fairly predictable from the promos and the episode summary we'd gotten, but was still absolutely amazing when they announced they loved each other and kissed in front of everyone at prom. I would have loved to see the gang's reaction to them, but overall it was great.

    Lola's storyline: 7/10. It was mildly funny, but rather pointless. I guess they just needed something for her to do. The rat/guitar thing was random. The nerd thing was pretty funny (I especially enjoyed seeing Vince take down all four nerds in a split second then apologizing and helping them back up). "JALEPENOS!" was random, but I suppose that's not really about Lola. Dan was good in his cameo. I'm just glad they didn't spend any more time on this storyline.

    Michael's storyline: 7/10. Reactions over this have been mixed, with some people finding it hilarious and others just stupid. It is pretty stupid, admittedly. And very random. Chinese guy who makes him do weird things so he can learn to drive a stick shift and then turns out not to be real...yeah. Okay. Sure. All the same, it was amusing, mostly because of Chris's acting skills. It did feel like a bit too much time was spent on this. Instead of watching two guys laugh and eat bananas, we could have been watching something people actually cared about.

    Stacey's storyline: 8/10. I'm happy for her. I really am. But without her lisp, Stacey's not...Stacey. And Stacey/Mark is a pretty weird couple. But whatever. It was funny to see Stacey at Prom with Logan, and it is nice to finally see her happy, so I'm proud of the writers for giving Stacey that happiness. Even though I really don't like Mark. You know who Stacey should've ended up with? Jeremiah Trottman!/randomness

    Dustin's storyline: 5/10. Well, he certainly grew up. Yeah, he was immature and a bit out of character, but give the boy a break. He's twelve. He can't be perfect all the time. And him laughing hysterically at Quinn was pretty funny. His last bit of screen-time did not give him a happy ending, but I'm guessing he got over being used by Quinn pretty darn quick.

    Overall: 10/10, if only for the Quoganess (which is what got me involved in the Zoey 101 fandom in the first place). The music was good, it was pretty well edited, and while some things could've been better, I think it was a great way to end the series.

    And there is my long review. ;)
  • End of the school year. Michael learns to drive a stick shift car. Lola and Vince are late to the prom. Quinn and Logan lets the secret out. And finally Zoey breaks up with James and gets with Chase.

    This was one of the worst episodes I have ever seen. This was a disappointment to a series finally. This episode had way too many plot holes and it looks to me like this episode was just put together without any effort. As much as I didn't want Zoey 101 to end but I hoped for a decent ending and what I have seem was unbearable. This episode was very cliché with everything going perfect. Quinn and Logan confessing was expected, Zoey breaking up with James and Chase showing up at the right time and his falling down the stairs was over done. Zoey calling Chase her boyfriend right after breaking up with James was cheesy. Overall it was ok but could have been much better. I wish I have never watched this episode and lived on with my life.
  • Great episode!

    It's prom time at PCA, and everyone is excited except for Zoey Brooks, who broke up with her boyfriend James Garrett. Zoey thought she would never step foot in the prom, but an unexpected phone call proves otherwise. Meanwhile, Lola and Vince want to arrive fashionably late for the prom, but when the cab driver storms off, how will they get there? Also, Quinn and Logan have to pick each others dates so no one will find out that they are dating, and the results are anything but what they wanted. And if that wasn't enough, Micheal gets a stick shift so he can drive Lisa to the prom. The problem is, he can't drive a stick shift. But he receives help in the unlikliest of places (REALLY weird part of the movie). With a heartfelt ending and many suprises, Chasing Zoey is an event to remember.
  • spoiler alert... michael learns how to drive a stick shift, logan and quinn finally publicly announce their love for each other, zoey and james break up, vince and lola are late for the prom, chase comes back, he and zoey share a kiss. the end.

    overall not bad... totally predictable though. the commercials basically gave it all away. i was a bit disappointed because this episode proved that james was just sort of a little fill in for chase until he came back. james telling zoey that he loved her whether she was his girlfriend or just his friend and to keep the necklace was sweet, her kiss was chase was cute, and logan and quinn confessing their love for each other was adorable too. but the fact that james basically disappeared after he and zoey broke up and chase just took his place was sad and kinda stupid. why even give zoey a new boyfriend if they were just going to break up when chase came back from england? not exactly the best way to end the season, but it was okay.
  • This episode/Tv Movie was fairly good. If you have not seen it I would definetly watch it!

    I really was enjoying this episode. It was kinda wierd though that Zoey and James broke up. I was kinda like wow! But then I was like OMG, Zoey and Chase r gonna get back together! I liked when chase and zoey finally kissed. But i dont think there was any tongue action. Well if there were any more episodes there probably would be. It was well worth the wait. It would have been like the perfect movie ever but they never showed james going to the prom. I mean i would be really sad if the girl I gave a necklace 2 that said "I luv u" just dumped. If they would have shown him getting together with someone else and going to the prom it would be perfect!!!!!
  • This last episode is great, but there should have been more exitement.

    First of all, Chase should have met Vince and James, not to mention the fact that NO ONE important noticed the Quogan at the end. Back to James. He and Zoey break up, and he's never seen again! What?
    Now on the positives and their negatives. Michael's subplot was nice, but it had nothing to do with the plot, though I liked how it ended up with Mark giving Stacy a normal voice and the two going to the prom together. That said, Dustin should have gotten another scene. Now I think that the break up scene was good, but I think that Zoey should have told Chase and James about each-other. Vince and Lola's subplot was funny, with the taxi driver getting in a fight over the cell phone and quitting his job. In short, this was a good way to end it, but could use some continuity.
  • BEST SEASON FINALE EVER! This Zoey 101 Movie (they call it "Chasing Zoey") was brilliant! OMG it had everything. I will warn you that my review contains spoilers so if you have not seen it yet DON'T READ MY REVIEW b/c it will spoil some big surprises....

    Prom time! This whole Zoey 101 movie is based on the prom that is happening at PCA. There are many stories in this movie. The most important one is [SPOILER ALERRRTTTT!!!] -- Chase comes back to PCA and KISSES ZOEY! FINALLY! I havce been dying for them to kiss for years and they did. And it was a really nice kiss too. I love CHase and wish I had a BF like him.

    There is also some classic Quinn stuff, she blows up the nerds with a bomb she made and they run off into the woods b/c they think the world is ending. Quinn and Logan declare their love for each other in front of everyone/

    But the WEIRDEST and maybe most AWESOME part was a very strange story about Michael and Lisa. Michael gets a new car but it's a stickshift and he can't drive it so he needs lessson. A mysterious Asian man teaches him and it;s SOOOO FUNNY!!! OH! And Stacey..well I won't tell you what happens to Stacey but it's CLASSIC--a total surprise that will make you laugh HARD.

    I love Zoey 101 and this was the best season finale they ever did. Now I want to see more episodes so I can see Zoey and Chase be BF/GF!!!!!
  • The Final Episode. Also probably the best in the series.

    I was expecting a good show. I got an excellent show. This is the greatest episode they ever made. I loved it and my sister loved it. Spoilers!!!! If You haven't seen this episode do not read the rest of the review!

    Chase and Zoey Kissed!! I just had to get that out. I felt kinda bad for James though. Finally Quinn and Logan reveal. I wish they had shown the reactions to Zoey or Lola. Or Chase or Michael. I also would have liked to seen Chase react to Vince Blake. Other than that it was a flawless episode. DO I highly recomend this episode? The answer is......Yeeeeeeeeeesssssss!!! I wasn't dissapointed much. This is one fantastic episode.
  • it's almost the end of the school year and everyone is getting ready for prom, but there is some drama that follows

    ok what the heck was that? im sitting here waiting all week for this movie and im like so freaking out about it and squealing at random times and then we get this..barely any choey or misa and some ships that i just dont particularly like..the only parts i liked were when and yes spoiler james and zoey broke up..chase comes back and they kiss, zoey calls him her bf, and theyre dancing at the end..the best choey moments and really only choey moments were in the last 11 mins..which stinks b/c i thought we would have more..so no it did not meet my expectations
  • It's a Disney channel show, it's the end of the season possibly the end of the show, what do you think's gonna happen? It did. On the plus side it was cute.

    This episode was very predictable. Chase and Zoey got together. Logan and Quinn finally declared their love. All very obvious plot devices. All very sweet though and both will make the fans happy. The Micheal storyline was kinda shocking but kinda random. Same with the Lola storyline. Overall, a lot of things happened with Zoey 101 fans have been waiting for for a long time and fans of the show will love the finale. However, those who watch the show simply for relaxation, fun, parenting or guilty pleasure will find it predictable though cute. It's a sweet ending to this season and to the Chase/Zoey storyline that's built up throughout the seasons and I dare anyone to watch it without going Awww.
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