Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 12

Chasing Zoey

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2008 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Dustin is about two years younger than Zoey. Zoey is about sixteen, so Dustin would be fourteen and probably in the ninth-grade. Proms are usually only for upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) so it's weird that Dustin is allowed to go.

    • In this episode, it's said that James works at his uncle's hardware store, but in "Dinner For Two Many", it's his uncle's construction site, unless he has two different uncles.

    • In this episode, Zoey mentions that her dad knows a guy who manages the Chambrulé hotel in Maui. The Chambrulé hotel is the name of the hotel in the movie "Drake & Josh Go Hollywood."

    • The car that Michael drives is the same car that Drake and Josh drive in the episode of Drake and Josh titled "The Wedding." This may be due to the fact that both shows are produced by Dan Schneider.

    • When they're talking on the phone, Zoey asks Chase how England is. He replies with some stereotypical comments and adds, "You've seen movies," as an explanation, which is a strange thing to say to someone who lived in England for a brief period.

    • Chase didn't react at all when Vince came to the prom with Lola. In the past, Vince and his team beat up Chase, Michael, Mark, and Logan. When everyone else first saw Vince return in the episode "Vince Is Back," they were mad and wanted comeuppance. But Chase might have already known Vince was back, most likely because Michael, Logan, or Zoey would have called and told him.

    • When the students are arriving at Prom, the loudspeaker says that they should sign in with Mr. Bender. Mr. Bender was a teacher featured in episodes from seasons one and two.

    • The site highschoolcrazy.com that Quinn and Lola visit actually relocates to iCarly.com.

    • All of the main characters except for Dustin and James end up with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Chase is with Zoey, Logan with Quinn, Michael with Lisa, Vince with Lola, and Mark with Stacey.

    • In this episode, Zoey asks Chase if he is okay, and tells him that his arm is bleeding. These are the first things she said to him in the pilot episode.

    • When Dustin hands Quinn the Canadian dollar, it is clearly not one due to the fact that Canadian dollars are coins and not paper (although some Canadian money is paper). It's never said how much the dollar was worth (one dollar, two dollars, etc), so Dustin could have given Quinn a Canadian dollar bill.

    • When Logan comes up to Quinn before prom, and when James 'scares' Zoey, iCarly.com is the website the both of them are visiting.

    • Chase and Zoey officially become boyfriend and girlfriend in this episode.

    • Zoey and James break up and remain friends in this episode.

    • Zoey and Chase kiss for the first time in the whole series.

    • After getting hit by a car in this episode, Stacey talks normally.

    • Logan and Quinn's relationship is revealed.

  • Quotes

    • Dustin: What happened back there? I woke up on the ground, and some janitor was trying to steal my wallet.
      Quinn: (sarcastically) Wah!

    • Jeremiah: Aren't you going to the prom?
      Zoey: Nah, I don't have a date.
      Jeremiah: I'll be your date!
      Zoey: You're taking Martha...
      Jeremiah: (leans in and whispers) I'll get rid of her.
      Zoey: (smiles) Jeremiah?
      Jeremiah: Yes?
      Zoey: Go.
      Jeremiah: Right...

    • Zoey: So, guess what I'm doing this summer!
      Lola: Uh...
      James: You're gonna wrestle panda bears on a Mississippi riverboat!

    • (Zoey lays down on bed, a dress is thrown on her)
      Zoey: A dress just landed on me.
      (A bra is thrown on Zoey)
      Zoey: Ooh, and a strapless bra.

    • Michael: (in deep voice, while Mark is driving) Stir the tuna...
      Mark: Why do you keep saying that?
      Michael: ...Stomp the grapes!
      Mark: And that!

    • Dustin: I know I'm supposed to bring you a flower, but I forgot. So here.
      (Dustin hands Quinn a dollar)
      Quinn: Wow...a Canadian dollar...I'll be ready in a sec.

    • Logan: Wanna go make out?
      Quinn: (irritated) Yes.

    • (Zoey's phone rings; she answers)
      Zoey: Hello?
      Chase: Hey, Zoe.
      Zoey: Chase! How's England?
      Chase: Ah, you know. Boiled food, people driving on the wrong side of the street. You've seen movies.
      Zoey: I have.

    • Mr. Takato: You cannot learn to drive a stickshift, until you learn to drive a stickshift.

    • Michael: Let's prom it up!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Michael: Stir the tuna, stomp the grapes!

      Michael learning to drive his car from an East-Asian man is an obvious allusion to the movie The Karate Kid, about a boy who learns karate from his Japanese landlord.
      In the movie, the hidden teaching method of "Wax on, wax off" is similar to Michael's unconventional learning method quoted above.