Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 10

Coffee Cart Ban

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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    An episode that was actually good which is rare for a season four episode with no Chase, and might as well have no Dustin, even though Paul Butcher is credited, but this episode was rather good.

    Sure it was completely ridiculous with the dean banning coffee just because his wife was hit by a coffee cart that Lola caused in some strange way, but the girls vs. the boys handling their own coffee business was entertaining, sure it pales comparing to the earlier seasons and I can definitely do without James but this was an entertaining half hour of season four.

    We've got some development with the relationships such as Lola & Vince being together, James & Zoey being together, and Quinn and Logan being together, but this show was never so focused on relationships like it was this season. A good episode out of a fair season.
  • Dean Rivers bans coffee carts after his wife gets hit by a coffee cart. Logan goes against the Dean's ban and starts selling coffee in his room and a large coffee is $9.00 from Logan. Zoey then decides to sell coffee in her room. Logan rats Zoey out.

    The episode starts off with a special half off day from the coffee carts. Coffee's, Javachino's, donuts, muffins and everything from the coffee is half off. Michael and Logan tell Zoey, Quinn and Lola about this. They all go over to the coffee carts. When Lola gets her drink, she pushes a button on the coffee cart. The coffee cart is free rolling and ends up hitting the Dean's wife. Dean rivers bans coffee carts. Logan, Michael, Zoey, Lola and Quinn are all not happy with this. Logan and Michael start selling coffee in their room. They get a lot of customers. Logan charges absurd prices. For a large cup of coffee it is $9.00. Zoey then starts selling coffee out of her room. This works until Logan busts Zoey. They all get in trouble until Zoey sees that Dean Rivers has coffee. Zoey makes the Dean unban coffee. He does. Coffee carts are unbanned. Everyone ends up happy.
  • It was FUNNY. And Brando looked soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

    I thought it was funny to see coffee get banned when everyone there is like ADDICTED to it. I also like the way Vince Blake speaks when he talks to Lola. It was the cutest. "Cause I've been drinking coffee." It was adorable!! Logan was soooo adorable with his whole "gabberflasted" remark. It's probably one of my favorite Logan remarks. I do think that Vince should've been in it more as Lola's boyfriend...maybe helping them in Zoey's room...maybe helping them try to destroy Logan and Michael's Coffee 'business' so to speak. It was a really cutesy episode though and I did enjoy watching it.
  • Dean Rivers bans all coffee carts after a accident. Then the boys and the girls try to outsell each other.

    I thought this episode was ok. It was cool that they brought Dean Rivers wife back. When she gets mad you really can not talk to her. I liked how the girls came up with their own idea and tried to beat Logan. Quinn was really good with that zap watch, I did not know she could aim so good being that far away. I found a little weird how they ended the whole thing, with the dean going against his own rule. People must really love coffee at PCA, It was funny when everyone was in the dean's office and Logan did not know the know the word flabbergasted.
  • It was...good

    Yea, yea, yea, it isn't equal to quality of Trading Places or anything, but it's still pretty good. Although to me, the ending was quite disappointing. It built all that suspense up, and then... well, I'm trying not to spoil much.

    I guess the Lola plot with the sweater was pretty good, and her plot that made the whole episode was good, too. But I was kind of looking forward to seeing the PCA kids actually walking or jogging the walk. It's like they skipped over the entire concept.

    Other than that, well, it was good! Pretty good jokes, and it built up suspense (that lead to dissapointment) so it deserves an 8.2 out of 10.
  • When Dean Rivers bans Coffee Carts Logan and Micheal decide to start charging $9 for coffee. The girls find out about this and decided to start selling coffee at cheaper prices. Causing a battle to form with Logan & Micheal against Zoey, Quinn & Lola.

    I absolutely loved this episode because it reminded me of episodes from season one! In season one a lot of the episodes were set up like this! They haven't done this in a long time. I've missed season one episodes so for me it was nice to see this episode because it was very similar to the episodes of that season!

    I thought it was hilarious when Logan had Zoey, Lola and Quinn manhandled out of the building only because he was having his own girlfriend manhandled out! That was just something only Logan Reese would do! haha.

    I also thought it was a nice change that Quinn came up with the idea to sell coffee because usually Zoey is the one to come up with every idea it was nice that someone else did for once! Also when Zoey asked Quinn what they were gonna do to get back at the guys I was kinda shocked that Zoey actually asked her to come up with the idea again and Zoey had nothing! It was nice to see that for once Zoey didn't think of everything that they did!

    Quinn's zap invention thing was great! It was hilarious when Lola grabbed it and started zapping Logan. Then Quinn telling her to stop was so 'quogany' lol. It was nice to see a Quinnvention since we haven't seen any since like season three.

    I feel bad for James in this episode because everyone seems so mad at him for telling Zoey and taking her side and that he didnt side with the guys! He didn't even take Zoeys side he wasn't really involved in the whole thing.

    I also thought Logan went a little to far by calling the dean on Zoey Lola and Quinn. However im a little glad he did because it showed that he is still jerkish! I miss him acting like a jerk (call me crazy) he hasnt been acting like that since he started dating Quinn. It was nice to see him back to his old self!

    Also Zoey seemed back to her old self too! She wasnt acting all annoyed and rolling her eyes all through the episode which she has been doing a lot lately. She was nice again -like in season one!

    The whole episode reminded me of season one again.

    Quinn was even acting kinda weirder again! In the beginning when she was knocking people out while she was walking with Zoey and James. That was great! And so Quinn!

    All the characters were acting like they used to which is why I love this episode so much!

    And ofcourse another reason that I think everyone will agree is the highlight of the episode:

    "I am Gabberflasted!" hahaha.
  • Dean Rivers bans coffee carts because his wife gets his with one. So everyone try's to find a way to get coffee on campus.

    It was ok. But it wasn't A+ material. So if you plan on watching it don't. I don't believe it's worth the time. But a funny part is seeing his wife get hit. Also it's the first time you see Quinn's lazer watch in a long time. I guess it was just a episode to fit in before the season finale. But it's just not the second or first best episode out there. So there's no reason to give the episode a 7.00 or better. That is why i give this episode a 6.1 because it wasn't the best episode. Thanks for your time.
  • Dean Rivers Bans Coffee Carts

    Dean Rivers was really stupid in this episode. He banned coffee without a reason and expected people to listen to them. Logan was even more stupid in this episode. 9 bucks for a cup of coffee is crazy. James should have sided with the guys but I can respect him supporting his girfriend as much as I hate Zoey and James together. Quinn's way of getting back at Logan was really funny and I like how Lola just started shooting Logan. The way the gang cornered Dean Rivers in the end about selling coffee was one of the best parts of the episode. I also liked how the other guy charged 400 bucks for a cup of coffee just for Logan and Logan actually paid.
  • Good, but short...

    The Dean bans coffee carts on campus after an accident involving his wife, resulting in a war of the sexes when the girls and guys each try to come up with a scheme to circumvent the new rule. This episode was above the average I expect from season 4. I didn't expect it to be anything special and it really wasn't. It was still good. It was actually pretty short. There wasn't a middle to it. It was just a beginning then BOOM! and ending. I would have given it 10 if it had a middle. It was the 3rd best of season 4 so far.
  • This was possibly the worst episode ever.

    The whole 20 something minutes I watched this episode I wanted to poke my eyes out. It was terrible. That was the stupidest plot I've ever seen. There really isn't much to say. I can't stand this show anymore. The only thing that's keeping me watch it is the fact that Chase will be back in May. James is awful, he couldn't act if his life depended on it. Zoey was annoying. Logan was obnoxious. If this was the first episode I had ever watched my opion of the whole series would be thrown off. How are people rating this is perfect??????!!
  • Lots going on in this classic Zoey episode! Coffee is banned from PCA (ouch!) Lola & Vince. Quinn & Logan. And a big rivarly between the guys and girls. Coffee Cart Ban is a MUST SEE!!!!

    I loved this episode. Some people only like episodes where the characters change a lot (like the relationships and stuff). But I like some episodes just to be fun and great like this one. It all starts when Dean Rivers wife (she's SO MEAN) gets run over by a runaway coffee cart so Dean Rivers BANS COFFEE from PCA which was completely unfair. Then Logan somehow gets coffee and sells it in his room which is against the rules. And since he's the only one who has coffee to sell he charges crazy prices ripping everyone off. That makes the girls really mad so they find a way to sell coffee too and compete with Logan. I love it when the girls take on the guys. There was more Quinn/Logan romance and James/Zoey (JAMES IS SO HOT!!!) and even some Lola/Vince romance, too (Vince is also HOT). But the funniest part is when Quinn made her zap watch work like a gun and shot all Logan's coffee cups like a sniper. LOL. That part was cool and sci-fi. I really loved this episode because it was just plain fun and funny. Jamie Spear's acting is pretty bad (as usual) but everyone else's is GREAT. So Coffee Cart Ban gets a 10 out of 10!!!
  • I liked it!

    Dean Rivers bans coffee from the school after a woman is run over by the coffee cart. Everyone wants coffee though. Logan and Michael start their own coffee business, but they sell it for way high prices. Zoey, Lola and Quinn are upset by this, so they start their own business with cheaper prices. Everyone comes to theirs, so Logan calls Dean Rivers and reports. Thanks to James, they aren't caught. They stop though, so Logan has business again. Quinn zaps holes into the coffee cups and ruins Logan's business. Dean Rivers comes in and finds out. They find out that Dean Rivers has his own coffee, even though he said faculty members couldn't have any, so he lets people sell coffee again.

    This episode was good! It was kind of pointless though. It was just entertaining. This episode gets an 8.0 out of 10!
  • after a horrible accident involving his wife, dean rivers bans coffee from pca but that doesnt stop logan from trying to run a secret business and zoey from doing the same thing, but at a lower price. However, the trouble starts with the competition

    ok this may not have been that great an ep but it was actually my fav since trading places..i can honestly say that this is my second fav ep from season 4..haha doesnt look like the quinn and logan relationship is going so well after all but the vince and lola is..i puked at that pt..logan deserved what came to him but i was mad when the girls got dragged down w/ him..luckily not much zoey and james since james was only in like half the ep..but yea zoey did the right thing by starting her own business and when logan was a jerk she did the right thing by shutting him down..logan just keeps getting worse
  • Dean Rivers bans coffee carts and the gang each comes up with underground coffee shops.

    This was the WORST episode ever. EVER. James was boring, as I expected, and there was possibly NOOO character development for ANY of the characters. It was absolutely horrendous. The only reason I gave it a 3 was because of a couple of good moments in it.

    At the beginning, I like the little Vince/Lola moment. It was definitely nice to see more nice Vince. :) He's a cool guy.

    Also, in the middle, when Lola is zapping Logan with Quinn's zapwatch and Quinn tells her to stop was a nice Quogan moment, also.

    Logan was quite the jerk in this episode, but at the end he was funny.

    I don't plan on re-watching this episode EVER.
  • Normal but still good! This is only based on the commercial of the episode!

    This is a normal episode, but it s still good and exciting considering that Logan and Quinn have thier first fight.
    We hear Quinn actually saying to Logan "you are not goin to charge me, are you baby" and "we are boyfriend and girlfriend" which show us that they are truely a couple and have a relationship, not just 'going out'. Although, we still see Logan being his obnoxious jerk that he usually is, even to his girlfriend. But he is improving as shown in season 4.
    This was only based on the commercial of the episode!
    See next time for another review of the whole episode. Tune IN!