Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 17

Curse of PCA

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • LOVE this TV movie!

    It is so awesome to watch Zoey 101 TV movie! I love it lot! Logan is so stupid to steal dead guy's necklace and spirit of dead guy is coming back to get his necklace back. Zoey and Chase were separate from gang. Zoey broke her ankle when she fell. I think it was sprained. who know? It was so perfect scene for Chase came back for Zoey and carried her to infirmary. Chase looks great, his hair, his style. Just perfect for him. Later they are trying to figure out why spirit was keeping coming for gang. Logan confessed and gang had to walk all night to dead guy's place. GREAT tv movie. I love it!
  • great

    Zoey and friends hear a story about a student who was freaking out during exams one semester and fled off to Redstone Gulch. Zoey and her friends want to know if it is true, and with the help of Lafe, Lola's new crush, they go off to find out if it is true. Is the legend of Redstone Gulch true? Is PCA cursed?

    Good episode. I haven't seen it in a while but I remember liking it when the action started. The first few minutes was kind of boring, but once the action started, it was pretty much great I thought. If I saw this as a real little kid I would probably be really scared. So because of all of this overall my final grade is a B
  • So Zoey and her friends go to this old place where a passed student of PCA was. Logan takes the student's necklace, and puts it in Zoey's backpack. Now the ghost is after Zoey, with a green cloud...

    I really liked this movie! It was Awesome how they did a movie like this, and I really enjoyed it. The movie was very funny, and I loved how it was kind of scary! I liked the part where Zoey and her friends are at the old place, and Logan puts the necklace in Zoey's backpack! I also liked how the green cloud followed Zoey around as the spirit of the student that owned the necklace. That is why I liked this Zoey 101 movie, and I think that it is my favorite movie of Zoey 101! I really loved it a lot!
  • the gang tries to prove a PCA legend and end up being cursed

    sry im going to leave the summary that way just for ppl who havent seen it..spoilers involved..this was a very good movie..i loved it..they go to prove a legend and find it true but then get cursed as logan is logan and takes whats not his causing them to be cursed and zoey in particular b/c she has the dead guys name tag..this is a great choey movie..there were great moments..zoey calls for chase and no one else when shes hurt..he carries her..he cares for her..he takes care of her the whole movie..it was so sweet..the curse was cool too as we see them scared and see what bad things happen to them..it was all intriguing..and then how the ghost gets the teacher in the end was so funny..i recommend u see this movie
  • Who can't love this episode?

    An 8.0!?! That's all it gets on tv.com? Seriously, this episode deserves way better than that. Sure, it's not as great as Spring Break Up, but still, it deserves a 9 or higher!

    The effects is what I loved about this episode. For a Nck show, they were really good. Nick always uses cheap effects, whihc I don't like, so I wasn't exoecting that great of them from this episode, but I was wrong, and surprised!

    It was pretty funny, some of the parts. And, it had some suspense going on, too, which is great. Espically for a TV Movie.

    9.5 out of 10. It was good, but it got a little slow at some parts.
  • Spooooookkkyy!!!

    This was a great Zoey 101 movie. One thing was that I wish it was two hours long, rather than just another simple one hour special. They kinda had to squish all those exciting events in just sixty minutes minus about 10-15 minutes of commercials! If this was a two hour movie, then they'd have more room to stretch all the events in the movie out. But they didn't, and I can't change that, oh well. Another disappointment: Lafe got to kiss Victoria Justice (Lola) before I did! And he kissed her a lot! Some girl that hot doesn't deserve some guy that stupid! She deserves someone else! Any suggestions? Oh yeah! I have one! ME!

    The plot was interesting and there were a lot of funny quotes in the movie. That green ghost of Charles L. Galloway was pretty spooky! Not that I was scared... it was my sister hiding under the blanket!

    This movie, I believe, was better than the Spring Break Up movie. We needed some excitement in this show, and the Curse of PCA brought more to us, rather than Spring Break Up.

    The acting was great, except for Lafe. I could never get his jokes, but by the reaction of the other characters: Quinn, Zoey, Chase, Michael & Logan, I know I'm not alone on that idea. And what up with Lola kissing? It was kinda early! Then Michael, Logan, and Quinn get back to the lounge at PCA and they are making out! Can not believe it!
  • My favorite episode.

    The Curse of PCA is a two parter episode. The 2nd part of the episode isn't on the episode list so I can't review it yet. I don't know which part I liked better. The 2nd part was scarier, so I'll pick the 2nd part. I saw the episode on youtube so that's how I watched the episode. We find out that Quinn has "Quinnoculars" and a Portable Metal Detector. Lola develops a crush on Lafe in this episode and they kiss numerous times. Stacey Dillsen was in both of these episodes. She was funny. So overall, I loved this episode!
  • its not because i think ive seen it. its like the gang all get chased by a "ghost" or something

    its not because i think ive seen it. its like the gang all get chased by a "ghost" or something..................i cant think of any more words so ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ahah h ah a a a ac a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a