Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 17

Curse of PCA

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • At one point, Chase says they've been hiking for three hours. If they were really gone for that long, an adult from the school probably would've or should've been looking for them.

    • In this episode, Zoey and six of her friends leave PCA. In "Favour Chain," it's mentioned that students need a permission slip to leave campus. Given that the hiking trip was a spur-of-the-moment decision, it's not likely that any of the students had permission to leave campus.


    • Lola's first kiss on the show is in this episode.

    • When Chase is looking at the old PCA yearbook, the name seen above Charles Galloway is Dan Schneider, the creator of the show.

    • When Lola and Lafe are heading back, they are taking the wrong path. From the camera's view, Lola came from the left trail, but on their way back, they take the trail on the right.

    • When Lola is chasing after Lafe while he is following the ducks, there is no log in her path. But when they head back, a log appears and Lafe trips over it.

    • Instead of Logan taking the necklace and causing Charles Galloway to go after him and the rest of the gang, he could have just taken a picture. This would have proved the legend was true just as well as having the actual necklace would have done.

  • Quotes

    • Logan: Check out the page with the pink paper clip.
      Chase: Pink?
      Michael: It was the only color they had at the library.

    • Lola: I can't believe you got yourself, me, and 5 other people lost in the wilderness because you wanted to hang out with me!

    • Zoey: I thought we decided to forget Red Stone Gultch and find our way back to PCA so we can study for our test.
      Chase: Yeah, it's gonna be dark in a couple of hours anyway.

    • Chase: You can't see through things!

    • Michael: So, the way back to PCA is through Lafe's face!

    • Michael: I'm ready to throw my gaseous orb!

    • Logan: Just tell us which way is north!
      Chase: Well, according to this compass, north is that way, that way, that way, this way, and uh, apparently just left of my bladder.

    • (Lola finishes talking on her walkie-talkie and sees Lafe eating mustard)
      Lafe: Mustard?
      Lola: No thanks.

    • Lola: Log!
      Lafe: Huh?
      (Lafe trips over log)
      Lafe: Hey, watch out! There is a log there.
      Lola: Thanks.

    • (Zoey realizes she is going downhill on a stretcher with a bucket on her head)
      Zoey: I am going to kill somebody!

    • Zoey: Someone get this freakish bucket off of my head!

    • Zoey: (pointing) Bu-Butt... F-F-Face...
      Nurse: Did you just call be Buttface!?

    • Lafe: You probably think I'm silly, don't you?
      Lola: No, Spongebob's friend, Patrick is silly! You are weird!

    • Chase: Okay, what is with the green weather?
      (green dust develops in air)
      Zoey: Can someone PLEASE, tell me what that is!?
      (Quinn examines green dust for a second)
      Quinn: Oh, I don't know!!

    • Chase: Oh no. Quinn has something weird attached to her face.
      (Quinn glares at Chase)
      Quinn: They're called Quinnoculars.

    • Chase: So why did your parents name you Lafe?
      Lafe: Oh, its a combination of the words 'life' and 'hope'.
      Chase: Then wouldn't your name be Loaf...?

  • Notes

    • In Canada this is aired as a two parter, with two taglines.
      Tagline Part 1: "We're gonna frisk you. Everywhere." -Chase (the tagline for the US TV movie)
      Tagline Part 2: "Ah Fred Mertz, you stud!" -Nurse (Canada only)

    • This episode premiered as part of Nickelodeon's Shocktober.

    • Although credited, Paul Butcher (Dustin) does not appear in this episode.

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