Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 4

Defending Dustin

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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A bully, Keith Finch, forces Dustin to do his homework after Dustin corrects one of Keith's answers in math. Zoey finds out and stands up for Dustin, but just makes things worse. Dustin thinks that she makes him look like a baby. Finally, Zoey tells Herb, a janitor and a very good actor, to pretend to be the dean of discipline. Keith gets a note to go to the principals office and there he gets disciplined by Herb. Dustin then stands up to Keith. Dana goes off campus to get Elvis, Chase and Michael's dog, back from the pound, even though the DA does not allow it.moreless

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  • great

    Zoey intervenes when Dustin is bullied, but he does not want her to do this, and tells her he wishes life was like what it was before she went to PCA. Dustin is still being bullied, but will he come up with a way to make it all stop?

    Decent episode, it's too bad Dustin didn't get too many other starring roles in future episodes. This was a pretty good episode, I thought. Dustin is pretty much underappreciated in this show, I think. My final grade for this episode is in the "B" Range, a decent episode of the show I think.moreless
  • Dusting gets bullied.

    I think this was sort of a filler episode, not much development, just the same drama in Middle School, getting bullied, and when Zoey defends her brother, she makes it worst, and I have noticed that this is the only episode in which Zoey acts motherly. So that made it a filler episode, the plot overall was unoriginal. The B plot with the dog, Alvis. That one was pretty good, not like any other plot line & Dana does something nice! I also like how Chase fits in the storyline, giving Zoey advice about Dustin, did any one else notice but I think that everyone should be more angry at Nicole for letting the dog out just cause of her hair. Okay episode.moreless
  • it was alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    was ok. Well this episode was about Dustin mostly. He is in Geometry because he's super smart. sehow this guy named Keith ( I think it was Keith.) starts bullying him by making him do all of his homework, well Zoey will not stand for this and she defends him. Dustin gets embarresed and tells her to quit treating him like a baby. Zoey is saddened by it so she and Chase concoct a plan to make Keith leave him alone and let Dustin feel like he's tough. Overall it was an alright episode. I liked the Chase and Zoey moment where they were on the bench together talking. That was nicemoreless
  • Dustin gets bullied.

    A three word summary "Dustin gets bullied". Why Dustin? Why Dustin? Well Dustin hasn't been a big main person in the series, he wasn't even in the 3rd (or let me guess 2nd) episode of the series, and he is still in the credits. I really hope they had Dustin, in the show more. Much more in Season 4, and much more in the series. Dustin is Zoey's Sister, he really should be a big conflict. Unless, he has anotehr acting project he is working on. This is a Halo review for Zoey 101 episode "Defending Dustin" Peaceo tu! - TGH3.moreless
  • dustin is picked on when he corrects a tough guy in his advanced math class..zoey can't take it and she tries to defend him but it blows up in her face when dustin begins to hate her...so she establishes a scheme where dustin wont know shes helpingmoreless

    this was a nice ep and obviously zoey is like a mother figure 2 dustin..he just doesnt appreciate it yet lol..dustin is so smart...this is like only the 2nd ep w/ dustin right? sry back on track now..i hate when the bully is so mean 2 dustin and dustin has 2 stay up late doing his hw...i would have been exactly like zoey if it were my little brother or sister...unfortunately this made it worse for dustin so zoey cleverly came up w/ a plan and this kept the bully away from dustin...it was so cute how dustin thought him being tough w/ the bully made the bully run away but it was really zoey's scheme...still so cute..dustin's such a cute 6th gradermoreless
Ian Barford

Ian Barford

Janitor Herb

Guest Star

Michael Tyler Henry

Michael Tyler Henry

Mike the Bully

Guest Star

Cameron Lee

Cameron Lee

Student (uncredited)

Guest Star

Jessica Chaffin

Jessica Chaffin


Recurring Role

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    • Chase: Elvis! How'd you get him back?
      Dana: I snuck off campus, took a bus to the animal shelter and got him back.
      Zoey: Aw, see you do love him!
      Chase: I think she does!
      Dana: I do not.
      Nicole: Yes you do! Dana loves Elvis!
      Zoey and Nicole: Dana loves Elvis!
      Dana: Okay! But if any of you tell anyone that I did something nice, I'll mess you up!

    • Janitor Herb: (acting as the Dean of Discipline) If I EVER hear of you bothering any student on the PCA campus, especially younger ones, I'll expel you faster then pigtails on a giraffe, do you understand?!
      Keith: Yes, sir! ...Except for the giraffe part.
      Janitor Herb: GET OUT!

    • Chase: (about Dustin) Well I mean, you do kinda baby him sometimes.
      Zoey: (hitting him) I do not!
      Chase: Okay, that bruise should appear in about twenty minutes!

    • Zoey: Dustin, you do not need to be eating junk like that. (takes the snack from him)
      Chase: (taking the snack from Zoey) She's right, you gotta dip this in chocolate syrup. Way better.
      Zoey: (snatching it back) Chase!

    • Chase: Herb's awesome. Watch, do some Shakespeare!
      Janitor Herb: Oh, I-I don't know...I-I don't like to- For who would bear the whips and scorns of time? The oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely-
      Zoey: Contumely? (Chase shrugs)
      Janitor Herb: -the pangs of despised love.
      Zoey: (clapping) Wow, impressive!
      Chase: What does that mean?
      Janitor Herb: I got no idea.
      Chase: I had a feeling.

    • Chase: Hi.
      Zoey: Hi.
      (Zoey sits down next to Chase)
      Chase: You upset about Dustin?
      Zoey: No, I just want to sit. Go ahead, read your book.
      Chase: Okay.
      (short silence)
      Zoey: How can you read a book when I'm so upset?
      Chase: Sorry, I should be more sensitive.

    • Keith: Alright, Dustin. Since you're so smart, you're going to do my math homework for me.
      Dustin: But I-
      Keith: And my history homework.
      Dustin: But I don't think it's right for-
      Keith: AND my French homework.
      Dustin: But I don't know French.
      Keith: Then you've got a lot of work to do, don't ya?
      Dustin: Oui...

    • Janitor Herb: For who doth mop the chunks of lunch spewed forth by the nauseous and the queasy? 'Tis the noble janitor... (walks off)
      Zoey: He's a really good actor!
      Chase: And vomit mopper!

    • Teacher: (about Keith) Class, are his calculations correct?
      Dustin: (raising his hand) He used the wrong formula.
      Keith: What are you talking about?
      Dustin: I'll show ya! (walks up to the board) The formula to find the area of a circle, is πr^2, not 2πr. (turns to write out calculations on the board) So, the right answer is 196π.
      (Keith glares down at him)
      Dustin: Just saying.

    • Chase: That was the best acting any janitor has ever done!
      Janitor Herb: Thanks! Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a clogged toilet in the gym calling my name.
      (Zoey and Chase laugh)
      Zoey and Chase: Eww...

    • Nicole: (about Elvis the dog) Awww, he's so cute...wait, he's a "he," right? (they look underneath him) He's a "he!"
      Dana: Just keep him out of my stuff, or else he's gonna be a "she!"
      Nicole: Ouch!

    • Chase: DA is short for dorm advisor.
      Zoey: I know.
      Chase: OK. That's short for okay.
      Zoey: Stop it!

    • Zoey: You told him what?
      Chase: Well you know, that um... sometimes you gotta stand up to a guy like Keith and tell him off!
      Zoey: (hits Chase) Chase!
      Chase: Okay, what has this shoulder done to you?

    • Zoey: I do not treat Dustin like a baby!
      Chase: You do!
      Zoey: Why, 'cause I don't let him eat garbage like this? (talking about a bing bong)
      Chase: Garbage?! You're talking about the bing bong! Nature's perfect combination of chemicals and sugar!
      Zoey: I gotta go. (walks off)

    • Janitor Herb: (acting as the Dean of Discipline) I understand you've been harassing some of the younger students, is that correct?
      Keith: Well, I-
      Janitor Herb: Don't even think about lying!
      Keith: Yeah, I guess I have-
      Janitor Herb: Guess?
      Keith: Yes!
      Janitor Herb: Guess what? Come on, say it Finch, tell me!
      Keith: I-I pick on people!
      Janitor Herb: You mean you used to!

    • Keith: You have all my homework done by tomorrow morning, got it?
      Dustin: What happens if I don't?
      Keith: Bad, bad things.

    • Chase: Everyone gets hurt sometimes. You never been hurt?
      Zoey: No, not by a big, dumb bully!
      Chase: Well, then maybe it's time! (play tackles her) Oh yeah that's right, she's in trouble now, give me your lunch money!
      Zoey: Quit it!
      Chase: Give me your lunch money or I'll...
      (Zoey bites him)
      Chase: Ow! Did you bite me?
      Zoey: Maybe.
      Chase: Oh it's on!

    • Chase: You're fast!
      Zoey: Maybe you're just slow.
      Chase: Harsh.

    • Janitor Herb: Close the door and sit down. I'm very upset with you, Mr. Finch.
      Keith: You're not the principal.
      Janitor Herb: No back-sass!
      Keith: Who are you?
      Janitor Herb: I happen to be the Dean of Discipline!

    • Keith: Dustin-
      Dustin: Just be quiet!
      Keith: Huh? Look, I just came here to-
      Dustin: I'm sick of you, Keith Finch!
      I'm sick of you pushing me around!
      Keith: Dude-
      Dustin: And from now on, you do your own homework!
      Keith: Look, man-
      Dustin: And I'm not doing your stupid laundry, 'cause it smells bad, like you! From now on, just leave me alone, got it?
      Keith: Yeah. Sure, okay. (walks away)

    • Dustin's Friend: (after Dustin tells Keith off) Come on, let's go celebrate!
      Dustin: Nah, I think I'm just gonna go change my underwear.

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