Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 4

Defending Dustin

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • There is a building called the Harry Schneider Library that is digitally added. That was Dan's father's name.

    • This is the first episode of the series to be named after a main character.

    • The lines that Herb the Janitor recited - "For who would bear the whips and scorns of time; The oppressor's wrong; the proud man's contumely; The pangs of despised love..." are from Shakespeare's tragedy "Hamlet."

    • The first mention of Blix, the famous drink at PCA, is in this episode.

    • When Chase is giving Zoey a noogie, when Zoey bites Chase's hand, she bites her own and not Chase's.

    • On the show, Nicole says Dustin is in sixth grade. But on the website, it says he is in fifth.

    • When Dustin was typing Keith's homework, the words didn't move at all as he typed.

  • Quotes

    • Chase: Elvis! How'd you get him back?
      Dana: I snuck off campus, took a bus to the animal shelter and got him back.
      Zoey: Aw, see you do love him!
      Chase: I think she does!
      Dana: I do not.
      Nicole: Yes you do! Dana loves Elvis!
      Zoey and Nicole: Dana loves Elvis!
      Dana: Okay! But if any of you tell anyone that I did something nice, I'll mess you up!

    • Janitor Herb: (acting as the Dean of Discipline) If I EVER hear of you bothering any student on the PCA campus, especially younger ones, I'll expel you faster then pigtails on a giraffe, do you understand?!
      Keith: Yes, sir! ...Except for the giraffe part.
      Janitor Herb: GET OUT!

    • Chase: (about Dustin) Well I mean, you do kinda baby him sometimes.
      Zoey: (hitting him) I do not!
      Chase: Okay, that bruise should appear in about twenty minutes!

    • Zoey: Dustin, you do not need to be eating junk like that. (takes the snack from him)
      Chase: (taking the snack from Zoey) She's right, you gotta dip this in chocolate syrup. Way better.
      Zoey: (snatching it back) Chase!

    • Chase: Herb's awesome. Watch, do some Shakespeare!
      Janitor Herb: Oh, I-I don't know...I-I don't like to- For who would bear the whips and scorns of time? The oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely-
      Zoey: Contumely? (Chase shrugs)
      Janitor Herb: -the pangs of despised love.
      Zoey: (clapping) Wow, impressive!
      Chase: What does that mean?
      Janitor Herb: I got no idea.
      Chase: I had a feeling.

    • Chase: Hi.
      Zoey: Hi.
      (Zoey sits down next to Chase)
      Chase: You upset about Dustin?
      Zoey: No, I just want to sit. Go ahead, read your book.
      Chase: Okay.
      (short silence)
      Zoey: How can you read a book when I'm so upset?
      Chase: Sorry, I should be more sensitive.

    • Keith: Alright, Dustin. Since you're so smart, you're going to do my math homework for me.
      Dustin: But I-
      Keith: And my history homework.
      Dustin: But I don't think it's right for-
      Keith: AND my French homework.
      Dustin: But I don't know French.
      Keith: Then you've got a lot of work to do, don't ya?
      Dustin: Oui...

    • Janitor Herb: For who doth mop the chunks of lunch spewed forth by the nauseous and the queasy? 'Tis the noble janitor... (walks off)
      Zoey: He's a really good actor!
      Chase: And vomit mopper!

    • Teacher: (about Keith) Class, are his calculations correct?
      Dustin: (raising his hand) He used the wrong formula.
      Keith: What are you talking about?
      Dustin: I'll show ya! (walks up to the board) The formula to find the area of a circle, is πr^2, not 2πr. (turns to write out calculations on the board) So, the right answer is 196π.
      (Keith glares down at him)
      Dustin: Just saying.

    • Chase: That was the best acting any janitor has ever done!
      Janitor Herb: Thanks! Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a clogged toilet in the gym calling my name.
      (Zoey and Chase laugh)
      Zoey and Chase: Eww...

    • Nicole: (about Elvis the dog) Awww, he's so cute...wait, he's a "he," right? (they look underneath him) He's a "he!"
      Dana: Just keep him out of my stuff, or else he's gonna be a "she!"
      Nicole: Ouch!

    • Chase: DA is short for dorm advisor.
      Zoey: I know.
      Chase: OK. That's short for okay.
      Zoey: Stop it!

    • Zoey: You told him what?
      Chase: Well you know, that um... sometimes you gotta stand up to a guy like Keith and tell him off!
      Zoey: (hits Chase) Chase!
      Chase: Okay, what has this shoulder done to you?

    • Zoey: I do not treat Dustin like a baby!
      Chase: You do!
      Zoey: Why, 'cause I don't let him eat garbage like this? (talking about a bing bong)
      Chase: Garbage?! You're talking about the bing bong! Nature's perfect combination of chemicals and sugar!
      Zoey: I gotta go. (walks off)

    • Janitor Herb: (acting as the Dean of Discipline) I understand you've been harassing some of the younger students, is that correct?
      Keith: Well, I-
      Janitor Herb: Don't even think about lying!
      Keith: Yeah, I guess I have-
      Janitor Herb: Guess?
      Keith: Yes!
      Janitor Herb: Guess what? Come on, say it Finch, tell me!
      Keith: I-I pick on people!
      Janitor Herb: You mean you used to!

    • Keith: You have all my homework done by tomorrow morning, got it?
      Dustin: What happens if I don't?
      Keith: Bad, bad things.

    • Chase: Everyone gets hurt sometimes. You never been hurt?
      Zoey: No, not by a big, dumb bully!
      Chase: Well, then maybe it's time! (play tackles her) Oh yeah that's right, she's in trouble now, give me your lunch money!
      Zoey: Quit it!
      Chase: Give me your lunch money or I'll...
      (Zoey bites him)
      Chase: Ow! Did you bite me?
      Zoey: Maybe.
      Chase: Oh it's on!

    • Chase: You're fast!
      Zoey: Maybe you're just slow.
      Chase: Harsh.

    • Janitor Herb: Close the door and sit down. I'm very upset with you, Mr. Finch.
      Keith: You're not the principal.
      Janitor Herb: No back-sass!
      Keith: Who are you?
      Janitor Herb: I happen to be the Dean of Discipline!

    • Keith: Dustin-
      Dustin: Just be quiet!
      Keith: Huh? Look, I just came here to-
      Dustin: I'm sick of you, Keith Finch!
      I'm sick of you pushing me around!
      Keith: Dude-
      Dustin: And from now on, you do your own homework!
      Keith: Look, man-
      Dustin: And I'm not doing your stupid laundry, 'cause it smells bad, like you! From now on, just leave me alone, got it?
      Keith: Yeah. Sure, okay. (walks away)

    • Dustin's Friend: (after Dustin tells Keith off) Come on, let's go celebrate!
      Dustin: Nah, I think I'm just gonna go change my underwear.

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