Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 9

Dinner For Two Many

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Zoey and James are finding it difficult to get some time alone. Zoey wants to go on a date with just James and none of their friends. Meanwhile, Logan and Quinn are tired of all of the sneaking around, and they plan a romantic dinner. Both couples, however, find their plans backfiring in unexpected ways as their night gets a little too crowded.moreless

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  • zoey 101 episode 14

    I love it it was great
  • Zoey and James should NOT get to have a date! That should be Zoey and CHASE at Vacarro's!!!

    Zoey and James want to have a romantic date at a very expensive and fancy restaurant by the name of Vacarro's that is just a mile or two away from PCA. Tired of hiding, coincidentally, Quinn and Logan decide to go to Vacarro's, hoping no one from PCA will see them. As Zoey and James are getting seated, they spot Quinn alone, and Logan reveals himself. Michael and Lola come, wanting a dessert. And Coco gets thrown out from her date with Carl! Zoey is really starting to hate her friends.

    This was SO filler, and a pretty annoying episode. The comedy was horrible, it's one of the worst episodes in Season Four. Not something worth the watch!!moreless
  • Quinn and Logan try to go on a date, but Zoey and James intervene, and then Lola and Michael decide to stop by...

    This episode was HILARIOUS! I really like when they do stuff like this with the whole cast, and not everyone just has seperate story line.

    Being a Friends fan, this really gave me a feel like that in "The One Where No One's Ready" - it's just the six of htem in the restaurant! It's not for the whole episode, but it was nice while it lasted. I actually really got a Friends vibe from the whole last season, from the Ross/Rachel dynamic of Chase/Zoey, to the Chandler/Monica secret relationship re: Logan/Quinn (how awesome would a Zoey 101-esque version of "The One Where Everybody Finds Out" have been?), to the end where it finally, FINALLY happens. Of course, Quogan literally makes my inner fangirl squee her brains out, so that was an added bonus. This has to be one of the best in the series, and I really didn't like the first two that much, so that's saying something...lol...moreless
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  • In this episode James and Zoey want to go on a date alone. Quinn and Logan also go on a date, but things do not go has planned for both couples.moreless

    I thought the beginning of the episode was good. I thought the Quinn and Logan scene dancing in the closet was very cute. Logan was very sweet when he talking about taking Quinn out to dinner. Michael and Lola were also very funny in this episode, they were acting so crazy at the dinner table. I did not really like the Zoey and James moments, especially the one when James says he first saw Zoey at the fountain. When I think about the fountain I could only see that being Chase and Zoey's spot. Adding Coco in the ending was not the best idea in my opinion, but it was funny when Carl ran out of the restaurant.moreless

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    • James: You've got some nice friends, Zoey Brooks.
      Zoey: And a hot boyfriend!
      James: Uh-oh. Is he bigger than me?

    • Coco: Remember when I worked here as a restroom attendant?
      Lola: Uh-huh.
      Quinn: Yeah...
      Coco: Well, when I quit, I got in a fight with the maitre d'! He told me I had to finish up the night, so I told him to go sit on a squash, then we got into a fight, I hit him with a beef rib, he fell down, and I ran out the door!

    • Zoey: I want a crab cake.
      James: I think that can be arranged.
      Zoey: And I want both kinds of sauce.
      James: I understand.

    • Quinn: Did you guys know that crabs are omnivores that eat algae and fungus and worms?
      Lola: Algae, fungus, and worms?
      Michael: Oh my!

    • Zoey: Could you pass me a crab cake?
      James: Oh, sure. (takes the plate of crab cakes to pass to Zoey)
      Michael: Oh! I want a crab cake! (grabs one)
      Lola: Me too! (grabs another)
      Logan: I'll take one! (grabs the last one, so there are none left for Zoey)

    • James: You alright?
      Zoey: NO!
      Lola: Well, here! A hunk of lobster will make you feel better! (breaks the lobster, causing some to hit Zoey on the face)

    • Lola: We should push the tables together so we can all sit closer! (starts pulling James and Zoey's table over)
      James: I-I don't think that-
      Michael: Here, Zoey, slide your chair this way!
      Zoey: No, I'm fine right-
      (Michael pulls her chair over and Zoey falls on her face)

    • Quinn: Did you guys know that lobsters in captivity sometimes resort to cannibalism?
      James: Cannibalism?
      Quinn: Yeah. They eat their friends! We know because marine biologists have found lobster skin in the stomachs of other lobsters.
      Zoey: I wish a lobster would eat me!

    • Zoey: So, that wasn't the first time you ever saw me?
      James: No. Actually, when I was trying to find the housing office, I saw you by the fountain.
      Zoey: And your first thought was?
      James: You know, that you were insanely adorable!
      (they laugh)
      Logan: (disgusted) Oh, come on! Dude! She's already dating you! You don't have to lie to her anymore!
      James: I wasn't lying.
      Zoey: Could you just eat your lobster?

    • (Lola and Michael walk into Vaccaro)
      Maitre d': Uh, can I help you?
      Lola: Oh! Yeah, we're here to meet a guy named Logan...our age. Sorta...good looking.
      Michael: Sorta.
      Maitre d': Mr. Preese.
      Michael: Reese.
      Lola: No "P."
      Maitre d': You certain?
      Lola: Completely...

    • James: Quinn's coming!
      (James and Zoey throw the lobster shells under the table, which hit Logan)
      Logan: (picking one of them up) Rude!

    • Zoey: And you still have the scar?
      James: Yeah. It's cool, it looks like a cross between a lightning bolt and a banana.
      Zoey: A banana-bolt!

    • (Quinn is in the restroom. The maitre d' comes out of a stall and notices Quinn staring)
      Maitre d': (defensively) The men's room doesn't have lollipops! (grabs one and puts it in his mouth)

    • Zoey: Look, I love Quinn, but tonight was supposed to be a special night, just the two of us.
      James: Well, so, now it's eight of us.
      (Zoey looks puzzled)
      James: You, me, Quinn, and that family of lobsters!

    • Quinn: Um, I'm gonna hit the restroom!
      Zoey: Okay.
      James: We'll watch your pile of lobsters.

    • Quinn: Zoey and James are here!
      Logan: I know! Why do you think I'm under the table?!

    • Maitre d': Good evening. And welcome to Vaccaro. I assume you have a reservation?
      James: Yes. James Garrett, for two.
      Maitre d': Garrett...(types it into the computer) Is that with a "P?"
      James: Uh, no. Garrett.
      Maitre d': Not a "P?"
      Zoey: G-A-R-R-E-T-T.
      Maitre d': Interesting...

    • Logan: You want everybody to find out we're dating? You know how much abuse we'd both get?!
      Quinn: Yes, I realize why we're slow dancing in a janitor's closet with noxious fumes and a dead flower!

    • Logan: I brought you a flower!
      Quinn: Yeah...and it's dying from the bleach fumes in here!

    • (Quinn and Logan are slow dancing)
      Logan: How romantic is this?
      Quinn: Well...
      Logan: What's wrong?
      (Quinn sighs and turns the light on)
      Quinn: We're dancing in a janitor's closet.

    • Lola: Hey, Zoe!
      Michael: We're ready!
      Zoey: (untruthfully) Yay, you're coming with us!
      Lola: Yup.
      Michael: We are!
      Stacey: I might be coming too!
      (Zoey, James, Michael, and Lola look at each other, then run away)
      Stacey: Wait! Guys! You forgot me!

    • Stacey: Hey, Zoey.
      Zoey: Oh...hey Stacey.
      Stacey: I'm writing a science essasy all about turkeys.
      Zoey: Turkeys?
      Stacey: Yes. Now, we all know they don't fly.
      Zoey: They don't?
      Stacey: Now the question is, are turkeys simply too fat and bulbous to fly, or are they just lazy?
      Zoey: Uh...Whoops, here's my boyfriend!
      (James walks over)
      James: Am I late?
      Zoey: Nope, perfect timing!

    • Logan: I have an idea.
      Quinn: Oh dear.
      Logan: It's a good one.
      Quinn: Tell me gently...

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