Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 9

Dinner For Two Many

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • zoey 101 episode 14

    I love it it was great
  • Zoey and James should NOT get to have a date! That should be Zoey and CHASE at Vacarro's!!!

    Zoey and James want to have a romantic date at a very expensive and fancy restaurant by the name of Vacarro's that is just a mile or two away from PCA. Tired of hiding, coincidentally, Quinn and Logan decide to go to Vacarro's, hoping no one from PCA will see them. As Zoey and James are getting seated, they spot Quinn alone, and Logan reveals himself. Michael and Lola come, wanting a dessert. And Coco gets thrown out from her date with Carl! Zoey is really starting to hate her friends.

    This was SO filler, and a pretty annoying episode. The comedy was horrible, it's one of the worst episodes in Season Four. Not something worth the watch!!
  • Quinn and Logan try to go on a date, but Zoey and James intervene, and then Lola and Michael decide to stop by...

    This episode was HILARIOUS! I really like when they do stuff like this with the whole cast, and not everyone just has seperate story line.

    Being a Friends fan, this really gave me a feel like that in "The One Where No One's Ready" - it's just the six of htem in the restaurant! It's not for the whole episode, but it was nice while it lasted. I actually really got a Friends vibe from the whole last season, from the Ross/Rachel dynamic of Chase/Zoey, to the Chandler/Monica secret relationship re: Logan/Quinn (how awesome would a Zoey 101-esque version of "The One Where Everybody Finds Out" have been?), to the end where it finally, FINALLY happens. Of course, Quogan literally makes my inner fangirl squee her brains out, so that was an added bonus. This has to be one of the best in the series, and I really didn't like the first two that much, so that's saying something...lol...
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  • In this episode James and Zoey want to go on a date alone. Quinn and Logan also go on a date, but things do not go has planned for both couples.

    I thought the beginning of the episode was good. I thought the Quinn and Logan scene dancing in the closet was very cute. Logan was very sweet when he talking about taking Quinn out to dinner. Michael and Lola were also very funny in this episode, they were acting so crazy at the dinner table. I did not really like the Zoey and James moments, especially the one when James says he first saw Zoey at the fountain. When I think about the fountain I could only see that being Chase and Zoey's spot. Adding Coco in the ending was not the best idea in my opinion, but it was funny when Carl ran out of the restaurant.
  • Zoey and James want to spend some time alone together. Logan and Quinn want to go on a real date. Both couples end up at the same restraunt and find their plans backfireing unexpectedly.

    While this episode was okay to a point I was kinda disapointed with it.

    What disapointed me the most is how completly gulable and naive Zoey and James were in this episode. I have no idea how they have yet to find out about Quinn. Logan was clearly struggling when he said "Well I don't like you" to Quinn, and how on earth can they believe that Quinn would be eating five, one hundred dollar lobsters by herself!? Wouldn't they atleast be curious as to how she was affording it? And why would Logan be on the floor in the middle of the restraunt if he was thereto pick up something for Micheal? NOBODY is that gulable. I understand they were focased on their date but it just wasn't realistic.

    Other then that I thought Lola and Micheal were very out of character in this episode. They have never acted that obnoxious before so why would they just start acting like that out of nowhere?

    Also there is no possible way Zoey, James, Logan, Quinn, Micheal, and Lola could have been at the restraunt all together because it has been stated in several previous episodes that PCA students are not allowed to leave campus without permission. I will believe that Zoey, James, Logan, and Quinn could have gotten permission since they planned ahead but Micheal and Lola left last minute there is no way they would have been able to get permission on such short notice. I also think since Coco was there she should have commented on that.

    There are some upsides to this episode however! Logan and Quinn dancing in the janitors closet! That entire scene was adorable. And the end when Micheal, Lola, Quinn, Logan, and Coco made it up to Zoey and James for ruining there date it also made up for the 'not so great' plot of the episode!
  • Pretty good

    Zoey and James are finding it difficult to get some time alone. Zoey wants to go on a date with just James and none of their friends. Meanwhile, Logan and Quinn are tired of all of the sneaking around, and they plan a romantic dinner. Both couples, however, find their plans backfiring in unexpected ways as their night gets a little too crowded. Ok to start off with this episode was more than I expected. It was funny and exciting. It was nothing you would realkly expect from Zoey 101 but its one of the best of this season behind Trading Places and Vince is Back of course.
  • Zoey wants a date with James.

    This episode was really annoying for the most part. The first scene with the picnic and Michael and Lola was weird. I really don't know why Quinn and Logan just reveal their relationship. It is so god annoying. I don' get it. Is dancing in a janitors closet really worth it. The scene when Zames came in and Logan started to hide was really the only part that was funny. Michael and Lola were just ridiculous in this episode and there was no need to bring in Carl and Coco. The waiter was also stupid because of the "with a p" and using the women's bathroom. The last scene was bad cause I want James and Zoey to fight because Choey must happen.
  • Why don't they just...

    I mean... this kinda reveals to everyone that they - Logan and Quinn - are dating and it's REALLY annoying that they don't just tell everyone that they're dating!
    Also, when they stick up for eachother - Lola says to Logan "Your dumb!" and Quinn tells Lola "Leave him alone!" and then Zoey says "Why are YOU defending Logan?" then Lola says "Yeah?" and Quinn's like "Umm.. uhh.. I'm NOT!... Stupid Logan..! *Eats chip*" Then Logan gives a cute smile!
    Another thing is when Logan get's angry with Lola for saying that Mark is Quinn's boyfriend and Logan shouts "Well he's not anymore!!"
    You'd think that ATLEAST Lola (and/or Zoey) would've guessed by now that they're dating 'cause Quinn and Logan both shout at Lola when they get angry with her!
    It's REALLY annoying that everyone doesn't know yet!
    Well.. it's cute that they don't know because I guess that it must (kinda) be cool.. well... cute.. sneaking around!!
    ;P XD =P =D XP

    Quogan forEVER!!! ;D
  • I liked it!

    James and Zoey want to have a romantic date with just the two of them. They can't seem to make it work though. Quinn and Logan don't really want to hide that they're dating anymore, so they go to a really expensive restaurant for a date. James and Zoey also go there, so Quinn and Logan must hide the fact that they are dating. Michael and Lola also go there. Zoey gets upset, but James calms her down. The crew gets kicked out when Coco causes an uproar. James and Zoey finally get a private date (sort of) thanks to their friends.

    This episode was great! It was pretty funny! I give it a 9.0!
  • James+Zoey= BARF

    Am I insane, or is Dan setting it up for Michael and Lola to be together? Seriously, every time we saw them on screen they were together. And what happened to Vince? I guess he's going to be one of those characters like Danny that was introduced, kinda accepted, but we'll never see them again. Quinn and Logan are still hiding their relationship. I actually think I'm warming up to them together. I've always been fond of Logan and Dana but since there are absolutely no chance of her coming back, I guess I can accept them as a couple. They kind of compliment each other. Kinda. It's cute. Zoey + James= Puke. My. Guts. Out.

    Zoey was obnoxious, James was irritating as usual. That pretty much sums their part of the episode up. Let me say for the millionth time, I cannot wait for Chase to come back. And my final thought: Lola has changed so much since she was first introduced. It's like she replaced Nicole. I've thought that before but it was even more noticeable in this episode for some reason...

  • James and Zoey try to have a one on one date so they go to a restaurant off campus. At the same time, secret love birds Quinn and Logan go to the same restaurant thinking no one from PCA will be there. Chaos ensues as the rest of their group shows up.

    The episode started off very promising. There was some cute moments between Quinn and Logan. Also, when they get to the restaurant, there were some very hilarious moments as Quinn and Logan continue to hide their relationship. It was icing on the cake when Michael and Lola showed up and started acting completely obnoxious. Then comes commercial break.

    This is where the show started to fall apart. They put in a few pointless scenes with the girls' dorm adviser that was a total waste of time. Then the group of friends made up for ruining James and Zoey's date. UGH. I hate James and Zoey; Zoey belongs to Chase.
  • james and zoey are trying to get some alone time for the perfect date, but after running into logan and quinn and when michael and lola show up things don't go as planned

    ok this has got to be the worst ep of zoey 101..and i swear they keep getting worse..except for the one that is chasing zoey..thats gonna be the best but back on topic..the zames moments were just too gross and i was praying that the volleyball would land in their food and splatter it on them..but no luck..anyways..this was horrible..and i still hate quinn and lola.....oh my gosh..how sick was this..i think the only redeeming quality was coco in a wig and all of them getting thrown out of the restuarant..i like james but just not w/ zoey..that kinda is getting out of control and too lovey dovey